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  1. Hmm. Looks like not much has changed in the past two years.
    Harrison Ford Shrug GIF by Star Wars

    1. Hanro


      War, war never changes. Hahahaha

  2. My status update from September 4th, 2019 is still relevant I see.

    1. Eagle



  3. See ya guys. It was a good run.


    1. Lemons




    2. Jorrdan



    3. Millie



    4. Jman14102



    5. OpticVC



    6. Luke



    7. Dux


      Loved you guys back in the day before becoming official. It's a shame we didn't get to RP more after then. o7

      Best hostile RP from a group I've ever experienced and you guys really set the bar high for hostile RP. @ScarletRose ?

    8. Flynt


      Gone, but never forgotten o7 

  4. Archived at the request of the OP. o7 Message a Mod+ to bring it back.
  5. *The writing is visibly more rough and hasty than the rest of the journal.* Whether I live or die. This journal... I'm done with it. It'll be buried with either myself or Alyssa. Whoever doesn't make it. Everything here will be buried forever. So here it goes. This will be my FINAL entry... - Alyssa - I'm sorry it has to come down to all of this. I never wanted this. I just wanted us to be strong together. Cohesive. Unbroken. A rung above the rest. If I and when I die, I'll be supporting you in death. And I do hope you'll bury me. I don't want the scavs to eat me. The rest can rot for all I care. No matter what I say. You'll be my first and only friend. Death ain't the end. I'll see you in hell and we'll enjoy a bottle of vodka. Maybe we'll go together. But most likely not. I'm scared. I don't want this to be the end. Why did it have to turn out like this. It hurts more than I thought it would. PS: Tell Mal I'm sorry too. She was just a means to an end. Hopefully I won't have to hurt her before all of this is over. - Ace - Sometimes even the top dogs disagree. You know well this type of thing happens. And it usually ends violently. Follow whoever comes out on top. Whoever comes out alive will understand what needs to be done to ensure our survival. You remind me of Marcus. Fiercely loyal and headstrong. Don't let that get you into trouble. Keep your guns loaded and your knife close. I can already hear Marcus yelling at me telling me not to do this. I'm sure I'd get an earful from you if I see you here. Maybe it's best I stay away. Maybe it's best you don't see the aftermath. - Sunny - You were right not to come with me. Stay alive. Stick to what you know best. Ain't nothing wrong with that. Take care of the rest of the "family" when I'm gone alright? Either way this ends there's no coming back for me. - Wynter - Do you believe in dreams? That maybe even bad men can have a happy ending? I hope th- *The rest of the page is torn.*
  6. RIP Derek Crow.


    Thanks to all that made him so unbelievably fun to play. One of my favorite characters I've ever had the pleasure of playing.

    1. Jman14102
    2. OpticVC


      One of the best bad guys I have seen. RIP.

  7. *Blood is speckled about and adorns the outer edge of the page.* What makes someone human? Friends? Family? A soul? A place they belong? I've got food, shelter, a means of defense. I can survive. But to what end. People laugh and mock at my dream... To have a wife and kids in my own home with a smile on my face. They furl their eyebrows and wonder if someone like me cares about stuff like that. Yes. Yes I do. Is it so surreal that those things are what I dream for? But it's just that. A dream. So intangible it may never be mine... Maybe I should try. Find someone who accepts me. Who would want a monster like me. Someone as COLD as me with ICE running through my veins. No matter if it's SUMMER here. I'm still the same. Right? Alyssa... The first person I've written about. My 'friend.' I get why you did what you did, but that doesn't make the knife any shallower does it. I still bleed like everyone else. The lines have been drawn and you know what has to happen now. Whatever happens, this isn't what I wanted. I don't think it's what either of us wanted. Sorry things turned out like this. I'll keep my promise. TWO MINUTES. II. *A circle with an X through it is drawn with heavy lines on the bottom right of the page.* Signed with great care, D. Crow
  8. Meant to click yes on adding shotguns to police stations. I really want to see the MP-133 pistol grip back in. As soon as it is, I think then the Saiga and MP-133 pistol grip should spawn there along with saiga 10rd magazines and shells. Definitely a yes in my book.
  9. I understand it wasn't and its valid thing to bring up. It's just that some people are even unaware that the feature exists and expects staff to do ALL the heavy lifting. We just want to inform people that there is a way to point things out so we can take care of them in a just and timely manner.
  10. Use the report function. We do our best as volunteers on the staff team to make sure people are abiding by the rules here as best as we can. All the reports are looked at since the function brings that post up to our attention.
  11. Rule 3.6 promotes realistic roleplay. I get both sides, but we're a roleplay server. You win some you lose some. People see the relaying of critical information within earshot of enemies as a loss. Lots of people don't like to lose. I've had some great RP when hearing some of this information or relaying this information. It forces people to react. With this rule, if you choose to relay information, you may think it's a good idea to go take a quick wander somewhere and relay said information you just gained and come back. Maybe the people decide to follow you and hear what was relayed and take you hostage and initiate. So many different RP opportunities just from having this rule. If this rule wasn't in place. Why would anyone follow you into the woods while you were wandering? Why would you just not relay it in between your IC VOIP comms? The value of rule 3.6 outweighs the cons.
  12. Look who's back from the dead. Welcome back mate.
  13. o7 //group archived at OP's request PM a Mod+ to bring it back
  14. To Khorne he offers up their skulls, to Nurgle the contents of their slit bellies, to Slaanesh their still-beating hearts, and to Tzeentch their dying breath.

    Wulfrik the Wanderer, known also as the Eternal Challenger, the Inescapable One and the World Walker.


    1. Rover


      Total War Warhammer 2, my favorite legendary lord. Literally beat factions into joining you.

    2. Derek Crow

      Derek Crow

      Norsca is so much fun to play and the World Walker is a beast of a LL. Nothing beats the feeling of multiple mammoths destroying infantry lines.

    3. Rover


      Especially since the update where they HORDE MECHANICS now!

    4. Malet


      Your Heresy disgusts The Empire!


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