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  1. Fair enough, I just remember when I was new I had to find where people were by myself and ttreads like this where a bit laughed at.
  2. Don't want to be that guy but isn't this all OOC info?
  3. I mean it makes sense, but nothing prevents people who want kos rights to just join a friend's existing group to utilize the perks. We did something similar when Saoirse was dynamic.
  4. Why was dynamic group taken away? I get that they are trying to clean up the clusterfuck of kos rights, but even with these taken away you can just hop on a friend's group with your buddies and the whole rule becomes irrelevant.
  5. Used to play a while back, with 63 coming "soon" figured I'd give DayZ a try again.
  6. KpopKilla

    Perhaps its time

    I think I can compromise and keep you for a couple more years till .63 comes out.
  7. KpopKilla

    Perhaps its time

    I knew we would lose you to here again.
  8. Damn thought you were the real Sparky RIP
  9. *Toby would listen interested for once at the babbling through the radio. As he cooked his beef stew over the fire he would curiously answer the man.* You make some sense, people of this region don't need autos to hunt for food and protect themselves for the infected people. They do need them for defense against bands of robbers who will surely outgun them if you enforce this act though. Out of curiosity can your commonwealth occupy all the military bases and enforce your laws on the numerous militias in the area who already have these types of weapons? On top of that being some form of new government and suppressing all speech against your policies seems a bit foolish. Either way good luck I guess, hope it works out for you people. *He would put the radio down in a nearby chair and begin to season the stew.*
  10. KpopKilla

    • KpopKilla
    • Jack Bandit

    You have been visited by the ghost of permed player past.

    1. SweetJoe


      This is a Merry Christmas Bomb. 

      Love you Both. @Jack Bandit @KpopKilla

  11. This place has been political for years, shame it has made you leave.
  12. Group looks good, glad to see the return of a commie group to the server.
  13. KpopKilla

    Minor rule changes - 2017-10-12

    We can mention permed players now? Pray4Cuda
  14. Good ol Toby Dicks chill as fuck. He be living off the land like a native. Killing bitches and taking their shit. While enjoying long walks on the beach. He out here nomisayin? He still looking for brother Tony. Little does he know his bro got gatted down by somebody named Rolando. RIP him but its all good Toby be just out here fucking bitches and making money.Alright this is my background story fuck off mang. Godammit it needs more, I don't fucking know, he was a casual backgammon player. Fucck.
  15. KpopKilla

    Bringing attention to a new and exciting Arma 3 map.

    I miss my Taki militia skin. Why can't the devs just pull the plug on SA already?