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  1. I mean it's a zombie apocalypse game though, it makes sense to have a lot of zombies.
  2. Reported for using admin powers
  3. I've been playing a cannibal for a while now and the best advice I can give is to just make a side trait of your character and don't center your character around it. You don't even have to be a hostile cannibal in the traditional sense. I first started out hanging around on the coast and trying to convince people to kill themselves because the world has ended. ICly using the logic if I didn't kill them myself then I wasn't the bad guy. Don't be the cliche creepy guy it's been done a thousand times and most can figure out something is wrong ICly with you right away.
  4. Take care of my son Dew. Seriously though group looks good, best of luck.
  5. I hope you get a few weeks man, when I got back from my deployment we got 3 days off. Stay strong man and don't let your command fuck you out of your days off.
  6. More weapons, but not guns. Would like to see the bow and crossbow added back.
  7. Please Rolle this man needs his FAL.
  8. *A man would key his radio* Not sure if your willing to send a location to a stranger over public channels but I wouldn't helping yall out. *He would un key the ptt and put it back on the strap of his backpack*
  9. *A man would key the ptt* Infected people roam the roads alongside armies of raiders and bandits and you want to open a paintball arena? Goddamn I honestly think people are getting more stupid as the end of days rolls on. Whats next lazer tag? * He would unkey the ptt and go back to cooking the doe he caught the night before*
  10. I wasn't in the group, I was the hostage when it happened to me and it was always a choice. It was a chance to gain favor with the warlord and further RP. Rules were a bit more fluid back then.
  11. The Somalian Death Squad used to do this back in mod. You would hatchet fight another hostage for your freedom and to gain favor with the warlord. It was something unique that was fun.
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