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  1. Love the group KOS change! Now all we need back is good samaritan and it will literally be like the mod days
  2. Give us the green light to make a mod:

    Problem is people don't seem to realize that developing a side project like this actually takes time. It's not gonna be instantly great, and sure it will have some downtime so why not use that to improve the project? I think for such a side project to succeed we need patience and it needs direction. Secondly it needs a team of developers who has to focus on fleshing out the gameplay, lootspawns and carspawns. Lore and all that jazz shouldn't be a priority at all, just load up a server, hit it with some updates and changes, make a suggestion/feedback thread and shit will slowly fall into place, hopefully.
  3. Thanks to @Mace for the archery practice yesterday, it will be handy for Radek and Garbo. Also hope you liked the lowkey TOR mention in there Also thanks to @Bubbles, the Scottish lad tending the bar and pretty much everyone else present yesterday. Haven't had great RP like this in years probably
  4. Radek Alosis

    Radek Alosis was born in Chernarus and was raised by his grandparents on a little farm just south of Svergino. There he learned several trades, such as butchering in which later would be very handy for him upon joining the local South Zagorian circus ¨The Omandos¨
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    1. Pestol

      That's so sweet of you, SweetJoe. Thanks.

  5. Earl Tucker

    Earl Tucker was born and raised in a low income family in Louisiana, USA. His parents were both drug addicts and alcoholics. He was abused a lot and because of this he quickly grew independent, and learned to take care of himself. Earl wasn't smart and had always performed bad at school, due to this he never graduated high school and struggled with getting a job, let alone keeping one. So like any other outcast of society he turned to illegal activities, ranging from dealing drugs to selling firearms and on some rare occasions smuggling a combination of both. Weed was the easiest out of the two as he just grew it in his own home and didn't have to depend on a middle man to do half the job.
  6. :(

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      Pfft please, cold shoulder mate. You gotta be a stone.

    5. Pestol

      So true m8! tnx for the wise words

  7. DayzRP Members As SNAKES Thread

    @Bubbles The snakechat
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      helo man xDDD

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      take my benz

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  8. Shall we change the map?

    I would love to see Namalsk. At least now hopefully playercount will rise as there isn't an Apex DLC paywall
  9. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Me too, but sadly ive yet to see another person.
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  10. This game is loads of fun!
  11. Should we ignore some in game rule breaks?

    I am all for being more lenient towards newcomers with minor offenses. This doesn't even have to happen in a report section but simply by PMing said newcomer and give them perspective on what they did vs how it should be done.
  12. Should we ignore some in game rule breaks?

    How is having 10 warning points a wake-up call if you currently don't even run the risk of getting permd for performing more rulebreaks within the time that these points has been automatically revoked. So according to your version of a wake-up call, if im on 10 warningpoints I can still KOS 2 people and get away with it. Well it's hard to really prove something like this as it's merely my opinion based on the period I spent most of my time in this community. But like I already said, ¨harsher¨ (or logical as I see them as) punishments will lead to people having more respect for the rules right off the bat, and that again would lead to less Mis-IDing for example. Which then again will create a better experience for you ingame as there would be less rulebreaks.