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  1. Ok, a few things to touch on here. 1. You stated there was 20 minutes of video in discord to which @Peril. You only posted 7 minutes. As @iswearimjapanese stated, if there could be a mod look into that then that would be helpful. 2. 3v4? lol what? First of all they left the area completely approx 10 minutes prior to the engagement still making it 1v4. Also, my character knows that if it was that single trigger happy trader that was referred to then my character knows that the other 2 traders would not endorse his actions of firing upon "customers". 3. You stated that your character became upset when I called him special. If you listen to the audio you hear me telling my guys "they said he was special". I clearly did not say you were I said others referred to you as special and then went on about we should leave you alone. We were not constantly insulting you or calling you special. It was said once then was I said he may be intoxicated because your guy sounded intoxicated and his actions did not seem rational at the time. So, no, insults were not thrown your way once. Heated argument maybe, but you fired a gun in the air. Even then we wanted to chalk it up to stupidity and leave. "I don't focus on the PvP but when my character feels threatened in any way he is going to deal with the threat at hand." Where is the threat in this video? We were leaving the town. There was no threat. 4. Your still going on about NVFL on us. Where? At what point? You were cornered in a base and couldnt even get out. We stay close to the walls theres no shot. We run and turn the corner you have no shot. You stated your defense to NVFL was the fact you were in a base that would be hard to breach. But then you left those walls and pursued 4 armed men. So if your character was thinking the walls are my defense then why would he leave them? Plus you dont even have the video of you getting out of the base. There was a good 5 minutes before your got out of that base, I would say a logical person would assume that this group is now going to be posted up and is going to gun me down the second I leave these walls. For some reason your character seems fearless and thinks he cant take on a squad of guys. 5. We were in that town for a good 15 minutes prior to this engagement and you stated you hopped a wall from the bench to get in. The benches were right where we were standing. Makes no sense. 6. (Rule 4.1 All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players. Hostile actions or initiations must be done personally and on specific targets who must be aware who the attacker is, for example they cannot be done remotely through radio or PA system.) None of us saw you. We heard you on the other side of the wall but could not see you. My character does not exploit 3rd person mechanics to look over walls as that would, in my opinion just be bad RP and ruin the immersion. 7. (4.3 You shouldn't use defender or attacker rights in situations where it doesn't make in-character sense as it can be seen as rule play. In other words, obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them any time you want and in all situations. Think about if using them to kill another character is viable in the current situation considering role play and In Character information) Just because you have kill rights does not mean you should actually go through with them. Where in this situation does it make sense to fire upon 4 guys? Would it not make more sense to go back and tell the boys and make it a point to find that group and deal with them when you have numbers? Instead you immediately went into kill mode. Why? What does this gain your character? Other than the high possibility of getting killed. 8. A weak point but still a point (3.9 Do not impersonate another individual or group in a way that would bring harm to them, their group or their reputation.) You pretended to be a trader which is a big reason why we did not engage you even after the shots rang out as I previously stated. You stated 3v4 which if that is your point is a clear violation of 3.9. You pretended to be a group that is not usually hostile towards friendly outsiders. In character that would damage the traders reputation.
  2. I would like to add to the whole ghosting thing. If you check the log. He logged in at 7:27 and shot me at 7:30. The front gate was locked. None of the walls were breached. 2 traders outside of the base when we arrived. So if he was there to "raid" the trader base, why is connection log at 7:27 logging in then shooting me within 3 minutes of logging in. That literally tells me he logged into the trader base aka ghosted and started raiding it. They have already said they dont know how they are getting hit and have been consistently for the last few days in a row. We were standing by the only entrance to the base. He logged in, initiated (invalid per rule 4.1), shot, killed, raided. Its plays like this that need to be noticed and action taken by those who can. Thank you for your time. Also: Robbi and Winslow get on kinda late, around 11pm central time just fyi.
  3. If I am allowed to touch on his "counter report" for NVFL then I would like to. If not then please delete. NVFL is not even close to that encounter. It was 4v1 in which you had no shot while we were up close to that fence line. We attempted some good RP in the fact we assumed it was the drunk "special" guy that I had encountered earlier. Even if you had attempted to exit the compound you would have been gunned down almost immediately. We decided to let what we assumed the "special" guy continue on by himself and we were going to come back at a later time to talk to the leaders of the camp about it. Why on earth one guy would initiate on 4 heavily armed guys when all you have is a shotty and a mosin is beyond me. When we left the camp we were still under the impression it might have been a drunk trader in character to which we would not assume he would pursue 4 heavily armed men out into an open field. Thats why we stopped for a second to gather our thoughts and decide where to head to next, because anyone that values life would not pursue 4 heavily armed men. We decided not to engage because again, we thought it was a trader power tripping and we were going to just bring it up to the leader of the trade post and did not want to start a war with "friendly traders". We had good reason to assume it was a trader due to there being 2 of them outside before the engagement started. They did not mention there was a guy currently inside raiding at the time.
  4. Server and location: S1 Kabanino Trading Outpost Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 08/06/2019 approx 0730 Your in game name: John Jameson Names of allies involved: Winslow Smulders/Robbi Smulders/Dain Callis Name of suspect/s: "fuck you" was the name given. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: So a little backstory prior to incident, I was told by a random stranger of the friendly trader base in Kabanino so thats where I headed by myself as my buddies were still not on. I arrived and had some good RP with some trading and it turned out really well. Was told by one of the "traders" that I'm welcome back anytime. While I was there one of the people who worked there was spewing n about some Irish fellas and how he does not like them. One of the traders told me that the guy was special and dont pay him no mind so I didnt. So skip ahead a few hours, I meet up with my buddies Robbi Smulders, Winslow Smulders and Dain Callis. We all gather what we have and head to the trader base to make some trades. Upon arrival we were met outside by 2 people one of which claimed to be with the traders but not confident enough to participate in any transactions without the others traders present. So we chalk it up as a bad timing thing and start planning our next move/adventure. We hang around the area for a little bit, maybe 5 minutes, to decide what to do next when a shot rings out of no where. Winslow said he heard someone say "what are yall doing" then the person fired a shot. With me already having that past interaction with the traders I figured I could maybe put the person at ease by letting him know that we were there to trade and meant no harm. Keep in mind this whole time we could not see the person that fired the shot and was talking to him through a wall at the outpost. I asked whoever it was what his name is in an attempt to see if I could remember a name from the last trip to the outpost to which the person identified himself as "fuck you." I spoke to my buddies and told them that this may possibly be the person that is "special" that was pointed out to me and that we should just leave the area and speak to one of the leaders tomorrow about the person firing a random shot at us out of no where. This was our attempt at some RP rather than just going straight into a shootout with someone who just randomly shot at us without dialogue. We spoke in-character out loud each other and said were just going to leave the area. As we were walking away we hear the guy say "how about all of you put your hands up." My issue with this is there was four of us and one of him, I mean the numbers game didnt make sense as far as him valuing his life. Another issue is we never could actually see the person that was speaking to us. We straight told the guy to have a goodnight and began leaving the trading outpost. We get halfway up the apple orchard and a second shot rings out and i realize that this time he actually shot me. I bandage up and we have to fight off a small horde of zombies that got attracted because of the shot and yet we still decide its best to not stay and fight and maybe try to attempt some RP at a later date with a leader of this "trading outpost" to figure out who is trigger happy in the trader base. So we get even further out and we stop to discuss how fucked up the situation was how bad this person's RP was when another shot rings out and Winslow drops dead right next to me. This time we pull out guns and start throwing rounds down range towards the guy. Myself and Dain beat feet out of the danger zone while Robbi stays in a bush. I guess the guy somehow found Robbi and execute shot him right in the bush. Myslef and Dain decide its not worth it to go back and chalk it up as an L and hopefully RP with a leader of the outpost at a later date about the whole situation. The RP from whoever "fuck you" was toxic and arguably the worst RP I have encountered on this server. Who is employed as a trader, is immediately hostile towards traders, fires a shot without warning at traders, ID's himself as "fuck you", initiates on a group of 4, then proceeds to start shooting at them. Makes ZERO sense and maybe good RP for some of the other "RP" servers that I probably shouldnt mention but for "DayZRP" is was def not acceptable RP. Edit: Found this in another report and found it to be relevant to our current scenario considering we never even saw the guy before or even after he initiated on us.
  5. Me when I was active duty. Wife and I in Vegas. Me, wife and lil one.
  6. Your IG name and what are you interested in learning about? (Please chose from the above listed categories): Alexandr Jameson. I want to learn more about all of it. What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play?: California PST. I normally play after 2pm. How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word of mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)?: Forums If you had to judge yourself and your role play, what would you say are your strong points and what areas would you like to learn about or improve on?: I def. have good communication skills. Im very good at being able to spark up convos IC about IC stuff. I would like to improve on possibly being better at RP as a whole.
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