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  1. Try this: Enter "chrome://flags/" into the address bar, search for "force color" and force it to sRGB
  2. Pretty sure I asked Rolle about it in May and he said no
  3. It's been brought up time and time again internally, but what the community wants is vastly more important and the vote is split, so it should be left as-is
  4. As Ducky says, the other poll is 69/70, either way not even close to being worth making a change
  5. We have turned fences on and off and on and off enough times, we should just stick with the decision we have already made. It's been brought up internally and publicly enough times
  6. For sure there's pros and cons to both and I see why people want it back, but to me the cons outweigh the pros
  7. Quite the opposite, fences and whatnot enables people to anchor themselves in the middle of a forest and encourages them to spend a lot of their time there instead of out roaming, or at the very least in a populated area where their base is. You can still base in the woods, yes, but your loot will be up for grabs. Thus encouraging basing in houses, which are more likely to be visited by others and thus increasing the chances of RP interaction.
  8. AD6uBCQ.png

    hmmmmmm what to do

    1. ZedLR


      Please respond to my message ty

    2. ShanePVP



    3. Whitename


      @ZedLR you didnt message me though

    4. ZedLR


      Get baited

  9. Edgy whitenames, your time to shine is now!
  10. Not every item nor item category should be provided by NPC traders. We have what we have -- civilian tools/weapons/items, eastern weapons, and western weapons. That's enough already -1
  11. It’s supposed to be disabled since it tanks performance but for some reason it keeps showing up

    1. Kerkkoh


      more like cum am i rite

    2. Whitename



    3. Kerkkoh



  13. Mod isn’t free ”This mod is not for free use, these are files for those who bought it from me. You cannot use it on your server.”
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