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  1. The Saoirse Brotherhood would like to know your location.
  2. Orlik Magera was born in the USSR to a poor family that worked on a collective farm, as he grew up he learned how to supplement the meagre food that his family brought in by fishing and netting in the local streams. Fearing that he was destined for a life like his parents and knowing volunteers were treated better than conscripts Orlik turned to the Soviet Army and enlisted at 18. Orlik served with honor and was discharged in 1983 after sustaining injuries during the Afghan war. He returned home to Chernarus to live a quiet life far from the towns. Isolation is peaceful to Orlik as he lived on a small farm for over four decades. He since then weathered many events that have brought ruin to many Chernarussians.
  3. The way people play on this server I can see this being abused just so people can up their kill count. Big no from me
  4. 1. IRA 2. Free Medics 3. Watchers/Fallen 4. B-17 5. Dragons
  5. Only if I can bring a few gay boys with me. I'll hit up Pado as well
  6. Finally a group I can get behind. TBH this is a lot better than the same rehashed "content" that usually comes through the groups section.
  7. Damn can't say the gamer word anymore? Can't say I agree with more rules in a community that seems to be getting smaller, but in the end if staff think it's going to help, then I don't any harm in giving it a try.
  8. KpopKilla

    The Pedlars

    @Burak Appreciate kind words for the group, I'm pretty sure @Dan and @Cas got some more shit in the works so keep a lookout brother.
  9. I had no idea staff revised it to be honest. Good to see that staff saw it as an issue though and updated the whitelist with new standards. As for players I believe we are both right to a point. While I have seen new players do some dumb things, it is up to the older players to lead them into a good direction for how things work IG and on the forums. I believe we failed in that greatly. When the standalone wave hit years ago we had an opportunity to bring new people in and show them the ropes. Instead we shut them out and called them "whitenames" because a handful were acting stupid. Like I said before "The few ruin it for the many". Now those "new" players who stuck around have been here for about 4-5 years and think the behavior of the mod players was normal and continued on, alienating new RP'ers and judging them before even RPing with them.
  10. Rate your DayZRP enjoyment currently from 1 - 10: 3 - What you enjoy most about your DayZRP experience: Reason(s): Trying to create the most unique characters with my friends. (I would have left again if I didn't have few friends left here.) - What could help improve your DayZRP experience: Reason(s): Harder whitelist, I used to meet all sorts of characters back in the day. Now everybody just plays themselves and it's boring as hell. Base building as well it was a good timesink when the server was low pop and it was cool to see others builds throughout the map, but I understand why it was removed. The few ruin it for the many. Bring back the mentor rank again as well, felt that it did a lot of good when the program was around. How could this be implemented: - Any further comments: Like i said above harder whitelist and put more RP questions in the whitelist so we can bring the quality of RP up again. With this once we have higher standard of RP maybe we can bring base building back in down the line when the climate of the server is improved.
  11. As a person who RP's as a base raider I support this. Real shit though, this place doesnt need more rules it's strict enough already.
  12. KpopKilla

    The Pedlars

    Appreciate it boys. Glad to be here.
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