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  1. Current Situation: Viper, Crow, Flood, Celtic and Xaoo were all deployed in together to Chernarus recently. Viper like Crow, is one of the demolish experts who recently was called into the area to ensure that all traces of the organizations operations in the area were erased. He's done clean up before, and he also was another operator who had worked closely with Triceratops in the past. He like his fellow friend Crow, were extremely disheartened by the death of Triceratops, and he has had a brooding want for vengeance for his fallen colleague ever since. Before this, he was in the western side of Europe running ops with the rest of his team. He helped successfully delete any trace of their being any sign of their operations in 2 other countries before entering Chernarus, working closely with one of the Corporations hacker operators, 'Plane Walker,' after Plane Walker had left the country after sucesfully completing his mission with Hammer and the rest of the team one from wave one. Viper knows that he could be out in the field for the next year or two with no rest and reprieve. He's been over hearing the talks about the Corporation wanting to set up a more permanent area of operations in South Zagoria. He figures he'll be helping set up a secure perimeter to keep the situation from getting too... explosive...
  2. John Monroe is a seasoned prison guard, that after his recent divorce with his wife he decided to move somewhere where work was basically unlimited. He is a 30 year old man, who after being involved with the justice system since the age of 14 due to his father being a former warden of the boston jail. He took the position by working under the wing of his father where he met his former wife. After becoming married, and starting a family, they slowly grew apart until finally 3 weeks before the outbreak in a violent argument John decided to take a 1 way flight to any european country he could. After becoming settled, with a simple mechanics assistant in the local chernagorsk garage the outbreak began. Instantly john sprinted back to his apartment building and secured his 2 room slum. He stayed there for a week or two before slowly running out of supplys. John aimlessly patrols the cities of chernarus looking for supplys to take back and simply survive. He is a cold person who is quick the judge and will say anything outloud. Although it does get him into trouble, being straightforward is able to earn him a decent amount of respect with the local slavs.
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