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  1. yuthee

    DayZ BETA discussion thread

    Yep and heres a link in the email they sent me of the full message itself. I'm pretty confused on this very obvious money grab tactic. http://data.bistudio.com/mailing/html/dayz-is-leaving-early-access-on-december-1.html
  2. yuthee

    DayZ BETA discussion thread

    I think its even funnier they're raising the price by 10 bucks across the board. Like what is this madness?! 27,99 EUR / 34.99 USD / 22.99 GBP. After launching the 1.0 update, DayZ will be sold for 37,99 EUR / 44.99 USD / 31.99 GBP *He would shake his head in disbelief* Day(light robbery)Z
  3. yuthee


    Nice graphics Good luck with the group! See you all in Chernarus!
  4. yuthee

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Huge thanks to @Mak @Zorull @Jean @Tyler15 and @ScarletRose for the great RP. Sad and emotional but amazing at the same time. Thank you all again!
  5. yuthee

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    Trust me it was cancer. Green names and orange names. And metagaming just to make sure it was okay to initiate on people without a reason and even then, what happens when some were orange and some were green. It was not a good time for DayZRP. Thankfully we don't have to go around metagaming just so we can protect ourselves from a rulebreak... which sounds a bit counterproductive considering.
  6. yuthee

    Game Crash When Loading

    Also now checking your profile, you'll also need to finish the whitelisting process as seen here before you'll be able to join the server. https://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist/
  7. yuthee

    Game Crash When Loading

    Sometimes you just have to keep trying. Usually takes me about 5 to 6 tries opening the launcher and clicking play and attempting to connect to the server until I actually get on the server. Good luck!
  8. yuthee

    Yuthee's PFPs and More

    New gang gang avatars. @Onyx @Jackfish @DERK
  9. Growing up not getting or having anything you wanted or needed can take a toll on some, such as Nolan. He quickly obtained a silver tongue and manipulated his way through most of his adultlife. Sometimes it worked to his favor, sometimes it didn't. He managed to get by though. Following a bit of a riot he caused down in Chernarus and being apprehended as it's ringleader, he was sent to a high prison in South Zagoria where he was watched carefully. Managing to slip by the cracks and make a few 'friends' on the island, when the outbreak hit, he gathered them and moved off the island to secure a safer homestead.
  10. yuthee


    When did I hit 800+ hours on DayZRP...

    1. Mademoiselle


      At least it’s not 4500 hours😫😭

    2. Crim


      1437 h*

  11. yuthee

    Looking for people who like hostile/government roleplay

    A new government you say? *Rourke pulls out his notebook and jots down some notes* I do hope you find enough people to make this into a reality. Would definitely like to see this happen. A good hostile government group could definitely push some storylines. +1
  12. yuthee

    Katie's Last Broadcast

    *Rourke picks up his radio and slowly depresses the PTT* The Foxes? After everything we've done for you. After everything Katie has done for you... She trusted you. And this is how you repay her for all the things she's done for you. I never once thought that Cerna Liska was behind all of this. We talked everything out before. Any issues, any problems. We had a chat. Katie vouched so many times for you. And so did I. Arno... we bargained hard with The House to let them set you free. Each of them wanted to put a bullet in your head to send a message. And we talked that a different message should be sent. Not one involving dead Cerna Liska. Katie wanted to see you walk out of there alive against Harrison's judgement. And because of her, Harrison changed his mind and you walked out of there with Tomas too. If your issue is with Harrison, then let her go. Prove that it's not Katie's blood you want. Katie if you can hear me, I'm coming. *Rourke releases the PTT and slams the radio onto the table in front of him, prompting him to find a new one*
  13. yuthee

    Katie's Strike Two

    *Rourke picks up his radio and presses the PTT* Faking a kidnapping? Seriously? After everything that's happened and all the good things that were in the works, you think she would fake something? And you think this is some stunt by us in The Press? Some gossip story for some magazine? What the fuck are you even going on about? We release news to help out people trying to get by and this is what we get in return. No one pays us for this. We do what we feel we need to do. The Press is out for all of you, not for ourselves. And anyone with any more information on Katie. Contact me on 99.2 or come find me. Thank you to those who have offered their help. *A frustrated Rourke releases the PTT*
  14. yuthee

    Chernarus Rally Racing!

    The Press Driver - @Onyx Nav - @yuthee This is going to be interesting...
  15. yuthee

    Yuthee's PFPs and More

    Thank you. I feel high quality sources are just a must. And yes, BSG. I forget the exact battle but @Onyx knows since that's his avatar. Also Norsca is probably one of the most fun races to play in TW:W2.