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  1. Ohh and don't forget the time when ya first met us ? at zeleno when Dimitry banged his head on doors
  2. Well ? i can wait for month no problems if .63 just magically comes out ohh yes ? My char actually did have a struggle on that story, but then i just gave up cuz people got inactive . Yeh, hopefully when/if i come back i'll get to play with ya again, lets not forget about MR.POND ? @Wire Yeh, it was nice meeting you aswell bud ? babe, how can i forget to mention you?:D @Mr. Blue speaking of witch it would be nice to get our old " Gang" together ? + if ya want to play something someday ? you have my steam so hit me up.
  3. Yeh, HI, maybe lot of ya people don't know me, but I'm hitting a big pause on this community , well, i made some good friends here especially about 400 days ago ( when lore got wiped) @Mr. Blue @Puck @Titan_ and loads of other players, most of you don't play anymore that is sad also and i miss you and stuff, you know, not here to cry now * wipes his tears off* * coughs* but yeah, it was nice to get to know you and stuff, what a great times we had to be honest, lots of butts and stuff here, so yeah, either i hope to see you when .63 comes up nd running or when i feel like community and rules will get back on the right track ( no offense of course just sayin whats on ma mind), So yeah, Bush is out. Have a great day, months, years nd stuff and take care, Luv y'all P.S i will be stalkin you guys on forums anyway
  4. Franklin Ranner

    Why don't you get in game?

    Dunno, it ain't fun no more, met few people, they just sit afk... there are no stories going on, rules are kinda broken (bring back old rules) and people are being assholes ooc these days aswell. im not 100% sure but our boy Rolle can't do much no more now.
  5. Franklin Ranner

    Well... time to go finally.

    Well brother, don't know ya much, but take care.
  6. Franklin Ranner


    Yeah, okay. he just had to kill that zombie and steal the car?
  7. Picture was ment to be on this post : Soo bushwookie lost his bush in game, but got new uniform in real life :)

  8. Soo apperently uploading from phone i accidentally uploaded 2 same posts but  one with picture xD


  9. Bush wookie lost his bush... I hate ladders, never touching them again, spent hours to get my gear , actually 2 days, and now everything is gone ?


    1. Franklin Ranner

      Franklin Ranner

      Added photo by accident to diffirent post xD I hatw uploading from phone

    2. Popet


      LmFaooOo bless you Bush.  

  10. Bush wookie lost his bush... I hate ladders, never touching them again, spent hours to get my gear , actually 2 days, and now everything is gone ?

  11. Guess whos back

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue


    2. Franklin Ranner

      Franklin Ranner

      @Mr. Blue Ayyy how are you? 

    3. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Pretty good, how about yourself? Ken is dead and most of his group is as well, happened in January ?


    4. Franklin Ranner

      Franklin Ranner

      @Mr. Blue Dammit xD Dimitry is still alive, Dimitry has no friends? Dimitry will be sad when he realizes this in game

    5. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Well Quinn is still kicking, that's about it other than Sergei @Titan_ but idk if he plays rn

    6. Franklin Ranner

      Franklin Ranner

      @Mr. Blue Ye, got some sad info bout ken ? made Dimitry cry, Dimitry still tries to figure out why kens son that DImitry didnt know bout, hanged ya

    7. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Ken didnt know he was his son either, its all one big tragedy

  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Because from what i do think , that this punishment wasn't seen from all aspects, from my point of view, and from enemy point of view. And Not punishing enemies/reporters. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Well from my point of view , getting punished for invalid kill - shooting my ''hostage'' that was stealing my car, and was in my camp with his buddies, and his friend used his friend(our hostage) like meat shield, i did talk with admins who punished me, they said that i needed to move to different advantage point, okay, i see where it comes from, but moving to different advantage point will make me killed, so if i would left hostage alive, i would be dead, so if i do understand right, i should have no value for life and run away getting shot by hostages friends? At least that how i see it from. And for Invalid initiation, okay i see where this comes from, but as soon as i would try to type the text -''Get out of car with your hands up'' or something like that, his friends would just, have toke us as a hostage or even killed us. So not punishing enemies/reporters, i kinda do see why didn't punish enemies, because we did not write a report about them meta gaming and having no value for life, well i did mention it in report POV's that they did meta gaming, and had no value for life, we didn't hear any of them use voice communication in game, and when my ally/friend saw one off enemy guys in bush he told them - "Come out with your hands up from the bush" and he did nothing till their friend showed from no where. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: All i want to achieve is to admins look from point of player, not only what has been wrote in report. And hopefully to remove my punishment. What could you have done better?: I could have wrote text message for initiating with car, or had it copied so i can just paste it in chat very fast.
  13. Franklin Ranner

    Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    *Hears storries about Ken takes radio* "Did that asshole actually tell you to fuck off?" *Takes big angry breath* " He told me that you told him to fuck off, so he lied to me? " *puts down the radio*
  14. Well me, i do not have any proof, and i'm sure no one has.
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