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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1559123489 New, cool looking STALKER mod that's being developed for DayZ SA. This'll be dope if they can actually make a multiplayer STALKER in DayZ. It adds pretty much everything from Stalker, including missions and the map.
  2. Thanks to the Kamenci boys who robbed us on the road to Novo. It was my first really pleasant Hostage situation with you guys. I enjoyed singing for you guys.
  3. Complete map overhaul. Seperate maps made for different time settings with the infection. Say we decide to have a lore jump of 20 years into the future, then we use the map that's made to look like 20 years in the future. Complete vegetation everywhere. New buildings, towns, cities, and military areas. There's a lot of open space outside the map. Also underground facilities would be cool. Maybe an underground research center with working machines that can be discovered by a medical group, and they can use it to RP them trying to find a cure down there. Utes would be cool to have far off the coast as well. Once planes, helicopters, and boats are added, Utes would be a great spot for a hostile group to base their operations. Imagine an invasion of Utes to drive a hostile group out. Great RP. Also I would like to see real torture mechanics. Cutting off a persons limb actually cuts off their limb. It would actually give consequences to torture, and eliminate awkward pauses while you try to type out an emote of the torture.
  4. We, the bank boys, and our bullet currency system. Metro ftw.
  5. This conversation is pretty much already dead. With the realization that this conversation has been had many times before, and my own saying that I was in the wrong, this conversation is pretty much over. @The Traveler brought all the old posts about this topic to my attention. If it's what everyone else is cool with it then cool. I probably won't respond anymore to this post because why would I lmao.
  6. You're right. I realize I'm in the wrong. I'll bite my lip and drop it. Still feel that some people come off as just being racist for the sake of being edgy, as some people would say. I've never actually gotten triggered by anything said in-game. Sometimes I can be like "Damn" when someone starts up with it, but that's all. My thing is that, I just feel it's healthier for the community if its toned down. However, I know that it'll be fine. I myself will never roleplay like that, but if everyone else is cool with it I'll be cool with it.
  7. Not ignoring your point. I got your point and I was planning on looking for those posts. People just kept responding, and I'm a slow typer so it takes me a bit to respond.
  8. I'm not hurt by words. I may not have made that clear enough and I just want to make sure everyone knows that. Like I said, I like edgy humor. However, I never said I wanted to outlaw it. I've made it clear that it should just be limited. If you want to go the realistic route, why not get rid of rules regarding KOS, RDM, and other PVP oriented rules. There are no rules in real life, and if there are no rules as to what I cannot say why are there rules telling me what I cannot do. KOS, RDM, and other PVP oriented rules are there for the sake of the server and the people who play. Who wants to roleplay on a server where you will die on sight like any other dayz server. Basically my point is, saying "I should be allowed to say what I want because DayZRP is supposed to be realistic" is not valid when I can't just realistically walk up to you and gun you down for no reason like I can in real life.
  9. It shouldn't be changed for the sake of Lewis, no. That would be utterly stupid. However, allowing that kind of roleplay or atleast not limiting it, shuts out a large majority of potential new roleplayers. Because the lack of rules limiting it, alot of people will turn away from DayZRP and to a different RP server. Having rules limiting this won't make people turn away from DayZRP either. What person would see DayZRP somewhere, decide to check it out, browse the rules, see the rule against racism etc, and say "What no racism? I'm out." I believe for the sake of everyone, there should be atleast a compromise between both sides of the deal. Atleast limit it to some degree.
  10. I get that completely. However, maybe there shouldn't be a rule completely banning that sort of roleplay there should be a rule limiting it. I've already had my fair share of people who completely go overboard. Sure it makes sense IC. But you also have to understand, that there are people who get triggered by this. I myself don't get triggered, I just get a little annoyed. Oh well. But there are those people. Just like you should be able to Roleplay without the fear of being banned, the person on the receiving end should also be able to Roleplay without the fear of having 10 armed men coming up to them and start screaming the n-word at them. Which has happened. I've seen it myself. I just think there should be a limit as to how far you can go with your racist character. That's just my opinion though. I guess my response to Stannis can also fit this. In a way.
  11. With today's events that had happened involving PsiSyndicate and some other guys, I feel this is probably the biggest question regarding the future of DayZRP as a whole at the moment. Should there be rules against racism, sexism, and homophobia? In my most humble opinion, yes. However, this decision is up to the community as a whole, and most importantly Roland. Even before today's events in Grishino, I've been contemplating whether or not to make pretty much the same post. I feel the same way Psi does. However, in no way am I defending Lewis's actions. He should have expressed his distaste with the words he had heard in accordance to the rules. I feel that racism, sexism, and homophobia add absolutely nothing to the roleplay. For a very long time, DayZRP prospered without the need to allow this kind of roleplay to take place. A character/group can be racist, sexist, or homophobic easily without coming off as actually vulgar. It's easy enough to just target the type of person your character/group is discriminitory against and just Hostile RP with them without coming across as being racist, sexist, or homophobic for the sake of being those things. People did it long before the rules were changed that allowed this stuff to happen. They can continue to do it, with rules in place against racism, sexism, and homophobia. By no means, am I some triggered, liberal, SJW, crazy. I've hated SJW ways from the get go. I like edgy humor actually. Tell me a good racist joke, and I'll laugh. However, there is a line where I start to get a little annoyed. I can't tell you how many times that I have run into a group, mainly Chernerussian Nationalists, and I get so very tempted to say // "please chill with the racism" but have decided against it, due to it just being a part of their RP. Also, by no means am I saying that the community members who roleplay Chernerussian Nationalists are bad roleplayers. I love their RP and have had alot of good memories getting held up by them. Also it does make sense for them to be racist IC. However, there needs to be rules against this, or atleast a line that cannot be crossed. But like I said, it's up to the community as a whole, and Roland if these rules are to be put back. If people like this kind of roleplay, then that's okay. Just some people like Lewis, me, and I'm sure a few other will try not to be apart of it. Which is okay. Certain types of RP aren't for everyone, which is okay. This post was meant as a means of discussion for everyone to give their opinion and also to take away this topic from Psi's media thread because it really isn't media anymore. I also wanted to voice my opinion as well. Even if I am just a whitename with 20 some beanz.
  12. Give me Taviana. Taviana or riot.
  13. Thanks for everyone who came to my store in New Grishino. Micheal & More was booming. Sucks that some boys had to come in and start trouble but oh well. Also great RP from @TheRoyalMac @Shazzzam @RussianPotato guarding the store. Big money is coming boys.
  14. I'm already setting up a store in New Grishino. I'm looking for employees right now. Reply ICly if you're interested in a job.
  15. *Micheal sighs loudly as he waits for his can of beans to cook over his fire. He presses the PTT on his radio* "Hello fellow citizens of the newly established New Grishino. My name is Micheal WInston. I'm with the National Bank." *He pauses to stir his beans a little bit* "Since the Bank is most likely going to be in charge of commerce within the town, it's entirely likely that I will be the banks representative to the town in this manner. Sal the Banks owner, would like to focus on the bank itself rather than deal with the matter of all the traders, from what I gather atleast. Although, everything I said previously could be entirely wrong and the town planners have different ideas than the bank being in charge of commerce." *He pauses again, to remove the can from the fire* "That's beside the point. This whole radio broadcast is about me talking about my new store. It's called Micheal & More. The store is located across the street from the Grishino pump, and beside the Bank. We will be opening within a few days, provided I get done with helping Sal and the boys set up the Bank. Bank comes first, I'm afraid. However, when Micheal & More opens for business, I will make another radio broadcast." *He pauses once more, to take a bite of his beans. He begins to talk, but for a moment he's noticeably talking while chewing* "Currently, I employ two people. If you want to apply to work for me, tell me over the radio or meet me in person. I will pay you using the new currency system the Bank is setting up. As of right now, we also need suppliers. To supply us with the goods we need to sell. Anyone interested in that, will be paid by the shipment. Thank you for your time. Shi-" *He releases the PTT and curses, due to him accidentally knocking over his can of beans*
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