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  1. WIP WIP WIP Moms dead, Dads dead, family's dead.
  2. yuthee

    The Pack (IC Recruitment)

    Good luck with the group but as @Kain has stated. I feel your goals need to be refined. Also are SMART goals still a thing? If so I feel they need to be tweaked just a bit. But I hope to see how this turns out in game!
  3. o7

    1. Eagle



    2. BorisRP


      Ic stuff

    3. yuthee


      Yup. Exactly what Boris said. 

  4. yuthee

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    o7 Was fun RPing with you guys. Best of luck all.
  5. Lyca

    • Lyca
    • yuthee

    Was fun rp'ing with ya earlier on. You actually made my character think of some of you guys in a different way. :p 

    Thanks for that! 


    1. yuthee


      I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was fun hanging out with you guys. 🙂

    2. Lyca


      I am glad! I hope you stop by again. Was nice teasing you guys with Robbie. :D 

  6. Yep. That definitely tops off the week. Lmao. 

  7. Stabbed 3 days in a row, tased 2 days in a row, beaten by a baton for the first day. This is going to be a brutal week if this keeps up.

  8. *Desmond presses the PTT. An audible laugh can be heard* "You're joking right? You do know what tree you're barking up now? If you did or didn't do whatever it is you're being accused of, you're stepping way out of line making threats to the people of Lopatino. Empty threats will still get you filled with holes." *A single shot can be heard as he laughs, the transmission cutting out as his laugh gets louder.*
  9. Naked Chicken Chalupas are fire. That is all.

    1. CaliforniaRP


      put the beef from a taco into it and y u m

  10. *Desmond presses his PTT. A slight chuckle can be heard.* "Hey kid, glad to see your head's screwed on properly. This little lady is right though. You're pretty lucky to have all your bones and fingers intact. A little respect goes a long way. And I'm sure lots of us would rather hear this from the horse's mouth than the radio. Just don't act afool when you come into town." *The radio transmission stops. He sighs and shakes his head.*
  11. @Mademoiselle She sure does love creeping out Desmond. And telling such terrible jokes for a child her age. Lots of fun to be had between the two. @Genji @Anya Soft-Paw "Can I have her for like a day?" What could possibly go wrong when she wants to pay you for keeping your mouth shut and not asking questions? Rofl.
  12. One day. I'd like to not be shot.

  13. Gotta make sure they're not mouthing off. Keep em in line and keep em straight. Pipe wrenches help out quite a bit with that.
  14. I also want to chime in, after the capture of Louie and radio demands were given to us. It's fine if you want to say it once. But you need to give us realistic demands. You can't just tell us that if you see Anarchy boys they're dead. You didn't even allow us to verify which hostages you had, the state of the hostages, no in game demands, nothing. Louie is a key player for Anarchy. He's valuable. There's quite a few things you could have done to Louie to get us what you wanted to do. Even while PVPing you still need to provide something for us to go off of. Be flexible in what happens. If things go south for you, hold the hostage ransom, attempt to get out alive. Not everything has to end with people dead. There's more choices than you think may be available. Kick up the RP a notch and give us reasonable demands when you've got something valuable. Best of luck with the group.
  15. Path of Exile Action RPG hack and slash. Very similar to Diablo 2 but much more customizable. Only real cash microtransaction items for sale are cosmetic/convenience items such as extra stash tabs and character and visual effects. New Incursion Challenge League starts in just about an hour and was looking to see who all from this community happens to play. I'll be most likely playing Dark Pact Totems and Poets Pen Volatile Dead. Enjoy a couple of screenshots.