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  1. Shall we change the map?

    I would love to see Namalsk. At least now hopefully playercount will rise as there isn't an Apex DLC paywall
  2. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Me too, but sadly ive yet to see another person.
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    1. Pestol

      u r a meme

  3. This game is loads of fun!
  4. Should we ignore some in game rule breaks?

    I am all for being more lenient towards newcomers with minor offenses. This doesn't even have to happen in a report section but simply by PMing said newcomer and give them perspective on what they did vs how it should be done.
  5. Should we ignore some in game rule breaks?

    How is having 10 warning points a wake-up call if you currently don't even run the risk of getting permd for performing more rulebreaks within the time that these points has been automatically revoked. So according to your version of a wake-up call, if im on 10 warningpoints I can still KOS 2 people and get away with it. Well it's hard to really prove something like this as it's merely my opinion based on the period I spent most of my time in this community. But like I already said, ¨harsher¨ (or logical as I see them as) punishments will lead to people having more respect for the rules right off the bat, and that again would lead to less Mis-IDing for example. Which then again will create a better experience for you ingame as there would be less rulebreaks.
  6. Should we ignore some in game rule breaks?

    Really? ... Personally I believe that if a person manages to rack up a big amount of points in a single report or in just a quick succession, said person will get a ¨wake up call¨ and start rethinking the way he acts IG. It essentially works as a scare tactic to create a higher standard for RP, and how one should behave IG. And the way I see it; if people don't want this then they obviously don't want the RP standard to apply for new members especially. So if you really think this is about banning people, think again. It is about setting a standard. Edit: If this shit doesn't go through one might as well just put up 2 separate reports.
  7. Chris's adventures in DayzRP

    Chilling in the Stary church with @HappyPenguin & @BillyR wearing what seems to be a cape made out of grass
  8. Should we ignore some in game rule breaks?

    I voted Yes. I think people fail to see that Caesar has been an Admin on DayzRP longer than most people have been a part of this community. I believe he is the most qualified person to give insight into this community, specially when it comes to staffwork and rules. If it was up to me (and possible on SA) I would even re-implement the character reset punishment that used to be given out when found guilty for KOS, CL and NLR I believe.
  9. Staff Monthly Agenda V.1

    As for training the staff team I feel you need to set the current standard that you want (Caesar was onto something for sure) and then start training future GM's. Maybe re-add the jGM rank? To me it makes no sense why it was even removed. Would a cashier at Mcdonalds get promoted to manager without any training or supervision? I doubt it.
  10. Desolation Redux Suggestion Thread

    Yes I was thinking of something like that. To be honest I don't care exactly how it works as long as its in the same fashion like on the A2 mod, I'm sick and tired of looking for clothes all the time considering we are playing on a Roleplay server. About time we get a feature to enhance said roleplay. But yeah when I think of it I've played on A3 Exile servers where Donators had the ability to pick their loadout and spawn a quadbike instead of a pedalbike so there are for sure endless possibilities for us here.
  11. Desolation Redux Suggestion Thread

    Yeah that is a great solution! The only problem would be that people could switch skins momentarily but I think that could easily be resolved by forcing the player to relog/only get 1 skin change per relog
  12. Desolation Redux Suggestion Thread

    Good point! I can still hope though, as a feature like this will be crucial for which server I'm gonna be playing on.
  13. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Me and @Bubbles made a little camp just North of stary