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  1. TayTay Tyrone was born in East LA and raised by a single mother. He never knew his father, and was an only child. His mother, Serena, was struggling. She worked 40 hours a week as a waitress at Rubys as black single mother trying to raise a man. She was also sick. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 2 years after TayTay's 9th birthday. Her hospital bills were very expensive, and she could barley afford or have time to make TayTay dinner every night. TayTay lost his mother when he was 19. She had beaten cancer, but passed away in a horrific car crash on the I 95 freeway. She was coming home from work. TayTay had no one else in his life besides his mother and some friends. He spent the next 3 years couch hopping and sleeping on the streets until he found god. God spoke to him one day and TayTay found his way to a better life. He become a priest at a nearby church and got back onto his feet. He was no longer homeless and met his soon to be Fiance at one of his services. He became a family man, bought a home, and had 2 kids. That was before the outbreak happened. TayTay ended up on Chernarus by taking one of the last boats to leave the west coast after the outbreak went global. This boat was a large cargo ship, and had a few 100 people on board. The ship got hijacked by a group of bandits on board and through the struggle of taking back the ship it ended up crashing into the coast line of Chernarus. TayTay Tyrone is a good man. A man that has been through and seen a lot. He is still a man of God, even though he lost faith for quite some time. He now spends his time trying to survive, and helping other survivors to the best of his abilities. He frequently tries to help others find and speak to God. He makes many decisions based on what the Bible reads.
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