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  1. Vrtra

    • Vrtra
    • Whitename


    Hey. I see you. haha I always wondered how the minecraft server was... or what flavor vape you liked.

    1. Whitename


      server is going ok, Aiko is gonna run it now

      also i have every flavour 

    2. Vrtra



    3. Vrtra


      mango smells nice man. I like your name. Nice little quip about the "Whitename" stigma.

      anyways... i'm not gonna change my post just to cover my ass. the rules do exist for a reason and they need to be respected. I should answer for what I said. I just hope that the message is clear and good. that's all I met

      rolle is a nice man. thank you.

    4. Mexi



    5. Vrtra


      Oh hey mexi. what's up?

    6. Whitename


      are you doin okay Vrtra?

    7. Vrtra


      yeah man

    8. Vrtra


      Ok fine. I'll respect you asking. I appreciate that and take you seriously.

      I'm obviously in feels. is it funny? yeah probably. 

      am I going to tell you how I feel? No.


      Because I feel like a lot of people bitch and fight...rather petty fights for the long haul benefit of the community. So... I'm kinda pissed I that I choose to say this... because I value what y'all do. maybe y'all see the positive in the post. but uh... I think I'm gonna go. Kinda sucks.... I guess I still got a lot to learn. and uh... yeah.

      I do get in my head a lot though. I dunno why.

      oh shit... lmao.... "am I going to tell you how I feel?"  NO

      proceeds to tell lmao

      ninja mind tricks whitename

    9. Vrtra


      long haul deterioration*   shit though... its not though. cause it's been around a long time and still is.


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