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  1. yuthee

    Later gators!

    Kenneth, take care brotha. You're a good dude.
  2. Monster Hunter World for PC. Finally.❤️

  3. BorisRP

    • BorisRP

    stop the juice 😞 

  4. @ScarletRose, was the lady. Don't be disrespecting her!
  5. yuthee

    New computer

    Honestly the build seems fine. If you want to stream go i7. And yes you'll need a z370 board for the newest gen of CPUs. Im currently running most of the stuff you have in your first link in my gaming rig. Also, depending on what you want to do with your SSD, 256gb is fine. Put your OS on it and maybe 1 game that you play a lot. Put the rest on your 2TB HDD. EZPZ lemon squeezy.
  6. Radek Berekov's father was a servant to businessman who spe cialized in chartered flights around the globe. At a young age, his family sent to live with his father overseas in England due to his mother's declining health. There he met a beautiful young girl by the name of Emily Harper. The two became inseparable as they grew up. But they did not see each others as equals due to their social standings. Radek was Emily's servant, a task which he did diligently and enjoyed, despite the hardships of attending to one such as her. For him it was a thankless but fulfilling task. He wished nothing but to be with her. Many years went by and he served Emily and her family faithfully. After Emily finished school, Radek was "asked" to come along with her as she traveled and explored the world with her father. Unbeknownst to them, their trip to Chenarus was the last time the plane would lift off. They became stranded during the outbreak and now he has the daunting task of not only keeping himself alive, but also taking care of Miss Emily Harper.
  7. LouieRP

    • LouieRP

    Hi, Keith xoxo. 

    1. yuthee

      Hello Luke

  8. I was gonna say, wasn't there a time where people hid in the woods and actively avoided all of Anarchy? Fear of being caught on the road without a license? Bending over backwards to appease them? But yeah, as @Taryn said. People didn't appreciate it. People fear this villain or group of villains then hide away from them. At least here, you have to back up your villain actions with something. Are you just gonna drop all of your stuff for someone who is all talk and no action? Because that's what seems to work. And those groups have been around before. But with the current ruleset, good luck with that. I try to keep Ethan more of a villain type, people may agree, some may not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Its just hard to appeal as a villain to everyone is all. And yeah, demeanor has a lot to do with it to. Just like @LouieRP, he tells people to jump and they go for the moon. Luke Krey is on everyone's hit list, yet no one dares make a move on him.
  9. Yeah holy wow 9 people... Good luck with that. Especially if all 9 players show up to every session. I had my hands full with 5. It's like herding sheep. I've got done lots of Pathfinder, and 3.5e. I've tried 5e. Only did a one shot, not too sure how I feel about it though. Looking to play any of the games I stated above. And might try my hand at DMing a pathfinder campaign Daughters of Fury, time permitting and all.
  10. No. 

    1. GenjiRP



    2. Geisha



    3. yuthee

      No Genji. NO. 


    4. Geisha


      New phone - who dis?


    5. yuthee

      OHAI MARK.

      Can't believe you forgot my name at one point. Even after laughing at it so hard lol. 

  11. yuthee

    The Railroad

    Fun RP running into you guys in Severo! Loving the hobo theme and the group. Keep up the awesome work guys!
  12. New profile song. It was either this one or a meme. Childish Gambino x Stranger Things won.

    1. Syoto


      "It was either this one or a meme"

      sounds like you chose the meme my dude

    2. yuthee
    3. Syoto


      Okay. It sounds like you chose the lesser of two memes then. Still not as bad as that fucking wonderwall meme though lmao.

  13. yuthee

    It’s Time to Say Goodbye

    o7 Darra. Was fun RPing with you. Best of luck with everything. And you know you'll always be welcome back here if you find the drive to RP once more.
  14. yuthee

    ALT-TABing out of game

    Also, something I've done to avoid mag dumping on accident is instead of using Left-Click to reenter into DayZ, using my middle mouse button. Try it out, might work. But as others have stated, going to your menu with ESC then SHIFT+TAB for steam overlay, then ALT+TAB is the one most have used. EDIT: I also have DayZ running in windowed, and click the window with the middle mouse button to re-enter, not sure how others in full screen do it.
  15. Neil Cicierega - Wndrwll. Enjoy.

    1. Syoto



    2. yuthee

      Just listen to it and take it in.

    3. Syoto


      I did. I can feel brain mass dying, so cheers for that one boyo.