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  1. Yeah yeah, I'm sure alot of people have "memories" of me. But I'm back, and my retardation has calmed. So yeah.
  2. ThatOneEngie


    -User has been warned for this post-
  3. No, I'm the one on the right lmao
  4. Good god man, i almost fucking forgot about the damn sniper fuckery.
  5. ThatOneEngie

    Features relying on logs have been disabled

    This video accurately sums up the interactions between the Dayz devs, and the playerbase.
  6. ThatOneEngie

    Death comes to the kindest of souls (Open Freq.)

    Calhoun sighs, grabbing his radio and speaking into it, half awake. "Are ya fuckin' dead?" Calhoun simply asks. Sometimes the best approach was the blunt one.
  7. That shit is loading in and if I see country r- FUCK YOU Anyways, I've been listening to the protomen a bunch, check em out. They made a mega man rock opera that's actually great. https://youtu.be/gkLvpt9Z3fA
  8. ThatOneEngie


    God, what to choose. Oh, I know! The traintacks count, right?
  9. God, fucking @SgtSmithy for being the closest thing Calhoun would've had to a brother, and for helping me get better at MilRP @Rayce Kaiser For OOCly helping out with forming Calhoun's mental state for a while, and just generally helping me be a better RPer And @gizmomec For being- Well, Gizmo.
  10. ThatOneEngie

    Fuck man, the CIA got him.

    1. Roland



    2. ThatOneEngie


      Pour out a 40 for the dead homies

  11. ThatOneEngie

    Character being KOSable

    Use Vocaroo, it's your best bet for it. Also, I'm interested in how this'll turn out! Best of luck with it!
  12. IGN: Ryan "Tripod" Calhoun Country: Canada English skills: Only language. Accent messes up words though. DayZ Mod Experience: I still remember the debris spawning in the road while I'd drive. DayZ Standalone Experience: More then I care to admit. Roleplaying Experience: DayzRP, HL2RP, StalkerRP, and general text based RP. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Engineer, Driver, or Scavenger. Have you been in any clan/group previously: DayZ mod days I was with the Skalisty Island trade post and CDC Remnants. Current lore/standalone I was with NATO. Best way to contact you: PM on forums. Additional Notes: I haven't been too active honestly, but if I get an invitation to the group, you can bet I'll be disappointed in myself by how much I'll play. Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-77/
  13. ThatOneEngie

    Leaving for National Guard deployment in six days

    Best of luck dude! Even if you are a backstabber (Kidding ofc)
  14. ThatOneEngie

    Max's Edited Screenshots

    These are fantastic, I would honestly kill for a tutorial on making them!
  15. Honestly, if ingame sprays were a thing, IE CS:S, I would 100% set that as mine.
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