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  1. Whitename

    Battlefield V

    BFV Battle Royale™ didnt you know rolle? every WWII soldier had a big machine gun and shot down planes no problem i won’t be buying it unless reviews are absolutely 100% 10/10 5 stars
  2. Whitename

    The Game

  3. Whitename

    Switching characters

    If you swap DayZRP characters, your DayZ character stays the same. Only way to become a freshie is to die, although once modding comes out, bans will also come with a character reset, as Roland had said once.
  4. Whitename

    Staff level system

    - mobile is being a pain, lets try this again - @Ender im honestly not sure. gotta ask the big man himself. i can see the pros and cons of it, and if it goes bad we can always remove it /shrug
  5. Whitename

    Quick website suggestions

    Yes, he did (grats on that btw roach). The badge is the "-star- V I P -star-" and his rank is the "-star- VIP" right below it. its put twice now
  6. Whitename

    Quick website suggestions

    i know you've already mentioned the user banner not framing player titles right, but now: MVP, VIP, and Legend all have a dupe of their rank below their rank badge
  7. Whitename

    • Whitename
    • Ark

    stop that

    1. Ark



    2. Whitename



  8. Whitename

    Staff level system

    It’s not really who’s doing bad though. Like if somebody gets promoted, they’d be Tier 1. That doesn’t mean they’re a bad staff member more than it means that you’re new to the rank, yknow? I think the values you see now are just initial, and could change... idk. No sense giving up on it immediately Although I do agree on it being visible to only staff. “Can I have a Tier 3 support instead?” or “This verdict is bad because it has tier 1 gm’s signing it”. It’s a remote possibility but I can see it happening
  9. Whitename

    Return after a long hiatus.

    Welcome back! 4 years man, jesus...
  10. Whitename

    BeanZ WAR

  11. Whitename

    Staff level system

    I don’t know if I suggested it more than I said “damn it, tier 1 support right here” but +1
  12. Whitename

    BeanZ WAR

  13. Whitename

    BeanZ WAR

  14. Whitename

    Cya later

    G'bye Finn, see you soon, eh? Real life always comes first!
  15. Whitename

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    I gotta say, seeing goals like these, especially ones that have to do with advancing other groups and lore advancement, has my opinion of this group doing a complete 180. I haven't had the opportunity to meet you guys in game recently because I'm working on a character, but I do hope to see you guys soon. Not much else to say besides that, good luck this time round. Really am rooting for you.