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  1. Taurz

    Arma 3 Contact - Opinions?

    Looks interesting, the price on steam isn't too bad either. But will probably wait for a couple of reviews before picking up a DLC for arma 3
  2. Taurz

    Character reset for those guilty of ghosting.

    Pretty sure every ban in the past came with a character reset, might have been before standalone tho. However if a report is created nothing really stops them from stashing the gear somewhere and pick it up after the ban is over ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ unless you temp ban people reported for ghosting. I suppose is comes down to how much effort you want to put into it.
  3. Taurz

    Discord emotes

    User was cautioned for this post
  4. Taurz

    What was the first game that you ever played?

    From what I can recall Heroes of Might and Magic 3. It's still one of my favorite games.
  5. Taurz

    Petition for the Meme thread

    Sign me up for them dank memes
  6. Taurz

    Official World of Warcraft Legion Hype/Discussion Thread

    Server: Argent Dawn Character Name: Taürz Class/Spec: Blood DK Level: 110 Professions: JC & mining Item Level: 848 Guild: Critical hit Really hate the new warforged system, feel like i never get the gear I want.
  7. Taurz

    Overwatch - Official Mega Thread

    The only flaw with this game is the existence of Mei Forum Name: Taurz Battle.net Tag: Taurz#2438 Region: EU Main Champions: Play abit of everything http://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/Taurz-2438
  8. Taurz

    It's all over

    Had some good encounters with you guys back in the mod o7
  9. Taurz


  10. Taurz

    Cerna Liska[Closed for Good, Thank you uSx, Andrei, and Emile. Loves you All]

    Welcome back DS. This time don't leave us you carrot sucker. It was great to be here. Bye *leaves* :troll: Im requesting my cp rank. Nah your current rank suit you better :troll:
  11. Taurz

    Husky Thread

  12. Taurz

    Hypothermia .58

  13. Taurz

    So I'm not whitelisted anymore ....

    That feel
  14. Taurz

    UNITED NATIONS [53rd NatresBataljon] [FEEDBACK WANTED]

    Good luck, Red.
  15. Taurz

    World of Warcraft - US

    said no one ever It genuinely is better, heck i'd play it even for the story, it's great WoW is just meh, unless you enjoy your apexis dailies. SWTOR have amazing lvling and story, to bad the endgame is trash. Unless i would probably play that instead for a change
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