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  1. Essentially this ^, if you wear big backpacks and military gear you will be getting clowned on. But I mostly prefer people dressed normally, because it shows they couldn’t care less about gear and capacity
  2. True, when I see cop characters I instantly start talking shit because of the “good” they’ve done w.r.t. protecting Chernarus like the nationalist I am To answer the thread in general yeah of course I judge, dress like a goblin get made fun of like a goblin
  3. 2Dt6Ehg.png.319d151e08ac56720bb622c50bdc904c.png

    i did activity praise me

    1. Knight



    1. Samti


      I'm waiting for sombody to tag roland

    2. Kerkkoh



    3. Hofer


      You are right. You do a lot of work flaming other people 😉Saoirse Ronan Burn GIF by LittleWomen

    4. Whitename


      i’ll take 5 it’s worth it

  4. everybody beanz this post if you think hofer is cringe

    1. Hofer


      Beanz this if you think Whitename is stinky 

    2. Woodzie


      Worrying Bon Voyage GIF by Kim's Convenience

    3. Realize


      Get ratioed @Whitename

    4. Whitename


      he removed my beanz

    5. Whitename


      you’re all on my fucking list, catch this ddos 

  5. Sooner, once Roland approves it prefabs can be applied serverside and take effect as soon as the next restart.
  6. Provided the personal prefabs are subject to similar guidelines as group ones this is a good change!
  7. The new UI is from the new version of Invision Community, so no we can’t go back


    The issues with dark colours on dark backgrounds as well as alignment problems can be fixed though

  8. lost a legend today, rip dmx


  9. We have a wonderful item shop to buy clothes with Nah jokes aside adding all the clothes or even a sizeable amount would take hours of work and be annoying as fuck to scroll through, your best bet is to just find them. Or, we have free basic clothing items on the item store so you don’t have to spend anything to keep a consistent look. I personally recommend the KIS tee shirt and black pants, but don’t steal my style
  10. 192 get these unpopular people out of here
  11. $2000 paypal and ill tendie

    1. Knight


      how bad ?

    2. Banshee


      $2 PayPal and I'll do it

    3. Whitename


      @Bansheedrop paypal

    4. Banshee


      yo da forums changed wth i went for a dookie and everything diffrent

  12. Finally, DayZRP hot singles are in my area once again. Good change, thank you Rolle
  13. You can submit a request at the link below and the administrators can help you further Be ready to prove ownership of the account https://www.dayzrp.com/support/
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