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  1. yuthee

    Roleplay and you

    Like others have said already, this is not the way to go about how "to talk about how some of y'all need to learn to RP better." Just cause they're "hard" doesn't mean their ex-military. Its nearly two years into the infection and you think you can judge these people by their covers? Buddy. Check yourself before you go further. Lots of characters here are more than what meets the eye. But since we're on the subject, how about make suggestions of "creative RP" instead of just making it look like a rant cause you were unsatisfied with the RP provided.
  2. yuthee

    Group cap

    Its hard to say really if a group cap will work because as the server has seen, the groups will just form one massive blob that takes up half the server and call it that. Hostile or otherwise. I can already think of a few examples where this was/is the case.
  3. DaRsnn

    • DaRsnn
    • yuthee

    Profile song is a bit of a banger ngl

    1. yuthee




  4. yuthee

    Communities Thoughts On Server Mods?

    This. ^^^ Plus everyone has obsessions on mods. I'm happy with the mods we have. The DayZRP mod itself adds a bunch of awesome items and features that only our server gets. I'm a big fan of all the cosmetic items. And they have so much in the works as well. Storage, gun racks, storage cases, ladders. Just have faith in the mod development team and suggest things to them. They've added quite a few good suggestions so they are listening. More mods means more server instability. No thanks. It's already hard enough with the zombies going nuts and vehicles being near damn impossible to drive when the server is full/near full. Also most mods people want are gear focused... on a roleplay server... yeah no thanks.
  5. A thrillseeker by nature, Andrew loved going fast and taking things to the extreme at times. His upbeat personality helped push him through some of the struggles of his childhood. Hailing from a poor immigrant family, he was a first generation in America. He grew up poor and wondering if there was going to be food on the table was a daily routine. He begged for scraps when he was younger and his family tried but it wasn't enough sometimes. He grew up with a fascination for motorcycles and cars. The need for speed took hold of him. He landed a job working at a car shop pretty young. Gathering parts or cleaning until they finally allowed him to start working on the cars and bikes there. He fell in love and raised enough to get him out of his house and into a small place to support himself on his own. He saved up money for something on his bucketlist. Skydive in at least 15 different countries, 1st and 3rd world countries and just tour the world. Unfortunately for him, Chernarus, although his 4 stop would be his final destination as he ended up in Novigrad and becoming stuck there. He survived by as he could scavenging until it pushed him further east and into South Zagoria where no one knows what awaits him there.
  6. yuthee


    Had to go with a Saga of Tanya the Evil theme...

    1. Phatal


      Tanya best loli

  7. giphy.gif

    Drama. Lol.

    1. Voodoo


      so much drama


    2. yuthee


      Theres discussion, theres back and forth, and theres well... this mess.

    3. Kase




  • yuthee

    Attempted Invalid Kill

    If you look, there are 3 other Gamemasters that signed off on the report. And I'm also guessing that staff discussed this as a whole. Don't point fingers at RandyRP because you're unhappy with the verdict.
  • yuthee

    Attempted Invalid Kill

    Because a meeting in game in character with roleplay would have to occur for Defensive rights to be gained through dynamic groups, such as two approved groups. At least that's how I understand it.
  • yuthee

    Attempted Invalid Kill

    JimRP hit the nail on the head on this one. Regardless of "Lying in a report" (Which I'm inclined to agree with Osku that IC is different that In Game, which some meeting would have to take place in game for defensive rights to be gained if I'm not mistaken), the initiation was clearly invalid as seen in Moody's own clip therefore making every other kill/attempted kill from that invalid. The verdict seems fair minus the iffy "Lying in a report"
  • yuthee

    [GAME] Rate the Persons Profile Song Above You

  • yuthee

    Forced listening

    9/10 Chill vibes and catchy
  • yuthee

    A-Z of Music

  • yuthee

    Can't reload magazines?

    Haha yes. I think that was the issue. Thank you.
  • yuthee

    Can't reload magazines?

    I have an m4 magazine but when I attempt to load 5.56 ammunition in it, it refuses to load. Seems that some ammo works and some doesn't?
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