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  1. Got bad news everyone. I'll be shipping out next week for Army Basic Training. I'll be gone for 6 months. I'll probably make a return to DayZRP when I get back. Been a pleasure playing with all of you! Have fun guys!

    1. Absense


      Also if anyone wants to schedule a PK of Niko Melnikov, DM me on here or discord! Absense#1721

    2. AtrixLR


      ayo gl in the Army bro. 


    3. LaterDays
    4. MrPlasse


      Awesome dude! I ship for basic on Monday! Go kick some ass!

    5. Camo


      @Absense @MrPlasse Good luck, stay safe, and don't be a hero!

    6. Absense


      @MrPlasse hell yeah man! If you're going to Benning maybe we'll see each other there! @Camo thanks bro. Stay safe in quarantine! 

    7. MrPlasse


      @Absense Nah man, I'm going to Jackson My buddy just came back from Benning and he said it sucked but wasn't terrible, so I hope you have a great time man!

      Thanks @Camo!

  2. Literally crying my eyes out because I turn 20 in November. Have fun boys. Hope I have some run ins with you!
  3. I came back for Namalsk really and that was a lot of fun. I got some of the best RP I've ever gotten out of Namalsk. Now that we're back to Chernarus, the quality and fun of RP has dived enormously. There seemed to be absolutely 0 antagonistic roleplay for awhile, save for maybe Callahan and his boys. This was a major reason why me and some boys decided to make our Nationalist characters. Although that went downhill fast with the new like 50 man coalition against like 4 guys. Though I suppose now that CLF are back, the new Coalition will have something to actually fight. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the days when it felt like I was taking an insane risk by wandering outside of safe hubs. Back when every group seemed to be at each other's throats, trying to accomplish their own goals even if it conflicted with other's. I miss when cool shit happened. I remember witnessing the mayor of Tortuga get sniped in the head. That was such a cool thing to see and be apart of. It rattled mine and a lot of other people's characters. Today, it feels things like that are few and far between, if even there at all. At least for me. This isn't to say that the RP currently isn't bad bad. Not by a longshot. But in my opinion, it could be better. People like @HDragon and @K2U and everyone involved with them are killing it right now. At least when it comes to me and my characters. Their hostilities towards my characters and how they make my character's story progress is what is keeping me here as of now. Hats off to them. Again this is just my opinion. I wasn't here for the beginning of this lore. This is just my take on current RP as compared to the memories I have from back in like 2017-2018.
  4. Why not. Won't hurt to diversify people's choices in bandannas. Even if it's not to most people's tastes, a small minority might find that they prefer one of those variants.
  5. *Another Chernarussian man would sound over the radio.* "The man before speaks real truth! My mother was killed by a Ruski after Lopotev was killed. All of you "True Nationalists" suck cock of foreigners occupying our glorious country. You all suck cock of communist pigs. Unlike you, we have not forgotten the time before communist rule. We will not rest until our country is free of foreign shackles. I will kill as many foreigners as it takes until then. Do not try to stop us, Píča." *The radio would fall silent once more.*
  6. Depends. I think there should be a time limit as to where previously banned players can apply for staff. Like Dan said above, banned four years ago, good behavior for 3.5 years, and yet he can't be a staff member. As someone who has never even been so much as reported, I probably have little weight in the conversation at hand, but still. So maybe after a set time of good behavior they can apply. A long but reasonable time.
  7. to @K2U and the man with you, sorry I can't remember his name, great RP from you guys. It was a lot of fun. Can't wait for future interactions.
  8. Pre-Outbreak Niko Melnikov was born on Augest 20th, 1996 in Belozersk, Chernarus. He grew up with his brothers and cousins, but had a very close relationship with his brother Marek. At thirteen, the Liberation War started and his father fought for NAPA, but was ultimately killed in the fighting. This angered Niko immensely and he never found himself settled under communist rule later on. Later, he became a mechanic with his brother, Marek, and opened up a shop in Belozersk. After the shop fell on hard times, Marek called up their cousin, Pavel, who had been taken to America after the Civil War by his mother who wanted to escape soviet control. Pavel came to help them with their auto-body shop gladly. In 2016, when Lopotev was assassinated, their shop was burned down in the ensuing riots and their mother was killed by a Russian sympathizer. Niko, Marek, and Pavel left to go help in the new fight. They went east, along the Burnaya river, and established a small militia. Post-Outbreak They continued the occasional skirmish with the RAC in the region up until the outbreak. At this point, the RAC had been overwhelmed with the new situation they had been in, which is where the trio saw their opportunity to ramp up their efforts. For the months following, they had continued their attacks. It was up until around after the new year which things had been going well, when the RAC had caught wind of their camp location; driving them out and essentially eastwards into the South Zagorian region. Relationships Marek Melnikov - Brother Pavel Kubovic - Cousin Likes Dislikes
  9. Literally +1 big man. Couldn't have said it better. It's good to see a newcomer who passionately states their opinion on the forums. Not many do. And an opinion that I 100% agree with.
  10. I just found a knight helmet and put on a voice but I can't deny the coincidences.
  11. This whole situation just makes me wonder why anyone would legitimately believe that people just lose their sense of humor during stressful situations like an apocalypse. It's like we've all forgotten that last year people were actually worried World War 3 might occur, yet all you found online were memes about it. People have been drawing penises on walls since forever, yet I can't give my friend a note saying he smells? We roleplay real life but we can't roleplay real life. +1. There are ways that notes can be abused for badrp, but a person writing a meme note, in character, shouldn't constitute badrp. - My opinion.
  12. I only hope to live up to the legends.
  13. It may be the apocalypse, but that's not going to ever stop people from having a sense of humor or make them drop their shitposting personality. Comedy is a huge coping mechanism, and a lot of people's idea of comedy is shit memes nowadays. When things have died down and people are chilling around a campfire, people will joke around like that. DayZRP is supposed to emulate a real life zombie apocalypse situation, yet it cuts out aspects of real life that are incredibly important to modern culture. In any case, I'd much rather come across a meme note than a dude robbing me while stepping from left to right super fast so he doesn't get shot. But that's just my opinion.
  14. get a load of this guy

    1. Absense




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