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  1. Picture was ment to be on this post : Soo bushwookie lost his bush in game, but got new uniform in real life :)

  2. Soo apperently uploading from phone i accidentally uploaded 2 same posts but  one with picture xD


  3. Bush wookie lost his bush... I hate ladders, never touching them again, spent hours to get my gear , actually 2 days, and now everything is gone 😞


    1. Franklin Ranner

      Franklin Ranner

      Added photo by accident to diffirent post xD I hatw uploading from phone

    2. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      LmFaooOo bless you Bush.  

  4. Bush wookie lost his bush... I hate ladders, never touching them again, spent hours to get my gear , actually 2 days, and now everything is gone 😞

  5. Guess whos back

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue


    2. Franklin Ranner

      Franklin Ranner

      @Mr. Blue Ayyy how are you? 

    3. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Pretty good, how about yourself? Ken is dead and most of his group is as well, happened in January 😞


    4. Franklin Ranner

      Franklin Ranner

      @Mr. Blue Dammit xD Dimitry is still alive, Dimitry has no friends? Dimitry will be sad when he realizes this in game

    5. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Well Quinn is still kicking, that's about it other than Sergei @Titan_ but idk if he plays rn

    6. Franklin Ranner

      Franklin Ranner

      @Mr. Blue Ye, got some sad info bout ken 😞 made Dimitry cry, Dimitry still tries to figure out why kens son that DImitry didnt know bout, hanged ya

    7. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Ken didnt know he was his son either, its all one big tragedy

  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Because from what i do think , that this punishment wasn't seen from all aspects, from my point of view, and from enemy point of view. And Not punishing enemies/reporters. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Well from my point of view , getting punished for invalid kill - shooting my ''hostage'' that was stealing my car, and was in my camp with his buddies, and his friend used his friend(our hostage) like meat shield, i did talk with admins who punished me, they said that i needed to move to different advantage point, okay, i see where it comes from, but moving to different advantage point will make me killed, so if i would left hostage alive, i would be dead, so if i do understand right, i should have no value for life and run away getting shot by hostages friends? At least that how i see it from. And for Invalid initiation, okay i see where this comes from, but as soon as i would try to type the text -''Get out of car with your hands up'' or something like that, his friends would just, have toke us as a hostage or even killed us. So not punishing enemies/reporters, i kinda do see why didn't punish enemies, because we did not write a report about them meta gaming and having no value for life, well i did mention it in report POV's that they did meta gaming, and had no value for life, we didn't hear any of them use voice communication in game, and when my ally/friend saw one off enemy guys in bush he told them - "Come out with your hands up from the bush" and he did nothing till their friend showed from no where. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: All i want to achieve is to admins look from point of player, not only what has been wrote in report. And hopefully to remove my punishment. What could you have done better?: I could have wrote text message for initiating with car, or had it copied so i can just paste it in chat very fast.
  7. Franklin Ranner

    Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    *Hears storries about Ken takes radio* "Did that asshole actually tell you to fuck off?" *Takes big angry breath* " He told me that you told him to fuck off, so he lied to me? " *puts down the radio*
  8. Franklin Ranner

    Invalid Initiation/RDM - Grishino - 16/11/2017 - 03:55am

    Well me, i do not have any proof, and i'm sure no one has.
  9. Franklin Ranner

    Invalid Initiation/RDM - Grishino - 16/11/2017 - 03:55am

    Chewy, all POVs are done i guess
  10. Franklin Ranner

    Invalid Initiation/RDM - Grishino - 16/11/2017 - 03:55am

    I am 3000% sure you did not use Voice chat, either in a car or outside of the car. Well and speaking of not complying, as i told before i shot you because your friend "Used you as a meat shield" so it means you were in line of fire, and your friend did not comply to surrender and opened fire first as you can see in logs 04:01:32 | "Leo Lynch SHOT Peter Great by AKM into RightArm."04:01:32 | "Leo Lynch SHOT Peter Great by AKM into RightArm."04:01:35 | "Peter Great SHOT Viktor Chesnov by MP5K into head."04:01:35 | "Player Viktor Chesnov has fallen into unconsciousness."04:01:35 | "Peter Great SHOT Viktor Chesnov by MP5K into head."04:01:37 | "Leo Lynch SHOT Peter Great by AKM into LeftArm." Im adding by Edit- So in this case it means that your " Friends" Do not care about you.
  11. Franklin Ranner

    Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    *Presses the radio button* " Aww my cute little thing is, getting angry? Anyhow cosplaying? Well then why did you call this old man your bush? And you were my only family those days, i have nothing to add ,my little girl has grown up into evil ? Naah, i guess you're cosplaying to hide from your self, to hide your truth. And yes, i do still love you, well i mean love you like my little sister. Well darling, i hope to see you soon" *Releases radio button*
  12. Franklin Ranner

    Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    * Presses the radio button* "My dear friend i was the Lone wolf giving her protection, i guess you are group of people that gives her protection, all respect to that my friend, but no one takes Quinn away from me" *Takes big breath again* "Go back to hobo? Well listen , i haven't threaten anyone, from you, not yet. First i wanted to ask you, if you can help or need help dealing with PAU guys, that is the one of reasons i needed to see Quinn, but boy ohh boy, you are such a meanie, and i like that" *Releases button and realises he forgot to say something so presses the button again* "By the way, Quinn i know you can hear this, i'm a find you, i'm going to hug you, and pat your head." *Releases radio button*
  13. Franklin Ranner

    Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    * Wakes up really fast, Has a huge smile on his stupid face, but has little sad thought in back of his head presses radio button* "Aww, my cute little thing doesn't think about bush wookie? Liar, you little cute thing, i know you, you might be changed, or your just acting tough in front of your friends, and it seems like my little girl has grown up, in two months? No way, that is not possible, this little cutie couldn't go far away from Bush, and Sergej, do you remember Sergej? Remember us teaching you how to hunt, survive, shoot? Do not lie to me that you do not miss me, well i do miss you hun all of our friends, are dead, i have no one to roll with, i am sad, mad and crazy when i heard that, remember our crew? Me, Sergej, Tion, and lot of other people? I know you do, don't lie to me, and if ya friends tries to mess you up" * Takes deep breath because of this all talking* " I will kill them and torture them, remember few people from Severograd? Well they are no more, and you know what i am capable of doing" *takes sip of water* " Do i wan't to play a game? Yes cutie, lets play a game, you know i'v always liked to play games, and no i will not stop searching for you hun" *Makes few silent laughs and releases radio button waiting for Quinn to answer*
  14. Franklin Ranner

    Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    * Dimitry Solokov scans trough radio frequencies eating some canned tuna finding this freq presses raido button* "Quinn? is that really you?" * licks his fingers* "mmmm Canned tuna..." *takes a sip of water and screams in radio* "Quinn, where the heck are you?" *keeps in normal voice* "I'v been searching all over the place, could not find you, heard your part of Black Fangs. *raises his voice* Who are they darling? *lowers his voice* ll i know they are enemies of my enemies, that is kinda good tho. I'v heard storries and rumours about you, we need to meet up at some point, Ohh ye, its me, Your favorite bush wookie." *Releases radio button and falls asleep* *Dimitry Solokov half asleep pushes radio button* "Darling that is my Quinn for you" *Takes little pause and a huge breath* " No one can hurt her or kill her till i will stop praying for her" * Releases Radio button and tries to sleep again*
  15. Franklin Ranner

    Invalid Initiation/RDM - Grishino - 16/11/2017 - 03:55am

    @Franklin Ranner - Peter Great POV Okay. Well this is my first report in any community and no clue how it works but. So Basically what hapend was me and James LeMabre @James00 We decided to run up to Tisy, and he saw two people up in a hill watching us, well i did think that they were watching us for a while, but anyhow, i wen't up there to figure out why are they watching us, so i went up there, and he what he basically said was, he wanted to have a nap under that tree, and then he said he wants to go his way and so i go my way, so i did agree, but @James00 - James LeeMarbe kept an eye on them and he saw and did radio me that they are moving to our camp, they ran inside of our walls, i was like, okay, i'll go talk with them maybe they just " accidentally " wondered into our base, but as i said i did think that they were watching us for a while, so as i move up to church wall/fence, i hear our car up and running, so i put my gun up, ran in and yes i did say :" turn the car off, get out of the car with your hands up " and i did not write to stop the car i only used voice, i do admit that that it was wrong, so he got out of car and did stand still after me saying "Keep your hands up and move to the church wall" he just stood still, i was like, okay maybe didn't hear, and my @James00 saw a guy in bush and told him to stand up, put his hands up and walk next to his friend that was supposed to be touching wall of church, but when i said keep your hands up sentence to the guy who was in our car- as soon as i wanted to repeat i saw this guy with weapon raised on me and he did open fire, but i was lucky , i had my sights raised already to out " Hostage's head" well he wasn't hostage yet actually, but anyway, and his friend was so lucky to have car as high as chest, so his upper chest well, just small part of upper chest, neck are visible so i automatically did return fire, so he ran past his friend who had his hands up, he was a part of his group anyway, but, his friend run past him, and i kept shooting and i did kill guy who had hands up, well you can say like this, guy who had his hands up was a meat shield for little bit, so as he run trough this crack in wall, i tried to reload, i did step away near house trying to reload, i heard that they are moving up to me and i did pull out my glock19 unfortunately it had 1 bullet. So that is the storry what basically happened. But i do wan't to add that i know this guy who had his hands up didn't talk or do anything for like 10/30 seconds just standing still, and i do know what he used radio to tell his friends information where we stand, and if i'm not wrong if you are using Radio(team speak 3 client) you are supposed to Talk in game and on ts at the same time. I do not know who was who of them so i'm just saying what happened. and if i am not wrong you should not be fearless, and obey your (if your hostage or in hostile situation where your hands are up) "Takers" demands, like walking to church walls when you are said to do so. Did i understand right, you could hear him being held up from where? tree line up in hill or down in town? Because either of them doesn't matter because so far you can't hear Voice in game my dear friend. So 500 m it might be, but they had no line of sight because church has this fence that is made out of cement, and i am sure if you were in town you had 0 possible way to have an eye on him, and if you were in tree lines then there is only 50/50 possible chance to see that spot, and None of you were in Tree line up in hill, because before moving up to you i ran trough it and none of you were there. Just to add some small thing that might matter a lot in this situation, We did not hear Any of you use in game voice chat after i met you up in treeline only time i heard your voice was in treeline, so either you used Radio on TS without IG voice or your characters have superpower hearing miles away? And no, i didn't shoot anyone till your men opened fire on us. Ohh and one of your guys were in bush, and who ever is he didn't come out with his hands up, so again no fear character? Sorry but i do not understand how you knew that he is held up? Because as i said, neither of us @James00 -James LeMarbe and me @Franklin Ranner - Peter Great didn't hear your boys using radio.