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  1. Increasing it from 7 to 20 days is literally the opposite of the point of reducing the lifespan. From the thread you linked: You should be visiting your stashes at least once a week anyways
  2. This is a high priority issue and will be worked on ASAP
  3. Yeah, my mistake. But yknow what I mean, once the DMCA is over we'll take a look And Experimental is live so we've got a lot on our plate
  4. Update (2020-06-01) OP_ImpTent: 3 days -> 1 day Hmwvee: 7 days
  5. SoonTM OnceTheyResolveTheirDMCAFromBohemiaTM
  6. As promised, a thread of me being stupid https://twitch.tv/thewhitename/clip/PeacefulCheerfulLEDYouWHY
  7. Please stop making "no homo sex in cherno russia" jokes in game, it was funny the first time a few years ago but now it's just old

    1. Aisling


      no homo sex in cherno russia

    2. Rover


      Please report. 

    3. Whitename


      I DMed the person in question who did it today, I heard it yesterday but don't know who did it. If it continues past a notice to "hey maybe don't" then I would report. But imo it's a lot better to just say "Hey that's bannable" then to just get people banned. A simple quip once is one thing, constantly doing it with intent to troll is another

    4. Fae


      Why is that bannable 😂

    5. Whitename


      BadRP, GameMaster Fae. Community memes in the game make no sense, calling it "Cherno Russia" makes no sense. It's like if I started saying "Protect El Presidente"

    6. Fae


      Ex GM thank you mr Whitename pls dont hurt my feelies 😔😔

      But i guess so, i thought it was an IC meme turned OOC meme honestly. Good to know.

    7. Aisling


      I also thought it was an IC meme. Most new players say "cherno russia" instead of Chernarus. And the "no homo sex" comes from the Chernarussians who dont like homosexuals.

    8. Whitename


      Even if it was, this meme is ofc no longer an IC meme since it's a new lore, and we see it so much on the forums it's pretty clearly OOC -> IC. It's just annoying to hear in game

  8. This was brought up in another thread, but no your items will not transfer over. Roland said that this will not change, either
  9. I misread patches as pockets. But adding attachments to pre-existing models is pretty hard, and most mod-makers + Bohemia don't want people editing their models
  10. Good to be a part of this group, thanks to Duke for letting me join
  11. Possible? Yes. Easy? Well... I also don't know how realistic it would be to be able to put your pockets on and off like magic
  12. I am currently looking into and testing this mod. We also want to RP and play the new lore wipe, so expect dev process to be slower than usual.
  13. This is actual flame since it looks like im the one asking these questions As I said when this thread was private, shit looks good
  14. That's definately something I could get behind, but I'd be looking more at the Lore Master team for events and whatnot
  15. Which is why they should join S2 with the rest of their groups or friends... Look. I very much understand and agree that in a perfect world C1/C2 would have the same hive. But as we have seen in the past with S1/S2 Chernarus ca. 2017/2018 the loot economy gets fucked. In a perfect world, actually, we'd just have 200 slots. But of course that doesn't work. S1/S2 had a shit economy with ghosting being a real problem too. Even if people weren't going onto S2 to ghost into bases, if somebody on S1 had, say, the airfield locked down under their control players would simply go get their loot on S2. This way, S2 will actually be used for RP over loot runs. This is not a perfect solution, but this is the best solution with the current systems we have in place.
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