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  1. So, we meet again. *epic music plays with wide camera shots and slow pans* 

    1. Tiviyl

      Indeed we do meet again young undertale fan... *Slow camera zoom in*

  2. wait what. it poped up in my recommended list on youtube I didnt notice anyone posting it here rip
  3. Ambroz Pavael was born in the port city of Miroslavl, Chernarus, to a large family, mute. High mother smoked while carrying him, which might be why. Or maybe the fates decided to be jerks. Whichever way it goes, luck was never on Ambroz's side, from the beginning. Being the sixth child, and mute, his well-being barely concerned anyone. He made sure to raise hell for it though. He was always a troublemaker, getting his brothers, and classmates in trouble. He was bullied through school, and at home often by his siblings, which led him to grow more attentive and aware, paying attention to any detail that might prove useful. He passed his classes with good grades, and moved on to become an engineer, fixing cars and washing machines for a living. It was dull, but it paid the bills. In his free time, he was a frequent hunter- when the seasons were right at least. He was in the wilderness on one such hunting trip when the outbreak began. He heard about the hordes, and the battles on his radio, and decided to bunker down for a couple months to be safe. As secluded as his hunting shack was, he was fine, and he was able to hunt or gather any food he needed. Finally, he is moving out into the world, set on discovering what he can, and adapting to this new hellhole of a home.
  4. conflicttFTW

    DayZ Beta Modding Discussion

    I mean they had these abilities in the old Arma2 and Arma3 (did we ever do Arma3?) versions, and it made things way better. Instead of casual emotes we had full props. Youtube for the Zombie Invasion event as an example of cool shit this can do. I wasn't around for it, but its one thing that got me hooked and convinced to apply now.
  5. conflicttFTW

    DayZ Beta Modding Discussion

    Another addon: A better character creation method. For example, making it so when you log in for the first time or w/e you can pick from a list of basic clothing options like camo jackets, different pants, low tier vests and backpacks, etc. Its super... awkward, if your playing an ex-military character like I am going to be, you spawn in with a black shirt and pants, and have to hope you can get gear to match your look before you meet someone. Since the point of DayzRP is ROLEPLAY not gear, it shouldnt be too game-breaking to add either.
  6. conflicttFTW

    DayZ Beta Modding Discussion

    I think the biggest thing we could hope to add with mods is something to let us edit the map. Adding buildings, tents, broken cars, item spawns, that stuff. Its never been in SA but its what made a lot of cool stuff possible for servers in the past.
  7. Ames Vontera is a Spanish-American man, in his mid thirties (36), born in the United States, in California. The only real indication of this is his name however, as it was his great great great grandfather who immigrated to the States many years back. As a boy, Ames idolized his father, who was a cop, and his grandfather, who served in World War 2. He resolved to become a soldier, and did, serving in the First Corps in the Iraq War, serving in multiple battles, and being lucky for the most part. His vehicle was hit by an IED, killing some with him. He received burns and scarring, but came out mostly unharmed. The docs said it was a damn miracle, though he would disagree. Still, he was back in service again after being patched up, and after a short leave. He was later applied for and was promoted into the NATO. He served there for five years, before being deployed one summer to Chernarus on July 17th, 2017. It was, as they called it, a shit show. After his fellows and those of the CDF were essentially slaughtered, he was pulled south to a fort, which was afterwards overrun as well. He fled into the countryside, on orders, with a dozen others all scattering around him, with nothing but his uniform, and scarce kit on his back, and a gun that's low on ammunition. Looking for a way home.