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  1. yuthee

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    The other two were myself and @ComradeBandit! Enjoyed the little encounter! Hope to see yall again.
  2. yuthee

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @DaRsnn Ayyyyee vato. Mi hijo! Loved the RP we had. Escorpion lives! Hope to see you again soon IC!
  3. yuthee

    Restraint + Crash = Dead

    Was taken hostage along with @ScarletRose and @Roman by some individuals. They tied us up and Roman and ScarletRose crashed at the same time resulting in both of their deaths. So please please please if you have a hostage who asks nicely to get out of rope OOC, do so. Tie them up with emotes. The situation could have been more fun for 2/3 of us if only DayZ wasn't buggy as fuck. Thanks.
  4. yuthee

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    o7 Good stuff from you and @Ryan Shepherd and the rest of the guys who took us all hostage. @OxeN @Challenger (Don't know the rest of the forum names) Cade hid his laughter and confusion as he gave tips to the trainee interrogator. And especially when the guy just waltzed his way into the barn, had a good chuckle there.
  5. yuthee

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @ScarletRose @Roman @Sophie @Smixxa @Jackfish What an interesting little group we had today. @Wong @Nightngale How you did not end up shooting us was amazing. Thanks for the RP from you and the rest of the guys there too. @Onyx Don't hate me. Pls. The three guys in GM. Wrong place wrong time. Was fun nonetheless.
  6. yuthee

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Tdawg! 3rd person is me. Fun running into you as usual mate.
  7. yuthee

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Always Was a pleasure @DaRsnn. I'm digging the storyline. @Roman @ScarletRose stellar RP today. Enjoyed every moment of it. Especially teaching Amber how to fistfight properly. And to the Koslov's (@Mak and the rest of them I dont know their forum names.) and Cook as well. Was a brief but worthy encounter. Looking to see more of you guys around.
  8. yuthee

    Armbands and groups

    Reminds me of the good ol' black raincoat death squad...
  9. yuthee

    Everlasting Server War

    Something to stop the monotony of pointless firefights. Just something. Or at least some of the big dicking on radio chatter. Cause frankly who cares who's swinging their dicks around when we're getting mis-ID'd walking on the outskirts of a town and getting RDM'd because a random firefight broke out and we're trying to mind our own business or trying to find some RP. I would like to see something implemented to help push the group lores instead of being a stalemate cause no one's actually dead though. +1 this a million times. I remember TS there were negotiations all the time even between hated groups. It brought complexity to the hostile RP and forced some groups to do things that you wouldn't see nowadays.
  10. yuthee


    It was fun thanks for the RP. See y'all on the flip side. o7
  11. Stagsview

    • Stagsview
    • yuthee

    We meet so much but never say hi. Hello!!!

    1. yuthee


      I know! Hey there Stags. Your character is quite entertaining to be around. All of them haha. ?

    2. Stagsview


      Yeaaaa still learning how to play this one...its one of my biggest projects :3

    3. yuthee


      Well keep it up. It's been fun. 

  12. yuthee

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    If only I could give you beans for all the injuries you sustained recently...
  13. yuthee

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    VOX! @Phoenix @Watchman @BrianM @DaRsnn @TheLegend @BrianM Loved the RP today. Craziness all the way around. Despite a few hiccups, it was a fucking jolly good time. @Jean Careful around those mushrooms! Haha @Cuteboi39 We need to get you more megaphones. @ScarletRose You are in some shit. Whats new? ? @Roman Your RP is great mate. Hope to play with you some more. Maybe after you recover a bit. Haha.
  14. yuthee

    S1 BadRP 13/01/19 ~ 17:50

    This is a report not general chat. You are mixing us up with a different group entirely. Different group. Different situation. And what you did was a clear rulebreak. If you had not done what you did, we could have RP'd and cleared everything up. Instead a report had to be thrown up because rules were broken. And you continued to be belligerent on another forum of DayZRP. The official discord still requires you to abide by all the rules the forum has in place. And once again, this is a report. The verbage, namecalling, and baseless accusations should stop. If you believe we did something wrong, please say so in a respectful manner. We responded in our RP the way we did to further the RP for all individuals involved and I personally am not happy with how you decided to handle yourself IC in game and OOC during this report.
  15. yuthee

    S1 BadRP 13/01/19 ~ 17:50

    Cade Stone POV: We meet these two blokes on the road from Vybor towards Kab. They ask us if we had human meat. I question them about why they ask about human meat from people. Man in the helmet responds with "my friend is really ugly just look at her". We look at the person who is in one of the hockey masks and sounds like a man. We question if its a man. We get the response that they are trans. They ask us about trading a few items we have on us. They ask if we are part of a group, I tell him we're a travelling group of friends. At around this point I go and provide overwatch for the next half hour up in Vybor Industrial. I spot a few people shooting in Vybor who don't appear hostile or have confronted me. I go back down to see what's going on. OskuRP, Xero, and YungBrandonRP eventually roll up. I'm told that they wanted to 'cosplay.' They start to run off, we surround them. They start being really mouthy and seem very displeased we have chased them and don't want them to leave. They exchange words with OskuRP. Eventually, as we can't get a straight answer from them continuing the "HUMAN MEAT FOR COSPLAY REASONS", I drop the initiation as the group (9) surrounds them (2) . One puts his hands up. The other puts up a heart emote. They spend a lot of time to drop their weapons and comply. And we give them a lot of time and lenience to comply. Eventually the man in green complies and drops his things and puts his hands in the air. The other person eventually pulls out an AK after so many demands to drop his things and gets shot for noncompliance. Person in green gets mouthy as we tie him up. YoungBrandonRP punches him unconscious for disrespecting us. He wakes up and he continues to mouth off. We give him LOTS of warnings to stop with the attitude. He tells us then in VOIP that we are conducting "BADRP." I fire into his leg to get him to listen to us and stop with his mouthiness. He tells us his friend is already reporting us. Seeing this going no further, we shoot him for noncompliance. Video evidence is below. Timestamp: 33:20 is when I go back to the group. 40:10 is my initiation
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