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  1. KpopKilla


    No you're dead. Get out of here
  2. I take it taxes hit you hard this year?
  3. *Ray Holmes would hit the PTT* Nah mate I don't think I will, longer those corrupt boys stay away the better *He would let go of the PTT and head to a different section of the Block*
  4. I don't know whether OOC issues stem from hostile RP IG or the people who build perceptions off of other groups because they got robbed by some hostile rp'ers in the past and lost something they spent forever looking for. While I don't know the extent of bias of the current "Banter Brigade" or Rp boys" as you now call them. I can tell you when I was way more active in the community anyone in our friends group or even associated with our friend group were considered toxic and aggressive without any of these players ever talking to us. We even had players join us for RP sessions for just the reason just to try to find something incriminating. I and others including Max Simons were considered "Cancer by association" in their own words. The whole point I'm making here is don't be ignorant and pretend that certain members of this community aren't treated differently just because you never experienced yourself. The archiving of Saints isn't the main focus of this thread. It was just the catalyst for members of this community who have experienced bias ooc and who have started to ask themselves why they even bother to play and contribute to a community that doesn't even want them here.
  5. Would be cool to see, I've been playing a cannibal for long time. I would be interested as well.
  6. When you trying to play RP but Baba brings out the belt
  7. Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: We were told we were too aggressive and initiating with little to no RP. Feedback: If you look at the at the thread we had a lot positive feedback and during my time with the saints we initiated about 5 times and I was on about everyday. We were very cautious with our initiations due certain members of staff bias against individuals within the group. Suggestions for improvement: Just to show videos, texts, etc of providing badrp. (If individuals performed an unfavorable actions it would be good to know, and would like to know why an individuals actions if that's the issue would affect a 23 man group so much they would need to be force archived. Just realized this was more of a question than feedback, so feedback would be you could have handled this a lot better and with more tact.
  8. Rip the saints, had fun while it lasted.

  9. I like the B17 vibe on the profile.

    1. Challenger


      if only we could bring back the block 😞 @KpopKilla

  10. Reminds me of Dayz mod Origins +1 would be cool to see built up communities outside towns.
  11. KpopKilla

    The Saints

    Good to be here lads
  12. No ankle showing or you lose your hand privileges.
  13. KpopKilla

    The Saints

    and my boy @Jacob Page
  14. Give him back, stealing is the path to banditry.
  15. KpopKilla

    The Saints

    Group looks great boys, will be nice another group that gets around the map.
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