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  1. *The radio would buzz to life life, A male voice with a Russian licked accent would speak solemnly with slow pace.* "Simon, you could guess who it is.... hopefully." *He would pause taking a deep breath, exhaling as he speaks.* "I hope you hear this... I spotted one of our recent "problems"... running around, between Grishino and the black forest area." *He would pause once more, taking a sip of something exhaling as he raises his mouth from it.* "If you're in the area, keep your eyes out." *He would turn off his vox system, the radio transmission cutting out.*
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    To Borris and the doctors

    *He would hold down his PTT and speak, as the rustling of a large paper based object is unfolded* *He would let out a slight cough, running his finger along the object.* "Alright, I see something here in terms of object alignment matching that." *He would pause taking another breath.* "Sit tight, I'll see if I can make it there quick." *He would release his PTT.*
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    To Borris and the doctors

    *He presses down his throat mic speaking in his somber Russian licked voice.* *He would trail for a moment at the message of the other boris* "The fu~" *He would pause regaining the true topic at hand* "I hear you, If your arm is broken~ splint it till we can find you, reduce mobility." *He would take a deep breath in, then continue to speak.* "Give me your location, I'll get some of my people together to retrieve you." "We'll bring a stretcher if you cant move." *He releases his throat mic listening for response.*
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    The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    Riptide Collective Graphics Archive.
  5. Group Theme Song Shortly after the ship has left everyone stranded, there seemed to be no refuge in sight. The remaining human survivors of the crash made their way into Berezino and gathered at the school. There, they weighed options about where they could go and who they would take with them. They decided to stick together and make their way inland to find supplies and maybe others. They encountered more infected, careful not to rouse their senses, they snuck around. They went inward toward Kabinino. There, they were told, was a military safe house conducted by the CDF, UN as well as the WHO. While there, they ran into many survivors much like themselves, stranded, alone and without aid. It was there too, that they first encountered the VDV. Russian Militants sporting red berets and thick accents. There they imposed their own laws while CDF, NATO, UN and WHO stood by and allowed the bullying of the new-citizens of Chernarus. The group decided it was best that they leave and build a home elsewhere until the promised evacuation was delivered by NATO, The UN and WHO. While in this camp, it came to light that one of the survivors was doing some illicit drug selling and gun smuggling. While he ran, his girlfriend was arrested under suspicion of aiding him in the smuggling. The VDV took her to an airfield where they kept her locked away. She was beaten, tortured and released to deliver a message. The man, Garrett would be found and put the trial. The VDV were hunting him down and would continue to bully the group until he was found. Meanwhile, the camp was shut down and they were forced to leave the camp to go back to Kabanino where they were forced to remain. She has been stabbed in the hand, her ribs broken and her face cut and bruised. She refused to tell anyone what had happened, but whenever the VDV were present she seemed to cower. While her wounds were being treated she was under round the clock watch by the Russians. Luckily for the group, there was a doctor, working with the UN, who rescued and smuggled them out of the Kabanino camp. Brackett took them away to Altar radio tower. The other half of the group that had not been captured met with Taryn, Brackett, and his friend and took Taryn off of his hands. After they were rescued, it came to light that a member of the group, and older man named Rysen, had told the VDV that Garrett’s girlfriend Taryn was involved with the smuggling though it was known that she wasn’t. He had done this out of spite for Garrett and wanted to teach him a lesson by putting the young girl in danger. He hadn’t know, however, that she would be tortured. That night, at Devil’s castle summer camp, a fight broke out and Rysen was tied up along with John, a reporter. In anger, Garrett executed the old man, in front of the entire group to make an example. For the entirety of the group, it was the first time they had seem someone executed, but wouldn’t the last. He made sure they knew this too would happen to them if they messed with him or the rest of his people. In fear, Taryn sent Garrett away and they hunkered down at the Devil’s castle summer camp. Days Later, the VDV came and stole Taryn away again. This time because they could not find Garrett and because they had run from Kabinino. Their new camp was smack on the border of their new quarantine. They told taryn the only way she could keep the camp and help civilians as she had been doing, was to give them information as it was given to her. She agreed to be an informant to save her people and keep them safe. That wasn’t enough however. Ermak, then the station leader of the VDV present in the country, took Taryn in the night and used her as bait to lure out Garrett. Garrett showed up for his trial… for the Murder of Rysen, for smuggling and abetting, and for contraband. He was put to death by firing squad while Taryn watched on. While distressed and emotionally ruined, they returned her again to kabanino where she refused to tell her friends what had happened. Instead, in a cold and proud voice, the news was delivered by the VDV: Garrett had been brought to justice. The next few days were a blur to the group. There wasn’t enough words to explain the pain, betrayal and painful silences that followed. Oliver, the group’s youngest member, had found himself with the responsibility of keeping the group in line, along with Samia, Winston and Joey. The group continued to feed information to the VDV in exchange for the allowance of keeping their camp. Ermak and his men would stop by frequently to ‘check’ on them. People of all types would stop by to get needed items, eat, drink and be on their way. It wasn’t long before the quiet was broken. While some uneasiness had caused the VDV to withdraw, a member or two remained in the country, hiding with the survivors at their camp. They had become criminals of desertion. One of them, Anton, had recently come into Taryn’s view as a potential lover. This caused upheaval within the ranks of the survivors. They couldn’t trust an ex-VDV member, let alone one of which who was personally there and had helped to torture Taryn. She reassured them and begged they give him a chance. As this was happening, a power vacuum caused many small groups that wanted a foothold to rise and begin bullying those around them. One of which, came to the camp and demanded 60% of the profits of the camp. The group tried to explain that there were no ‘profits’ and that the camp was a charity, to which they were told that they then would have no problem giving them everything. They were told the camp no longer belonged to them. Anton, Winston, Joey, and others stood their ground and a firefight broke out. Winston was killed. Joey, John, Anton were severely injured and they lost the camp. Defeated, they retreated to Severograd. They buried Winston there. They then moved further north to a small town called Nagornoe, where they made their home to prepare for winter. Anton has talked the rest into taking up mercenary work amongst other thing to prepare for the winter. They needed hundreds of cans of food. On top of this, just before the camp was taken, it had been announced that Taryn was pregnant. They worked hard, stealing, working, robbing people. They were having a hard time making ends meet. It wasn’t until an unlikely set of friends made themselves available to the group that they got the help they needed. They went by the Gremlins, and at the time Brackett had become a member. He offered to help them, provide food and make their work a little easier. Meanwhile, Anton left to work with their members and promised to return with some much needed food and relief supplies. To this day, he still hasn’t returned. After he disappeared, with Joey out of work, and Taryn newly miscarried as well as the recent heat rising from warring groups: Taryn and Samia retreated to the woods. They lived alone for some time before they eventually were split up due to unforeseen troubles. Taryn would suffer an unfortunate fate, brought on by terrible circumstances. A man named Borris would pick up her torch to lead the group, hoping to carry on Taryns values. Borris now attempts to pick up the pieces and keep the group together. Please message @UncleB for more information. ★ Borris Petrokov (@UncleB) ⚔ Pavel Petrov (@-Chow-) ⚙ Earl Gilbert (@TheEvilFlea) ⚔ Abram Volkovo (@Mexi) ["Away"] ❯ Robbie Jackson (@Malthis) ☤ Calandra Vlcek (@Lyca) ⚔Joakim Weiss (@Geraldo Da Witchi) ⚙ Douglas MacCready ( @Jman14102) ❯Tatiana Petrokov (@Taryn) ☦ In memory ✝: ✿Taryn Allegheny [DECEASED]✿ ---- 🕊 Casey Hall [DECEASED] 🕊 Garrett Mercer - [DECEASED] ✝ Rysen Cogburn - [DECEASED] ✝ Winston West - [DECEASED] ☦ John Kellman - [DECEASED] ॐ Mark Shafer - [DECEASED] MISSING: Daniel "Fox" Garvey (@Vito) Samia Mallek (@WulfeGirl) Hassan Najjar (@Petrovsky) Oliver Green (@CorbSlayer) Ian Keith (@Jman14102) Darion Dailey (@Darion) Markus Letter (@Malet) Cade Mercer (@Raptor) Ender DeFrank ( @Ender) Will be updated as needed. Allies Friendly Neutral Distasteful. Disliked Hostile IC Goals Get the Generator working and hooked up to necessary items, like the surgical suite. FAILED Recover the generator from our old camp and move it to North Severograd summer camp.(Day 330) COMPLETED Get the camp back up and running. (Day 360) IN PROGRESS Set up one of the only surgical suites in South Zagoria (Day 400) IN PROGRESS Train apt civilians how to arm and defend themselves (Passive Objective, Ongoing) Keep most groups on our side and prevent hostility within the camp (Ongoing) Train apt civilians how to treat emergency wounds correctly. (Passive Objective, Ongoing) Offer free medical care to civilians (Passive Objective, ongoing) Safely charge militant groups of people for medical services rendered. (Passive Objective, Ongoing) Find Remaining Riptide Survivors or provide a proper burial. (Day 320) COMPLETED Locate and make use of a medical facility that can house surgeries (Day 320) COMPLETED Find a Generator (Day 320) COMPLETED Find Tony Moretti or his people (Day 320 )COMPLETED Get the camp up and running as a refugee hub for the civilians in South Zagoria (Day 320) FAILED Find out more about the people occupying Pavlovo (Day 320) COMPLETED Locate and establish a new camp COMPLETED create an effective security force. (Day 400) IN PROGRESS - subsection to point 3 Maintain the camp to its fullest function (Passive) IN PROGRESS - subsection to point 3 Locate a new doctor/ trauma surgeon of our own. (Ongoing.) Construct a council to create future decisions (Ongoing.) Establish a long range communications center / ham radio (Ongoing.) Locate a new generator or recover the old one from the camp north of Sevarograd. (Paused.) Collect more Intel on the region. (Passive objective, ongoing.) Gain a fair amount of members - (goal - 20, passive, ongoing) Create and external council with allies and groups. (430, ongoing, succeeding) OOC Goals Provide realistic, immersive, quality RP for all players, especially medically orientated. Build great story lines and connect with groups across the server. Set a good example for new players as they arrive, and possibly provide support and learning experiences. Maintain an environment that feels fun and is engaging, while keeping with the setting of the Apocalypse and its conditions. You, as a member, must strive to provide a good example as a player (Not necessarily as a character) to the best of your ability. Failure to do so may result in OOC removal. Please follow your character’s thematic guidelines. As an example; A homemaker would have little to no knowledge of guns or military tactics, or vice-versa. In Character actions will cause In Character consequences. We require our Role-players to play them. +(More may be added as needed.) To join, please contact @UncleB for information, or try to find them In Game. RECRUITMENT STATUS: OPEN Special thanks/credits: @Taryn For creating the graphics and original group, your character wont be forgotten ❤
  6. Graphics updated, goals tweaked. Special thanks to @Taryn for the new graphics, go give her some love. -B
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    Message to Louie

    *The radio would screech to life. A deep toned Russian accent would retort over the radio, his voice somber as he speaks* "Luke~ Luke~? Dont fall asleep so soon..." *He would pause still holding down the PTT on his throat mic, letting air out through his nose, resembling some sort of short laugh.* "You need a doctor~ you know where I am~" *He would release his PTT, smirking to himself then slumping down in his seat*
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    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    May you inspire the fellow citizen and make the motherland whole once more, Slava Chernarus!
  9. *The radio waves would scratch to life, a frantic deep toned Russian voice would bark over the radio.* "Tatiana! Tatiana do you read!" "Its your brother, where the hell are you!?" *He would pause taking a deep puff of his hand rolled cigarette.* *As he speaks he tosses the "roach" of the hand roll to the ground* "Tatiana! Pick up your damn radio, I'm worried sick!" *He paces back and fourth releasing his PTT, awaiting response.*
  10. *Pressing down the ptt to the throat mic, a loud sigh would penetrate the airwaves.* *The man would speak in a soft and firm tone his Russian accent licking his words as he speaks.* "Just take care of her.... she gets hurt... your ass is mine." *He would take a soft pause, inhaling.* "I trust you not to fuck up.... shes all I have left." *The striking of a lighter can be heard briefly before the airwaves go dead.*
  11. *He would speak in a heavy almost angry tone his accent prominent as he speaks* "Tatiana, its been a day since that idiot went to find you, where are you? "Where is he!?" *The radio broadcast would cut out, he would pace back and forth awaiting response*
  12. Couple more goals added, members are urged to bring up new ones to myself. added light "aesthetics", new graphic coming soon. -B
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    The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    Never a dull moment.
  14. *He retorts quickly over the radio at her response* "Where the hell have you been hiding!" "I thought you may have gone on another one of your "runs"!" *He releases his throat mics PTT*
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    When you call your old character names in a radio post.


  16. *He would smoke his snuck cigarette watching the door, to ensure she didnt wake to catch him* *As he puffs away, he listens to the conversation unfold over the radio* *he would lightly push down his throat mics push to talk, speaking in a monotone groggy Russian accent.* "You'll have to give us some time....." *An audible sigh would be heard before the air waves go silent.*
  17. I'll start off by saying +1 to this, this is a pretty interesting concept. I don't really see why people see this as an OOC hindrance, but non the less, to each their own. It takes the same amount of time to check a characters open hostility status if you have everything pre-open, as it does to change to a new passworded channel in TS. I really like this cause it gives people like @LouieRP or @CaliforniaRP and all those lads a chance to actually be more "angry boy" towards certain characters. Without them having to live off certain events, ect, it get stale for them, and the people willing to step up to take more open hostility enhances their role play. Not only that but it helps them build their image as hostile groups, cause now they actually have people they can put on their knees and what not and look like true anarchist or the other likes. Also, think of this, people have a character in their group that is set to accepting the enhanced hostility. It builds a link to that group, there is now a character getting beat in that group that instills fear in the rest. so it makes people afraid, without getting directly effected, and builds this sort of chain. And of course, depending on the group and their intentions in role play, that may effect who they decide to take with that ooc decision present as well. "Do we want the chance of someone hurting this guy and effecting our story creating some strife, or do we just wanna stay lax?" All I can say, is this could open new doors if you look at it right. again, +1 @Roland - B
  18. *The transmission would abruptly end.*
  19. *The signal would be strong and clear.* "I'm out side lop as we speak, I'll see you soon." *The signal would cut off.*
  20. *The radio would squelch to life, background interference present, as the evenly toned Russian male voice speaks.* "Riker.... I don't believe we have ever met..." *The signal would screech with static, interference would become prevalent as he continues to speak.* "Discuss to me over the radio.......... no time is wasted........" *Through the static his voice would speak firmly.* "Ask me..... you want... know...... lets solve this." *The interference would pass, the words being spoken easier to comprehend.* "We can come to a resolve, words are words, no matter how close.... far, so lets speak now." *The minor interference would cut, the waves silent once more as the other end releases their PTT.*
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    The Riptide Collective Comms [ 101.7 mhz]

    *The transmission would fade.*
  22. Ah, alright, isn't there another lemon / lemons? that's probably why I got you two mixed up. Either way, I hope the guys I was with last night see this..
  23. @CaliforniaRP or was it @Lemons? Sorry one of my guys shot you dead during our little event, yet I do hope it gave you a little surprise. I enjoyed yourself and the other two present during it, they gave some good emotional rp, I hope more good stuff such as this is to come. @Taryn ;_; @Geraldo Da Witchi @Jman14102 @TheEvilFlea @-Chow- You know what you were apart of and I'm glad I had your guns, despite telling you all to surrender. See you all in game. -B
  24. Goals updated, roster updated, more to come, members are asked to check the group page for a new update. Thank you. -B