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  1. The outbreak of 2017 was a harsh time. People fought over scraps, brother turned against brother, and humanity tore itself apart. It was a savage time riddled with betrayal and deceit. It's at times like these that the truest and bravest of hearts stand out among the chaos. One of those hearts belonged to Lucas Hicks. A foreigner from Canada, Lucas refused to allow this decaying world to consume him. A former Lieutenant in the Canadian Armed Forces, Lucas quickly realized that the world needed strong minded people to lead what was left of humanity into a brighter future. In 2018, Lucas led a small band of survivors into Livonia from the south. It was here that Lucas met a remarkable man. A man that taught him much and gave him something that had been lacking for a long time. Hope. This man was Joshua Houser. Joshua showed Lucas that there was still good in the world. Together they visited settlements and towns, handing out supplies wherever was needed and assisting locals in clearing out new places to live. Not much was known about Joshua, some even thought up stories about how he was sent from the heavens to guide humanity back to its former self. For the next year, Lucas and Joshua worked together to build the foundations of the Rising Hope Militia. A group of individuals from all walks of life, people willing to fight for a brighter future, a more civilized future. “It’s time we stood up against the evil that’s been allowed to flourish through this tragedy and push it back with something much greater… hope.” - Joshua Houser In 2019, Joshua decided that Lucas was strong enough to lead R.H.M on his own. With a firm shake of hands, Joshua departed for lands unknown, with the single goal of pulling those that had fallen from grace from the darkness in which they dwell. Now working alone, Lucas sought out like-minded individuals in which he could trust to uphold the values that R.H.M was built upon. Throughout the remainder of 2019, Lucas did his utmost to keep R.H.M together, assisting in the construction of settlements and recruiting strong survivors capable of protecting those that could not protect themselves. The group moved to a secure location in which they could coordinate themselves better and more efficiently, becoming more organised as the days went by. The group flourished as individuals like Elijah Storm and Ryan Hall stood above the rest and took charge wherever Lucas needed it. With the group now well and truly on its feet, operations were expanded and the group began assisting with causes brought to them by survivors in need. Ongoing/long term 1. Provide aid to those in dire need of it (1/100 Indefinite) 2. Disrupt and stop organizations that seek to harm innocent people or steal there property (0/100 Indefinite) 3. Find and align our selves with like minded organizations (0/3 Ongoing by day 1040) 4. Bring more members into our fold (0/10 Ongoing by day 1040) 5. Slow the spread of harmful narcotics that are being used for devious purposes across Livonia (1/100 Indefinite) Short term 1. Establish a base of operations (0/1 Ongoing By day 1020) 2. Gather enough supplies and firearms to equip the militia (10/100 Indefinite) Militia Command Hicks - Lucas Hicks Storm - Elijah Storm Senior Militia Members Eagle - John Marshall Ark - Ryan Hall Squillium - Miller Thompson Nihoolious - Nicholas Mann Kanen - Kanen Crisis Militia Members Militia Recruits Allies Friends Backwards Lions John Smith and the boys Neutral Mountain traders Disliked Hostile Recruitment currently open please private message applications to Hicks Credit to Bunny for thread graphic and Storm for the backstory
  2. you didnt make a return thread so welcome back

    1. Storm


      Hey welcome back bro glad to see you roleplaying once again 

    2. Aisling


      The Rising Hope Militia returns!?

    3. Storm


      501st actually

    4. Aisling


      Ill believe it when I see it!

    5. bunny


      ayyy can i join 501st

    6. Storm


      no girls allowed

    7. bunny



    8. Kanen


      Welcome back Hicks

    9. Kanen


      Hope to see your quality Military RP on the servers again yung chad

    10. Storm


      at your back commander

    11. Kanen


      you earned some beans @Storm good spirit great comment yung chap! Gherkin's are ready!

    12. bunny


      is kanen also returning, are you making a thread or do i have to post on your profile

    13. Kanen


      was gunna but f that aint paying £11.99 for livonia


    14. bunny


      yeah just leech of storm like i did

    15. Kanen


      I leeched it of hicks dont worry

    16. bunny


      good enough

  3. Hello old timer
  4. Just don't put me in charge again
  5. Good to see not much has changed with this game.
  6. Lucas Hicks POV: The video shows pretty much everything there's not really anything for me to add. I initiated on him after Laski and Eagle got annoyed with him and then helped bring him over to the apartment building. After that, I ran off to look for his friends and wasn't present for anything that happened at the apartment.
  7. My dress looked fabulous on you.


  8. kEdAXNT.jpg


    1. Dom


      I'm not supporting this however I will have a truce whilst we deal with Aiko.

    2. Aiko


      When Hicks doesnt even know how to @ someone properly Lol.

      Randle...what have I ever done to you?

    3. Dom


      Do I see an orange shield next to my name @Aiko

      No I don't.

    4. Aiko


      No, and now you never will if you are supporting Ark

    5. Dom


      I'm not supporting this however I will have a truce whilst we deal with Aiko.

    6. Aiko


      I do not care Randle, I can tell you are siding with Ark already....so there will never be an orange badge by your name!

    7. Dom


      As much as I value being a staff member again I could never kneel to a weeb.

    8. Ark


      Dont worry Randle.......Soon™

  9. Matthew Stone PoV: Nihoolious told everyone to lay down repeatedly during the initiation and after around 20 seconds you still had not laid down. He then started to count down from 3 after which you still didn't comply and he shot you.
  10. Lucas Hicks - Nominated for best DayZRP Staff Member:


    1. Nihoolious


      hicks was my inspiration for joining staff tbh

  11. You were supposed to tell him to jog on.
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