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  1. hi miss u uwu

    1. Sleepyhead


      i miss u too!!! uwu happy near year whitename! i hope it's kind to you 💕

  2. @Aikowheres my ban

    1. Mugin


      A weeb cannot hurt a weeb. Isn't that like a rule or something?

    2. Whitename



      @Roland wheres my ban?

    3. Whitename


      i think i have that slack screenshot somewhere where you submitted a ticket to GD because the servers were down... on maintence day...

  3. literally stolen from @Dustup (yes i did go through the hassle of signing in to post this)
  4. gets wildly monotonous really quickly. sorry bud but i think i’ll stick to posting beanz when i get pinged
  5. proud member of tiny meat gang

  6. Whitename


    welcome back lad always a pleasure
  7. Sounds good. 24 hours is enough, though, considering a rulebreak is a rulebreak and it would be a courtesy. Does give the option for what some people consider an extreme consequence to at least have a silver lining. Lets storylines be finished rather than having to say the character has gone missing / died mysteriously and have people move on. I would add that a PK stemming from rule 2.3 should just end with an immediate PK because the "story" is coming from OOC hurt feelings I think he means the NVFL PK
  8. i didnt even know this was an official group lol, good rp with yall so far, thanks for letting us yoink all four of the hostages yesterday we'll see you soon!
  9. Ask them who they are. You should never take information you get on the forums as IC information except for the radio. Don't go "hey, are you a member of {bunch of groups you only know OOC}". You're making terrible assumptions, don't assume the fact that people are doing something to avoid RP. For example Podius Cras is a shadow organisation and given their nature of being incredibly "bad guys" would of course not want to identify themselves as such. Not to mention that name IS IC info to those who know. Nope. There's no reason that official groups need to immediately identify themselves. That makes no sense and has way too large an impact on roleplay. If you don't want to be identified you shouldn't have to do so because of some rule. As has been done previously, tell citizens to leave. Anybody who stays is either an enemy combatant or somebody who doesn't value their life They should ask civilians to leave, anybody who stays is either etc etc The next best thing is to identify your targets
  10. @Realize don't worry buddy, @Kordruga @AndreyQ and I just yeeted @Brayces @DrMax @Dino and @Ouromov off the prison island Good RP, sorry it won't let me reconnect but nice to see yall again RAIDERS BITCH
  11. didnt see this part, if you randomly give somebody wrong blood knowingly, youve randomly killed them. so thats bad
  12. assuming its a 1v1 you just killed your hostage taker, good job
  13. *Alexei re-tunes his radio to the frequency and presses the PTT* *You'd hear a deep, convincing Russian voice* Erm... are you still listening here Mr Ryan? Did you ever find your friends? If not, we might have information relevant to your search. We should speak privately, da? *The radio falls silent*
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