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  1. Once a soldier in the Royal Marine Commandos, fighting for queen and country. He was pulled into Chernarus and the beginning of the outbreak to help contain the situation. After quickly being separated from his men, he set up camp in Vyshnoye and attempted to make radio contact with any of his men, to no avail. Since then he has been attempting to help survivors, give them supplies and medical assistance where needed, and put the skills he obtained within the marines to good use, putting others first and his own potential expense. Grouping up with others and trying to help Chernarus into a working community that comes together to help the greater good is his number two priority, but one still important to him and close to his heart.
  2. Nikita Bulashov, a former political advocate for a Communist state to be installed within Chernarus. Born and raised in the capital, Novigrad, in 1888, to parents who were strictly pro-Soviet Union and outright opposed to the split that occurred during the dissolution of the Soviet state in 1991. His father, also a political activist, instilled this ideology into his son. While a return to the Soviet Union was now, of course, impossible, he still strongly believed in the country returning to communism. Following his father's death in 2006, Nikita immediately dropped all other commitments in his life to join the group his father strongly believed in, and was actively a part of; The Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star. He was, at the time, unaware of the plans building within the organisation; an armed and forceful 'retaking' of the country to install a new government. However, once he learnt of it, he felt compelled to partake, he knew his father would have wanted this. So, at the age of 21, Nikita began training, ready for the operation date of September 1st, 2009. The conflict was short lived but bloody, and Nikita found himself with many other members, retreating away from the conflict on the 18th October, the day before the conflict was called off. After some time, the ChDKZ split and dissolved, but Nikita's drive fire a Communist state was not lessened. He took to politics, gaining the trust and love of the people, slowly but surely, up until July of 2017. The infection breaks out, in Chernarus Nikita gathers those in the city as best he can and calls for people to leave the city, or the country, and get to somewhere safe. By the time it came to him attempting to evacuate, it was too late. Nobody was to leave South Zagoria, for risk of infection spreading further. And so it was, Nikita was trapped. But he still believed, in the people and in his ideology. He would spend the next year in Kamenka, scavenging when he had to and gathering small groups of survivors to believe in his cause, and help towards a common goal. Survival. That was, until what he approximates to be early January 2019, when all plans fell apart. It began with a bandit attack; they had experienced many, none of this size or scale. They fought against the onslaught, but were overrun. The bandits killed 23 of the 34 survivors they had, and held the others. They took all they had, and of the survivors informed them they would be collecting materials for them now. Little did they know, this was the least of their troubles. They moved all the bodies from the town, or so they thought. While on watch that night, Nikita and his most trusted advisor, Vladislav Kamenkski, heard screams from the house all the remaining survivors were holed up in. They ran, but found multiple undead feasting on those that were left, including Vladisalv's wife, Sasha. He ran to try and help her, despite the screams of protest from Nikita, but it was too late. He took was overrun, and Nikita had no choice but to escape the town. He now wonders, searching for survivors to join his cause of uniting Chernarus against the threats it faces, to see that Communist ideals are the perfect way to ensure the prosperity of Chernarus and a chance for a new, unified society. He will stop at nothing to make this happen.
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