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  1. yuthee

    How long do i have to put up with this ?

    //Closed at the request of the OP
  2. yuthee

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    Oh fuck she's back...

    1. GenjiRP



      Im back, baby

  3. yuthee

    The troubles of base building, and how I propose to fix it.

    If you're building a huge ass base yourself, you should really enlist more help. You need people to go scavenge for tools, cut logs, gather materials, all sorts of things. You really shouldn't be doing all of the coordination yourself. With that being said, you have to put in the manpower for a strong or nice looking base. No need for any of those values to change imo. I've enjoyed basebuilding because I've had some good interactions because of it. And because I didn't do it by myself. I'd rip my eyes out if that was the case.
  4. yuthee

    The Brotherhood (Open Recruitment)

    //Archived at the request of the OP PM a Mod+ to bring it back.
  5. yuthee

    What's your thought on this?

    I don't see the problem with just role-playing within the mechanics of the game. You're wanting to change the very aspect of the DayZ game itself. And roleplay does revolve around these mechanics too. I don't want the base aspects of DayZ changed. It's a survival game at its roots and should remain as such. PS. You should add a tldr when you write an essay imo
  6. Xehara

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  7. yuthee

    Hi-viz jackets

    Moving to suggestions. I think a high vis vest would be cool with slots for building tools ie. hammers, saw, hatchet, etc.
  8. yuthee

    Item from shop didn't appear

    Occasionally, if you're switching items around in your inventory when you're attempting to spawn item shop things, there's a chance that it may glitch and go on cooldown without ever properly spawning.
  9. yuthee

    The Spider's Web

    A medium sized black journal, filled with the ramblings of Derek Crow... So someone told me I should write one of these things... that it might help. Help with what? I have no idea. But hell, I'll give it a try. - Exhibit One - I've watched you advance, retreat, rinse, repeat. It's constant wargames for you. A fierce fight you refuse to yield. A fire burns inside of you. A fire that will never die. Never extinguish. I plan to watch it grow for sparks and embers into a raging inferno. Organized chaos. How beautiful it truly is. You'll never quit. I know it. I would stake my fucking life on it. - Exhibit Two - What makes you tick? I'd love to carve into that skull of yours and pull it out of you. I'll find out. Don't you worry. Until then, you'll just think I don't know a damn thing... Oh how deadly wrong you are. Don't think you have me or anyone else fooled. The foolish are often mistaken for brave. I do wonder which one you are... - Exhibit Three - You're are quite the unknown factor. Vying for attention. What if I gave you all the attention you wanted. Would you be appalled or would you squeal with delight? There's many a side to you that you may not even realize. But I watch. As I always have. I'm always watching. I'll see what you grow into. Either someone worth my time. Or someone better to grind into dust. A small doodle of a spider is dotted in the bottom right of the page. Signed D. Crow.
  10. yuthee

    What new food items would you like to see?

    Saltine Crackers Maybe a craftable net and catching fish/prawns in streams would be neat.
  11. yuthee

    Dalton's Gang

    Hey would ya look at that. Nice to see the group page up. Best of luck with the group!
  12. Xehara

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  13. yuthee

    The Wedding of Noah and Hope [Date TBD]

    This looks to be interesting. I like the outfits you guys have planned. Thoughts @Dutch?
  14. yuthee

    Questions about cars and base

    I will also note that switching servers to get behind walls of a base is breaking rule 2.5 which can be seen below. 2.5 Ghosting is switching between multiple game servers in order to gain an unfair advantage. For example, using multiple servers to get past defenses of a base that exists only on one of the servers, change your location to log back in behind enemy lines during active hostile situation or switching between servers to loot the same location twice in order to obtain more loot.
  15. Xehara

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