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  1. Lee was born in Korea but at the age of 2 he and his Family moved to London so Lee grew up only knowing English. Lee met a girl called Emily, they were really good friends at the start until a boy called Cole started to talk to Emily. Lee instantly started to become jealous but he thought to himself that him and Emily were closer then her and Cole could ever be. Lee was only 16 years old so he didn't have any experience before the outbreak but a heartbreak would be good enough to push him to survive. The day of the outbreak the first thing Lee done was try and find Emily, he searched for her for days and he is still trying to find her but he's only now starting to come to the realisation that she's gone. Lee decided that there was nothing left for him anymore in England, but he didn't know where else he could go. Lee started to hear rumours and whispers about a place called Chernarus which was apparently a safe place even with all this going on. So Lee snuck onto a boat that was heading directly towards it. Once Lee arrived at Chernarus he started to make his way to NWAF after hearing talk over the radio that there was a trading outpost there where maybe he could meet new friends and maybe be apart of something.
  2. GMT or EST?
  3. @Crim Yeah that was really fun, I do hope to run into you again some time ?
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