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  1. Hey guys, dont really know if this is the correct forum for this but Iam looking for somebody to help/create a logo/avatar for my twitch channel! PM me pls and we can talk!
  2. Welcome @MattTheDoc Hope you have fun on the server buddy (: I´ll be sure to hit you up if I need a medic!
  3. BLAZZEgg

    playtime (:

    somebody did something Or dropped a snickers
  4. BLAZZEgg

    playtime (:

    I wondered why the sand tasted so nutty
  5. BLAZZEgg

    playtime (:

    haha yeah I missed the good old bambeeee days so I had to replicate them somehow be nice!
  6. BLAZZEgg

    playtime (:

    yes I built some sand castles but somebody stood on them
  7. BLAZZEgg

    playtime (:

    I like playing in the sand.
  8. BLAZZEgg


    Welcome back to the community buddy (:
  9. BLAZZEgg

    Hello :)

    Welcome back to the community buddy (: hope you find your old friends might see you in the shadows some day!
  10. IGN: Dean Dixon Country: England / Germany English skills: 11/10 German skills: 11/10 ;) DayZ Mod Experience: Atleast over 1000 hours. DayZ Standalone Experience: Around 200h so far! Roleplaying Experience: Have been playing DayZRP for a few months now. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Lone Wolf, Survivalist. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Not on DayZRP so far, but Ive been the leader in multiple games. Best way to contact you: Teamspeak > / Steam > BLAZZEgg / or PM on here! What I´m looking for in you? Pref age 20+ Languages kinda obvious English/German pretty active not addicted "active" Obviously willing to join teamspeak! Layed back and wanting a laugh!
  11. Hey guys looking for a buddy/grill to run around with pref from EU! sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask for this
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