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  1. My name is Nathaniel Johnson, but everyone knew me as Natty. I was in Chenrarus for a hunting trip with my dad when the army closed the borders and we couldn't get home. I grew up in the Scotland with just my dad and he owned a small farm, he is gone now, we were looking for food in a small town and he was scratched, I watched him turn and had to shoot him it was the only thing I could do. I've lost track of the days but there have been several seasons since then, it feels like a lifetime ago. I'm used to being on my own and know how to live off the land. When I was young I realised I was a lone wolf and did't trust easily. I have given up hope of getting home and am just trying to survive without harming anyone. I am no solder but have handled rifles for most of my life but I don't want to harm anyone but I've seen some sick things since it all started and I know I can't really trust anyone. Since all this started I've been shot at, mugged, held hostage and once, only once made a friend. I am slowly coming to the realisation that I cant survive alone.
  2. im trying to convince a couple of friends to join the server, but untill then im on my own, how easy is it to make friends?
  3. thanks I'm sure i will love it.
  4. Hello everyone, Im new around hear. Hope to meet you in Chenrarus.