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  1. Grayzy


    Hello everyone! Just a quick introduction from myself to help get to know me! I’ve joined this particular server as part of a larger group formally known as the Brothers of Anarchy who have been notorious on other servers for being cruel bandits. You can only be a bandit for so long until you eventually feel sorry for those poor people you rob! I have come into this server with a new look and I/we intend to help fellow travellers to safety and essentially protect the vulnerable. Myself as a person, I am from the United Kingdom and generally play evenings when I can but more towards the weekends! Occasionally enjoying a drink or 10 while online, standard. I am not a hardcore gamer (I can’t stand playing Fortnite) but I find my gaming time way more enjoyable when I am playing games in which I can roleplay (I don’t mind standing round chatting nonsense for hours, seemingly going nowhere but still enjoying myself). Over the years, I have accumulated roughly 800 hours of game time on Arma 3, DayZ and Garrys Mod playing roleplay servers alone - I would like to think that I personally can bring new and exciting roleplay storylines to the server and even more so if you run into our group, unofficially called The Brotherhood. I can be unpredictable when roleplaying but my OOC personality is totally different - I’m that dude that if you want to sit and chill with in the Discord and listen to Spotify or even chat conspiracies just jump in the chat! See you you guys and gals out there.
  2. Paul McDougall aka Macka was brought up in the roughest part of England in a small village called Southport Chester. With very little opportunities in the small village and being In and out of care he had to survive in the cold and dark streets on England alone as the system slowly but surely failed this young man of any opportunity. During this time, Paul learnt how to steal and intimidate to get by on the bare essentials. Now as a grown man, has to learn to survive by any means necessary which includes murder.
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