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  1. Very nicely done and easy to read. SHould help a lot of people out. +1
  2. Winter, love to snowboard so always work the whole summer then go abroad during winter. What the last thing you ate?
  3. Nah not as easy over here in Britain so get a hold of them Ever been to a music festival?
  4. Granada in Spain, such a nice city plus whenever you buy a beer you get free tapas with it, what more can you ask for. First time you drank alcohol?
  5. Age is a problem, this is a mature roleplay community and therefore an age restriction is vital. In general having younger players in a community lead to more trolling flaming and KoSing. Personaly I think the age should be 18 so feel 16 is a compramise for younger players to give them a chance. The community has almost always had this policy for as long as I'm aware of and has been working perfectly. Don't feel there is any need to change this rule.
  6. +1 Think this is a great idea as long as the creater of the character is the given the option to display the comments or not.
  7. Quite the contrary as I was a long time player on the mod and have a very time consuming schedule IRL I simply assumed that an alert would have been prompted, like most websites do these days. But I do understand where your coming from as it would be a very minor change and most new people signing up for DayZRP are super excited (I sure was the first time I joined the mod) Just simply think for people who arn't too bothered and are busy in their everyday life a small alert letting them know that they can play on the servers wouldn't go a miss.
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