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  1. The man lets out a groan in a mild groggy Russian accent. "Fuck this cold, this country is like a frozen bowl" He switches the grip of his shotgun from his right hand over to his left, and tuck the butt of the stock in his shoulder. He raises the barrel of the gun into the air, and readjust his right strap on his bag with his free hand. The weight of the thing is clearly bounding down on him, he takes a knee. The man looks over his should and back at the three other companions following directly in his snow tracks. The three other companions take a knee as well and observer the horizon. They're surrounded by trees and the black mountains are very distant to their left, a light snow falls upon the men. The men are all clad in pure white winter camo-covers over their regular clothing, and are brandishing snow shoes or winter skies. they seem well equip enough to Handel the current weather. He lets out a raspy yet commanding voice. "Alright, We should come to a clearing not much further, as soon as we reach it, that's where I will split and you guys can go home." "what we'll do is, is I'll say my good byes, we create a cross road so anyone following us will have two paths to follow." He pauses and lets out a grunt, he reaches down with his free hand and pulls the clasps on his snow shoes tighter. "Jack, you still have the A.P.M we found in that military truck, right?" "Plant it at the cross road we create, so if anyone did follow us, they gets a neat little treat!" Jack nods to the Russian man. "You got it Borris." Borris groans to his band of men. "Alright, if you haven't, take this moment to re-hydrate, and readjust your gear, get comfy, we still have some walking to do." Borris allows his group a few moments to do what they need to do, he then stands straight up. He switches the grip of his shotgun back over to his right hand, and grips the fore-grip with his left hand. "Lets move!" He barks, letting out a slight cough after doing so. He whispers to himself as he and his men move out "Pavel better suck my dick when I find him, bastard hasn't answered his radio in ages..."
  2. Happy valentines day to all the RP hunnies, come find B if you're lonely B| 

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      omg lmao

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      you lonely Keira :D need the B to keep you company on the big Valentines day? B|

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      Find you a Valentine!


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  3. They put fluoride in the drinking water.

  4. I cant leave home without my knife, Its one of those useful tools that I think every one should have, mine has a seat belt cutter and glass breaker in case of an accident. My wallet because you gotta carry all that I.D and bank cards, my keys on a para-cord lanyard. I also always carry my phone in a case on my belt, as well I don't like to wear jeans they lack storage capacity and zippers. If i'm out hiking, that's a different story, I usually always carry a medium A.L.I.C.E pack with loads of water, food, camping gear ,spare clothes and medical equipment. Whats your favorite out door activity, hiking skiing, biking, ect.
  5. Where the aliens at? On that note, whats your favorite tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy/ one you like to think about alot.
  6. Text RP Events

    Character Name: Borris Petrokov Character Age: 30 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? : Shin splints, on coming age. Does your character have a mental disability? : Occasional depression, Depersonalization disorder. Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.): negative. Does your character have any phobia?: Nondiurnalaquaphobia, Does your character have a love interest?: most blond Russian girls with cute faces. Does your character have any addictions?: Cigarettes (nicotine based products), Tula pryanik (specific brand Russian gingerbread), Slight alcohol addiction (vodka). Does your character do any drugs?: No. Is your character overweight?: No. Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? A mix of both. Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Surprise me, I like surprises.
  7. @-Chow- Thanks for getting @kimmylou to make fun of my thighs you scuzz , not my fault I can retain my meat in the apocalypse.
  8. Computer giveaway

    An entry
  9. In the deepest pits of me I feel like some place in the dark dark depths of this site there is a cult, not just any cult, but some swinger veteran SJW sex club/cult, and its run by non other then the rolle polie olie himself.
    But thats just another B thought for ya.

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  10. new chapter in depersonalized
    -Good morning- 

  11. To The People of Severograd and Beyond (Open freq.)

    -He leans against an old chernarussian army communications truck, he unfold an old magazine from his vest pouch and begins to skim it.- -Holding onto the magazine with his right hand, and using his left, he places in his ear piece, and cracks his radio to life, he skims through the channels.- -he catches the broadcast mid banter, he listens for a while, he recognizes Pavels voice and shifts around seeing if he can see him.- (hoping to give him the finger and a friendly smirk.) -As soon as Pavel finishes he presses down on his PTT and begins to talk in his deep and thick Russian accent- "You know, all this jihad - muslim crap is all a lost cause." "Not just for them, but for us who gallop around and give in to their shit, and even bother with them" "how many are they anyways? I feel like hardly enough to even support a real war effort." "I tend to find their little incursion on chernarussian soil a little ironic aswell." "Insurgents, fighting an insurgency?" -he smiles to himself- "You know, these kids with guns running around and using "Allah" as their reasoning." "It's all a little silly, as far as I know the worlds still kicking." "And as soon as the superpowers come to, and finish doing what it is they gotta do." "They're gonna come stomp out any little hooligans that decided to have their little moment of "fun" and "glory"." "I hope you jihads enjoy a town sized Chechnya when the real big boss decides to trot across the borders." ""You better make it worth while."" -He pauses for a moment- "In case you didn't catch the last part, that was sarcasm" -He giggles to himself- -He releases his PTT and goes back to being focused on his magazine- -Any remarks made would be met with him flicking out his ear piece and a slight smirk-
  12. United Nations Investigation Case: Ground Zero

    Just wanted to add on a note for those of you that do wanna RP getting sick from this area, the measurement procured is done in hours. It's the standard for most if not all geiger counters. A simple equation such as, map area you we're exposed to divided by sixty (one hour) then compare that to the amount of time you walked around that area. I hope this bit of information can help you in determining your grays / sieverts absorbed. Happy hunting. -UncleB
  13. It's all starting to come together now, no fly zone in Chernurus disbanded, mujahideen, this only calls for one damn explanation.
    Stinger missiles, in Chernarus.
    -Places on tinfoil hat-

  14. New chapter in depersonalized, "The dream".