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  1. yuthee

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    I think you're misunderstanding her whole statement entirely. The point is that precisely, know one here probably knows how it feels to get tortured. Sexual assault and the likes yes. Very much so. And your statement is an attempt to undermine what they are trying to have people here realize and respect. Is that so hard to understand?
  2. yuthee

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    Last time I checked... yep. Still there. Permanent: Unwelcome or immature sexual RP Why the rule was removed from the rules page I do not know or understand why.
  3. Great RP from your group. Looking forward to see more!
  4. yuthee

    Abyss Corporation

    Longest time I've been held a hostage, loved all of it. Much respect. Great RP from working out deals and whatnot then the next day to becoming a hostage and losing an ear, among other various things. Cheers and thanks again. Keep up the spectacular RP!
  5. Really enjoyed your RP! Sorry we didn't see "eye to eye."
  6. yuthee

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Graphics are a huge +1 as well as the videos. They're great, love em. Love running into you guys in game. Keep up the awesome RP.
  7. Was myself and @ScarletRose. Cheers was fun! Definitely hope to see you around as well. Also great fun watching all the fist fights in Stary. And also good to see some familiar faces as well! @Zero @Eagle @JackZRP @Syoto
  8. Hmmmmmmmmmmm 🤔

  9. "They grow up so fast" Carter was a young bright mind growing up. He faded to average and fell in line as most youth did. Doing what he needed to get by. Growing up he learned how to shoot rifles and shotguns. That broke him out of his shell of mediocrity. He distinguished himself at the range but rarely went to competitions at the disbelief of some instructors are colleagues who saw him shoot. He eventually graduated out of college with a degree in wildlife management. "If I get married, I want to be very married" He took some time out after he left college and went looking for sport shooting. Vacationing about through various countries, he met a girl named Jordan Matthews and they soon became madly infatuated with each other. After a few months of dating and incessant broaching of the topic of marriage, they were soon married. He was happy so long as he could do as he pleased. Jordan was not so happy at the amount of traveling Carter wanted to do, but she begrudgingly went along with him to his trips. "Trouble always finds a way" With the urge to trophy hunt something far greater than what was readily available, he ended up finding a shady club of trophy hunters. Soon, he ended up not hunting for trophies, but instead kept the rest of the club safe with his marksmanship. Until one fateful day when his club met with another in an attempt to hunt rhinos in Africa. That was when things began to go south for Carter. Poacher hunters were hot on their trail and Carter suspected that his own group set up the other club to take the heat so they can make off with all the goods. He met with with a man named Aleksandr Antonov and told him what he knew. Aleks was appreciative and offered him a spot in his company. Carter finally found a way to rid himself of his rotten club and succeed in much greater endeavors. They turned the poacher hunters against Carter's former club and fled from the area. As time passed Aleks and Carter grew closer and soon he earned Aleks trust and the position head enforcer within Aleks' company. Along with Aleks, his wife Riley, Jordan, and himself, they helped ensure the company functioned like a well oiled machine. "Everything is not as it seems" Life ventured forth and Riley and Carter began doing the front end work of the business as Aleks and Jordan took care of the bookkeeping. From here Riley and Carter sought prospects that would buy into "hunting safaris." The company was a front for an extensive weapons smuggling business that Aleks grew from the ground up. They ended up in Chernarus, ripe for the picking with its political turmoil, lack of proper controls, and being a newly found up and coming world interest. The outbreak happened and all of them ended stranded in Chernarus, except for Jordan, who had gone missing right after the initial turmoil of the outbreak. Aleks, being the mastermind behind their operations, began to hatch plans to leave while Riley and Carter gathered supplies, information, and anything to help them out of the country. Riley returned to her husband each night and subsequently returned to Carter each morning. Riley and Carter stuck close together as they worked. Trusting in each other in finding a way out of there.
  10. o7 man. Was fun to RP with you. See you when you come back!
  11. yuthee

    Later gators!

    Kenneth, take care brotha. You're a good dude.
  12. Monster Hunter World for PC. Finally.❤️

  13. Farmer-BorisRP

    • Farmer-BorisRP

    stop the juice 😞 

  14. @ScarletRose, was the lady. Don't be disrespecting her!
  15. yuthee

    New computer

    Honestly the build seems fine. If you want to stream go i7. And yes you'll need a z370 board for the newest gen of CPUs. Im currently running most of the stuff you have in your first link in my gaming rig. Also, depending on what you want to do with your SSD, 256gb is fine. Put your OS on it and maybe 1 game that you play a lot. Put the rest on your 2TB HDD. EZPZ lemon squeezy.