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  1. Hey Greg Welcome to the community, can't wait to run into you in game buddy
  2. AidanHs

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    Wasn't apart of this group for very long, but its been a blast. Hope to see you all soon
  3. Aidan Gary's POV: So I went to vybor to meet my friend Aaron, when I got to vybor and met up with him we ended up being attacked by a wave of infected. That's when we found "Remi Phillips", Remi killed of the infected and helped out Aaron because he got hurt pretty bad. I then started a conversation with Remi because I noticed him from the town of Lapotino, I spoke to him for a while and then started running to Lapotino with my friend. Whilst we were running I bumped into my In game step brother "Stan Gary" and he told us that he was going down to vybor, so I carried on running but Aaron went with Stann. Once I got to town I went to one of my groups tents and started to put some of my gear into them I then walked down to the towns trader base and then overheard Remi talking about how he was robbed. I went towards him and started to ask what happened and he told me that a man in full black with a cowboy hat had initiated on him. The man was also with another person. Remi then told me that him and the other stole his medic gear along with one of his weapons.After that I walked away and went into radio to get hold of Stann, I told him to return what he stole or to never return back to Lapotino. End of POV I was also told by Remi that Stann left him with no food or water but I am not sure of this because Stann told me that he hadn't take anything other then a Ak and medic gear.
  4. I didn't witness any of the incident I was just informed about it once I entered the town.
  5. Aidan or Spark as some may call him, was a very kind young man. At a very young age of seventeen Aidan was very hard working and never got into to any known trouble. He was the only son but he had three sisters, Kaitlin, Jade and Carly. They all loved Aidan and Aidan loved all of them. Aidan applied for a job in chernarus in a big town called beriezino, which means he would be leaving his family for 6months but his family were supporting him all the way. As he was saying bye to his family he didn't realise that was the last time we would be seeing them. When Aidan was on the boat to beriezino he realised the ship was heading straight towards a huge pile of rocks. Aidan ran to the captain only to realised what he turned into, then Aidan blacked out. And that's all Aidan remembered from that boat trip.