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  1. Hicks

    501 (Recruitment Open)

    Just don't put me in charge again
  2. Born and raised in Chernarus by a loving patriotic family, Luka enlisted in the military at the age of 18.
  3. Hicks

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Rota (Open Recruitment)

    Good to see not much has changed with this game.
  4. Hicks

    S1-Bad RP and NVFL- Severograd 19-20 PM 19/09/17

    Lucas Hicks POV: The video shows pretty much everything there's not really anything for me to add. I initiated on him after Laski and Eagle got annoyed with him and then helped bring him over to the apartment building. After that, I ran off to look for his friends and wasn't present for anything that happened at the apartment.
  5. Popet

    • Popet
    • Hicks

    My dress looked fabulous on you.


  6. Hicks

    • Hicks
    • Aiko



    1. Dom


      I'm not supporting this however I will have a truce whilst we deal with Aiko.

    2. Aiko


      When Hicks doesnt even know how to @ someone properly Lol.

      Randle...what have I ever done to you?

    3. Dom


      Do I see an orange shield next to my name @Aiko

      No I don't.

    4. Aiko


      No, and now you never will if you are supporting Ark

    5. Dom


      I'm not supporting this however I will have a truce whilst we deal with Aiko.

    6. Aiko


      I do not care Randle, I can tell you are siding with Ark already....so there will never be an orange badge by your name!

    7. Dom


      As much as I value being a staff member again I could never kneel to a weeb.

    8. Ark


      Dont worry Randle.......Soon™

  7. Lucas grew up in a small town in eastern Canada and had a more or less normal up bringing. Wanting to see the world he ended up joining the Canadian armed forces after college. He ended up in Chernarus during the outbreak as part of the NATO response force. After ending up one of the last survivors of his unit after the engagement with the infected gone wrong he found himself on his own with little desire to try and regroup with NATO or any military force after the mess he witnessed. Lucas wandered the country alone for a while running into the occasional person every so often but mostly avoided them till one day he found himself with in the company of like minded people and well the rest is history.
  8. Hicks

    S1: Killing a Compliant Hostage, Invalid Execution

    Matthew Stone PoV: Nihoolious told everyone to lay down repeatedly during the initiation and after around 20 seconds you still had not laid down. He then started to count down from 3 after which you still didn't comply and he shot you.
  9. Lucas Hicks - Nominated for best DayZRP Staff Member:


    1. Nihoolious


      hicks was my inspiration for joining staff tbh

  10. Hicks


    You were supposed to tell him to jog on.
  11. Hicks

    Official CS:GO Thread

  12. I'll try and force myself to expanded it by maybe adding a bit more into how the group came together and how we met some of the core members plus adding any major events that happen to the group in-game. SoonTM though I'm inactive remember. :troll:
  13. Hicks

    Post Election Discussion

    Theres a difference between sharing your opinion and saying "Hope he dies, all you Americans are idiots" Thats the kind of ignorant stuff thats boils me piss if you ask me. Well Wumby it's a opinion. I can say that America is fucked because Trump is Presdient. I can also say I hope he dies. It's a opinion. I know it pisses you off dude. Same here. But if it upsets you that much you can always hit that big old power button on your PC and take a breather. This isn't a insult just saying how it is my dude. Seriously? things don't go your way so the first answer you see is death. That right there is the exact reason why I don't call myself a liberal anymore but hey what do I know killing each other over differences of belief or opinion has worked out so well for the middle east right? People need to stop virtue signalling for 10 seconds and pull their heads out of their asses and realize there honestly not all that different than the people they hate.
  14. Hicks

    Election Day

    You seem like the Canadian praising Hillary. GG wait...did Canada give to millions to the Clinton foundation just like Syria? Who Hillary admitted in her e-mails is selling arms to Isis? Is Canada selling arms to isis too? We've sold over 4 billion dollars worth of arms to the Saudi's this year and we have a 15 billion dollar contract with them producing armoured vehicles so basically yes.
  15. Only after they go inactive for a month. I don't know what you're talking about *Hides the dead body of RHM under the nearest rug*
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