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  1. Roster updated welcome @SofiaLR You gave verbal IC consent you're one of us now.
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  3. Roster updated. Welcome. @JkpFrog @CaptainFailFace
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    S1: Powergaming in Gorka - 06/20/2018 Approx. 0430

    UncleBs POV. From the beginning. I come out of a building that I claimed as my "home" and step out side the gate. I see Louie and a few other of the ex anarchy guys drag a guy down the street. They were yelling and screaming about how the guy treated them with disrespect and brought him near the T intersection of Gorkas main street. They place him Infront of a bus that had been parked on the branching road from the main, having the man at gun point. @Taffy_ approaches to the scene realizing its one of his men. Instead of gunning down Louie, or if I am mistaken of what I recall, was it hondo? after having clear initiation rights on the man holding his friend hostage. Taffy_ raises his gun in defense of his friend to tell the perpetrator to stop, where he is initiated on by several anarchy members he was unaware of. He was told multiple times to drop his gun, even by myself, because I know how anarchy plays, and I knew he was at the disadvantage to begin with. After about 5 - 8 second he is engaged and gunned down by 3 - 4 people? Once they gun Taffy_ down they drag off his friend into the nearby two story green house, kain and I then attempt to assist the downed Taffy_ due to his right to not PK. We then attempt to RP help him, Louie insist we don't and to "Let the fucker bleed out" something along those lines. We back up as Louie attempts to strong arm us, Taffy_ in need of our medical assistance in RP standpoint. Several people walked around stating Taffy_ was dead and we said no, hes still breathing he need medical help. Louie then retorts in refusal of our RP, where he then engages the body of Taffy_ in essence power gaming an image that Taffy_ would not survive. Louie would dump an entire mag into the body. After the events transpired they pulled Taffys_ other friend out of the house and walked him through the street, doing what anarchy guys do, eventually placing him into a bus stop. His friend would be shot by the group of anarchist, but I cant recollect over what, as I was not close enough to hear the conversation. End of POV -B
  5. *He would sigh once more, shaking his head to himself, he would speak softly with his monotone russian voice.* "Clearly you don't read speech, tone or word choice well enough." *He would pause, taking a moment of thought.* "Its funny how you tell Simon to fuck off and mind his own business, yet that's exactly what got you yelled at in the first place." *He would pause, his voice raising in tone slightly* "Not minding your own, business." *He pauses once more pursing his lips to himself.* "Sorry I kicked you out of my camp, but that was for your own good, and my peoples betterment." "The last thing I wanted was someone claiming houses for his own, and walking around like he owned the joint......" "Now you've gone ahead and created and even bigger headache." *He would pause taking a sip of his black tea.* "I'm done playing pass the cheburashka." "Grow up....." *He would turn off his vox system the waves going silent once more.*
  6. *He sighs over the radio, then speaks in his monotone accent, making his words slow, clear and precise.* "Clearly you don't understand.... the bigger picture..." *He would sigh once more shaking his head at the fact he even has to have this conversation.* "You call me a coward, yet I've spoken to you so many times, time and time again." *The striking of a lighter would be heard, then a deep in-hail, he ex hails on his spoken words.* "Some notes more friendly then others, vice versa. yet some how, you just don't get it." "I told you to leave my camp and my people alone, to simply stay away, to keep your nose out of peoples shit." *He would pause taking another drag of his hand roll exhaling as he speaks once more.* "Yet you still keep coming around, even arranging meeting in my own camp." "you painted your picture... say what you want..." "Supremacist...." *He would turn off his vox system once more. the transmission from his end going dead.*
  7. *He would bark over the radio in his Russian accent giving a quick reply* "Redirect traffic to our old frequency, lots to explain, will give you new instructions." *He would release his PTT the waves going dead once more.*
  8. *The radio waves would be filled with static, then the hum of a transmitting signal would catch the airwaves.* *An airy manly giggle would be heard over the waves, before the transmission shortly ending.*
  9. UncleB

    Searching For Qualified Doctors [Open Frequency]

    *The radio would come to life beaming with the voice of the Russian man, he would speak somberly* "Taryns no longer with us....." *He would pause dragging on his last words, letting out a long sigh over the open mic.* "If you're interested in doing business, and the likes of Taryns people, let me know, i'll be listening." *His words would be spoken with stress on the breath.* *He would shut off his vox system, the waves going static once more.*
  10. UncleB

    Searching For Qualified Doctors [Open Frequency]

    *He would take a long drag of his hand roll while listening to the conversation unraveling on the radio* *He would speak in a deep tone Russian accent , his words paced as he speaks.* "If you want to meet, give me a time and place." *He would pause taking another drag* "I'll come to you and sort out some information, I know rose and the rest...." *He turns off the vox setting on his radio, awaiting response.*
  11. *The radio would buzz to life life, A male voice with a Russian licked accent would speak solemnly with slow pace.* "Simon, you could guess who it is.... hopefully." *He would pause taking a deep breath, exhaling as he speaks.* "I hope you hear this... I spotted one of our recent "problems"... running around, between Grishino and the black forest area." *He would pause once more, taking a sip of something exhaling as he raises his mouth from it.* "If you're in the area, keep your eyes out." *He would turn off his vox system, the radio transmission cutting out.*
  12. UncleB

    To Borris and the doctors

    *He would hold down his PTT and speak, as the rustling of a large paper based object is unfolded* *He would let out a slight cough, running his finger along the object.* "Alright, I see something here in terms of object alignment matching that." *He would pause taking another breath.* "Sit tight, I'll see if I can make it there quick." *He would release his PTT.*
  13. UncleB

    To Borris and the doctors

    *He presses down his throat mic speaking in his somber Russian licked voice.* *He would trail for a moment at the message of the other boris* "The fu~" *He would pause regaining the true topic at hand* "I hear you, If your arm is broken~ splint it till we can find you, reduce mobility." *He would take a deep breath in, then continue to speak.* "Give me your location, I'll get some of my people together to retrieve you." "We'll bring a stretcher if you cant move." *He releases his throat mic listening for response.*
  14. UncleB

    The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    Riptide Collective Graphics Archive.
  15. Graphics updated, goals tweaked. Special thanks to @Taryn for the new graphics, go give her some love. -B