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  1. KpopKilla

    I miss DayZ Mod

    I miss the people I used to play with back in mod more than mod itself.
  2. KpopKilla

    Ignoring the Communities Wishes

    The last time we had a safezone it was a clusterfuck with half the server sitting inside it for hours and the other half sitting on the edge waiting for people to leave the safe space so they could rob them. Overall it was boring, and kept the majority of interactions around a small zone that was less than 1000 meters. I don't like the idea of fast travel, but it hasn't been tried here so I don't want to give an opinion on it. Just hope staff will look at the overall opinion of the community and decide for what the majority want.
  3. KpopKilla

    Your most memorable moments

    Saoirse: Group of the year, most of the boys are banned now, but it was the best time I've had here.
  4. KpopKilla

    Failed Robberies Thread

    "You're not allowed to do that" lol
  5. KpopKilla

    The history timeline of groups on DayzRp?

    Between mod and SA there has been popular groups going back to 2012, but if you look through the archives you'll find a lot of people playing in completely different ways and ending up do really well with their RP.
  6. KpopKilla

    What do you listen to ?

  7. KpopKilla

    Potius Cras

    Always liked your RP Gary, good luck with the group man
  8. KpopKilla

    Position in queue: 31

    Don't see why another server is needed, just leave it on the background and check it every couple minutes while you do something else.
  9. Septimus

    • Septimus
    • KpopKilla

    when we dunking on some [REDACTED] 

    1. KpopKilla


      As soon as these mods download brother

    2. Septimus


      you let me know bro. im down

  10. KpopKilla

    What weapon do you prefer?

    Haven't played in a while so I don't how good it is now, but I was always partial to the sawed off DB.
  11. KpopKilla


    Slava Na CRA
  12. KpopKilla


    Welcome back Septimoose
  13. KpopKilla

    God bless the Legitimate state of Israel

    My boy Donny T making moves.
  14. KpopKilla

    • KpopKilla
    • Princess Aurora

    I am loyal to the royal family.

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora


  15. KpopKilla

    Santiago Cartel [Open Recruitment]

    Looks good bois good luck
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