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  1. Riptide V3 when?


    1. UncleB


      🤔 Soon™️.....  

  2. Hi, Uncle B here, I'm not checking in at all just posting this here; leave a message at the tone. Beeep

  3. UncleB


    @Malthis Hmmm; I dunno, I'm a busy man IRL but, Borris does have a sister, and a trusted second LT ( @groovy chow). Seems like a good time for the old owner to come back only as a new spirit; isn't that about right T? @Taryn
  4. Hi, I'll be doing the spook over at here: 


    1. UncleB


      It's over.

       don't come by.

      There is nothing here for you anymore. 

  5. I like you, cause, you, got, that, something,
    that, I need, in my life, so give it to me
    Like... like... like
    You... you... you
    Like... like... like
    You... you... you
    U got That!

    1. UncleB
    2. groovy chow

      groovy chow

      @UncleB I'm gonna make him my next theme here if you keep it up 

    3. UncleB


      I'm not saying that was my next Idea but, it might have been. 😏

    4. UncleB
  6. Slaps Davy Crockett on the roof. "This bad boy has so much bang"
  7. I regret to say it, yet inevitable, with life coming to, and group activity at a low. I wish to archive riptide. I as a leader have a lot of coming things in life so I cant be here as actively as I should be. As well I would like to focus my attention towards other things. On that note, to all my, our, members. Friends, its been fun, Riptide will return in the future. I can't say I could have had anymore fun then leading you guys, watching our stories develop together. Watching your characters grow as our time lines progressed, and weaving threads in the fabric of eachothers stories, as well as the servers. It was beyond fun, I'm glad I could lead you guys for the time being, and I hope to again in the future. To those of you that I have talked to and have agreed upon it, our story does not end here, we're not just "vanishing". I plan on writing up a story to describe our leave and who shall be coming with us and where we are going in this next chapter of riptides life. This is not the end of Riptide. To our friends and allies, its been fun, we'll be back in the future. -B // Request to archive.
  8. Does this have to do with you wandering, I'll have you know I run an closed state, no corruption from outside sources, like the DPRK or Turkmenistan..... You can apply for a press pass, it will give you, minimal, access.....
  9. I'm aware of the inactive members, one was inactive due to personal life problems, the other has just been in active, I'll update this though as requested. -B
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