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  1. Hi, I'll be doing the spook over at here: 


    1. UncleB


      It's over.

       don't come by.

      There is nothing here for you anymore. 

  2. UncleB

    • UncleB
    • -Chow-

    I like you, cause, you, got, that, something,
    that, I need, in my life, so give it to me
    Like... like... like
    You... you... you
    Like... like... like
    You... you... you
    U got That!

    1. UncleB
    2. -Chow-


      @UncleB I'm gonna make him my next theme here if you keep it up 

    3. UncleB


      I'm not saying that was my next Idea but, it might have been. 😏

    4. UncleB

  4. UncleB

    Sorry, but it is my time to go.

    Take care Blue! O7
  5. Slaps Davy Crockett on the roof. "This bad boy has so much bang"
  6. I regret to say it, yet inevitable, with life coming to, and group activity at a low. I wish to archive riptide. I as a leader have a lot of coming things in life so I cant be here as actively as I should be. As well I would like to focus my attention towards other things. On that note, to all my, our, members. Friends, its been fun, Riptide will return in the future. I can't say I could have had anymore fun then leading you guys, watching our stories develop together. Watching your characters grow as our time lines progressed, and weaving threads in the fabric of eachothers stories, as well as the servers. It was beyond fun, I'm glad I could lead you guys for the time being, and I hope to again in the future. To those of you that I have talked to and have agreed upon it, our story does not end here, we're not just "vanishing". I plan on writing up a story to describe our leave and who shall be coming with us and where we are going in this next chapter of riptides life. This is not the end of Riptide. To our friends and allies, its been fun, we'll be back in the future. -B // Request to archive.
  7. UncleB

    What would you like to see in the server.

    Does this have to do with you wandering, I'll have you know I run an closed state, no corruption from outside sources, like the DPRK or Turkmenistan..... You can apply for a press pass, it will give you, minimal, access.....
  8. I'm aware of the inactive members, one was inactive due to personal life problems, the other has just been in active, I'll update this though as requested. -B
  9. UncleB


    *Borris would turn on his vox system, speaking into the air waves in his naturally somber tone.* "I was informed about a radio message that went out, something about fuel for a ship." "I dont know if you're still looking for what you're looking for." "But I might have something, a deal that can make us both happy, settle what was going on." "Bring these events to an end." *He would pause thinking to himself.* "If you hear this, let me know if you're interested...." *He would shut off his vox system awaiting reply.*
  10. @MichTheMedic Sad to see you go, but good luck on your new character. I hope to run into you in game.
  11. Pffft, I already beat you to that. keep your "paws" off you dirty member snatchers. ?
  12. Roster updated. Removed @Fives due to inactivity. @Liberty Berntson Sad to see you succumb to such things. I hope to run into any future characters you make. -B
  13. Time to openly ERP now, I guess?

    How else will I make to babies, right?


    1. UncleB


      How else will I make rp babies, right? 

      Phone hit me with the autocorrect Ooof.

    2. Geraldo Da Witchi

      Geraldo Da Witchi

      Let me RP on the server my jet crashing, see you guys in a few years

  14. Ooof, I got a few, but i'll stick to the more PG one. Long while a go, got together with a few close friends of mine, we all got drunk, obviously. we all ended up getting so plastered a few of us threw up, I threw up some, then proceeded to help the others through their shit. I recall shoveling vomit with my bare hands down our "hosts" tub while taking care of the guys who did all the vomiting. I didn't really care about the vomit, cause I was to drunk. 10/10 would do again. ?
  15. welcome @MichTheMedic about time you decide to join us! Glad to finally have you aboard!
  16. "Thank you and everyone in Riptide for making me want to play this game again. You're a lot of really good people and you remind me of what it was like to play when there was a lot more focus and attention given to the RP aspect of things (From my perspective at least). And you're just awesome individually as well. Look forward to seeing you again soon after I've had a chance, IC and OOC to rest up a bit and get in a better headspace" - @Mace On behalf of riptide, we love you to mace. you may have never been an official member, but as I said to you, you're one of us. love ya friend, take care, we all hope to see you soon. -love. B & The Riptide Collective.
  17. Unfortunately @CaptainFailFace has hit the inactivity mark You have been added to the missing persons list. Remember you can always rejoin the group through IC means. -B
  18. UncleB

    The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    Look at all my little babies & @KennethRP
  19. Welcome officially @TheDeepOne took me a bit to update this, was very tired last night. You seemed quite eager to help. I always enjoy that style of enthusiasm. Welcome to the collective. Welcome @Fives I hope its a like father like son situation A father son duo apart of us could be an interesting element Welcome aboard
  20. UncleB

    Show us your Photography

    Not Flowers Photos of water.
  21. POV I was asked to come along to help @Roach, @Mr. Blue, they wanted to do something over at green mountain. We walk up there and discuss details of what they wanted to do. we arrive at green mountain and do some RP there. We we're accompanied by @Jman14102, @Genji, @Dirty Dan, @Liberty Berntson, Taryn was there as well, but she left before the initiation. So, I ended up finding out @LouieRP approached outside the tower, went over and shot the shit with him, joked around ect, he was claiming he was drunk and so on. Asks if any one we needed killed, I think then he spots @Dirty Dan then goes "Hold on I gotta talk on the radio" he then proceeds to run off into the woods talking over his radio. I'd say a good 5 minutes later after that the "Communists" show up, I never pulse checked them and I haven't learned their voices well enough to link them to their players. I was out side the gate at green mountain as @Dirty Dan got held up, they shouted for him to put his hands up, but no one else. @Dirty Dan would comply to the commies orders, as this happen I would open the gate and approach the situation. Three armed men would have taken @Dirty Dan giving him orders to move around, he would be herded over to the wall of the jail house at green mountain. @Dirty Dan would try to explain his side, how anything he did in the past was due to self defense, ect, of course the lead commie doing all the talking wasn't really taking that, nor really cared. The lead commie would continue to say and repeat stuff about how Dan killed their men, it didn't matter if it was in self defense, you killed one of our guys, ect. The others two just stood around as guns ensuring no one initiated. @Liberty Berntson and @Genji would attempt to intervene at points, near the end of the fairly short conversation with and obvious end. @Dirty Dan would be asked by the lead commie if he had any last words. @Liberty Berntson would try to approach to ask Dan if he had any ado's to say, or if he wanted a prayer or something like that? The lead commie would then retort not allowing anymore conversation to lead on, blasting Dan with a single shot through his head. Of course the wound being played out differently as the death was not a perma kill. The commies run off, I think they say something as they trot off through the front gate, I cant remember the words correctly. @Liberty Berntson and I RP helping @Dirty Dan stitching his wounds up, ect in the jail house. End scene one. Scene two. I'm approached by the commie (now back in vybor.) who I believe put the round through @Dirty Dan he tells me how Dan was working with viridian and that they killed countless people. The reason he "killed" @Dirty Dan was due to the fact he shot some kid named alexi through the throat who was dear to @G19RP. He basically told me all of this so there was no misconceptions with my group thinking the commies were bad people for just shooting a man. End Scene two
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