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  1. @Zero Quite literally this ^, what I said yesterday was me just trying to impart that the exact same idea as PC was not something I personally wanted to see on the server, as well as many others, and that I doubt the reception to the group would be positive in the slightest. Which would probably lead to denial. Totally a misconception that was my fault, and I'm sorry for that. I carry the same shield icon as everybody else and I often forget my words carry the same weight regardless of whether or not I play a role at all in the staff team. So again, my apologies to you, @Rover, and the whole staff team for that one ----- Anyways, this thread has turned into RF drama? Like the two month old RF drama? Christ man. RF archived because regular DayZRP branded OOC Drama. Doesn't matter who caused that drama, the end result was that the community hurt because of it. Took a turn in a bad direction. Certain individuals decided to act like absolute children and that detrimented the community as a whole. So the lore masters had to pivot and account for this new turn of events. Again, even if it was the fault of Para or the staff team (it literally wasn't) the end result was a damn shame, so here we are. Now you have the CLF / RAC numbers and activity dwindling, which shouldn't be happening at all, but here we are. Like @AndreyQ said, these two should be big hostile presences and should be at war (or maybe reach an agreement or any number of other RP avenues). But with the way the server is going this is sadly not the case. I think unfortunately that it's time to eject the RAC from the region and let the CLF take it over. That way, the CLF would be driven to actually play and enforce themselves as the new government. But that's up to the LM's, my point is that the RAC/CLF lore factions have gotta shape up or ship out. I think that the lore factions are the LMs way of affecting individual storylines and having a real presence in the game, but at the current state of affairs it might be time to find another avenue I will at least give the lore factions this, not everybody is a stellar or even good PvPer. I don't like the idea of just a random bunch of dudes wiping out a terrorist cell and a fucking military, but at the end of the day it does all come down to sheer numbers and PvP skills. If that's the way it goes then so be it, but I will at least defend them in that it's hard to be the top dog when people don't give a fuck and provoke you 24/7 only to dominate you in PvP. Makes it really hard to portray yourself as military. /rant, have a good day and just remember to have fun
  2. You’re just getting DayZ’ed, when I die I’ve had little problem getting food and water and other supplies
  3. Finally @Hofer makes a good decision 

    1. Banshee



    2. Drbeans



  4. Hello, Developer-Not-On-Break Whitename here to post this before @Ducky can Dexamphetamine gives you 100% stamina for a set time. Anything shaped like multivitamins (glucose, pohuin, etc) performs the same function as multivitamins (raise immune system to 100%). Things that look like codeine tablets (alprazolam, aspirin, diazepam, etc) performs the same function as codeine (overrides the injury walking level for a short time). Painkillers: Alprazolam Aspirin Centirizine Codeine Diazepam Fluoxetine Hydroxyzine Ibuprofen Paracetamol Multivitamins Glucose Oxycodone Pohuin
  5. Saying "we need more of this" is great, but @Watchman is hard at work providing these for you as can be seen in #sneak-peek. If there's a mod that can be suggested that would be great but aside from that, everybody wants more civilian clothes
  6. Voted no. Don’t get me wrong — I think it’s a really cool concept — but I don’t see how or why anybody but the leaders of groups would set this up between each other rather than the larger community. Not to mention zones with special rules is just begging for accidental rule breaks from new players or people who don’t keep up with forum activity. In game activity should create these borders rather than OOC staff-backed systems. Every part of the country should follow the same OOC rules no matter what And as far as zombie spawns go we can only change the amount of each zombie, we can’t control where they’re concentrated. It’s a blanket increase countrywide or nothing
  7. Killing people on sight, regardless of whether it was a military faction doing it, doesn't promote roleplay. Roleplay is the core idea of a roleplay server so this makes no sense
  8. I didn't know this was a DayZ issue rather than a DayZRP issue, thank you for letting me know
  9. Why would I lie??? I have not had a single report about performance, which is why I said it's not an issue... as far as server performance goes it has also been similarly fine.
  10. Well for @Banshee thats just bc the whole fit is raggedy, but i can set up a base on my testing server at some point to look at the performance As far as the economy goes that's by design
  11. No, the loot tables are set up specifically to lower the western weapons into the ground due to the lore. Loot tables will be continually updated to correspond Has not been an issue thus far This I definitely agree with and is why I'm not a particular fan of base building. I think by having naught but stashes w/o defenses or to be posted up in a preexisting structure helps promote RP, whereas fences placeable anywhere promotes anchoring in a place strategically placed to be less-travelled by players.
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