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  1. Real life picture Thread

    Just, choppin some wood from last year.
  2. Peter Great

    One Day i do remember going with my Father and Mother to first day of school. I made lot of friends in school, it was fun, but as soon as few days of learning went pass I realised that school is not the place for me, but how my mum told me you can't get anywhere without learning, math, chemistry, physics, History, and other useless stuff, at least that's what i did think. One day when i was about 12 years i came home and i saw my Father crying, I asked him " Hey, pa? Whats wrong? Why are you crying? Where's mommy?" Guess what he told me? No she didn't leave us, she god killed, but my father didn't know who, or by who, or even why. Or at least that what he told me. But i was pretty sure knowing him he did not tell me everything, so he told me to go to my uncles place in USA to live for while till he gets back on his feet. As soon as i packed my stuff to go to uncles place, i heard lot of metal noises, lot of clicking, like mouse clicking, but it wasn't mouse. And he wasn't writing report to Police that's for sure. Living few years with uncle bought me my own dog because my father never came back, as soon as i turned 15 my uncle told me everything, apparently my father was hitman, and someone wanted to have revenge. So who ever killed my father , my mommy, my family i hated him as much as it is possible, so i wanted to have revenge too. I had long talk with my uncle, he said to me:" Sure i'll teach you how to use guns, as i did teach to your father. I will give you my contacts and your fathers contacts." So he did meet me with lot of people, and he did teach me how to shoot, clean, take care of guns, and i did enjoy it. so as i turned 16 i had my first contract. First day wasn't hard, it was to easy, find, track your target, find where to kill, where from to shoot, plan everything. Sounded easy and it was easier to do, so i found my first target. Found his house, figured out when he is alone, found other high building tho shoot from, i did set up my spot, i sat there for few days watching him, i kinda enjoyed that. I saw all his women that he brought home, all his cars, i even heard his phone calls, him talking in house everything, i did setup microphones in his apartament. So after sitting in room i was locked in for 3 days, the 4th day he was home alone, so i took the shot, then i felt awesome, took all evidence about me being there, all food, bottles everything. As soon i got home my family that includes my uncle, my contacts, teachers that did teach me to shoot, clean, "Stalk" ,infiltrate and rest of stuff, they were all happy, balloons, cakes and basically it was congratulations party. I did get few contracts but my main goal was to kill my fathers killer, i found his name, found his family's name, found everything but i had no clue where he works, where he lives or where to find him, no friends no contacts no nothing, i was basically clueless. Ohh Right Remember the dog? His name was Rex, he was my best friend, and i took him on few contracts, you know, just told him to eat and he just jumped on persons, so it was easier to kill while finding opportunity while stalking persons, but about him later. So i did kill a lot of my family killers friends and contacts to get Information, but damnnm they were hard to crack, so i used lot of force, torturing and stuff, so i got little to crazy about that, and i was having actually lot of fun, and i did enjoy that. But i had my own limits, on being crazy i still had this feeling like love, to my family and friends, as how my uncle and father protected me i protect them, well not father anymore because, you know, revenge, Did you miss that part? No? Okay. So one day, one mystical day when i turned 18 my uncle showed me contract with my fathers killers name i was so happy, but mad because he didn't show me him earlier, it had most of info i missed, and i was so happy i even started crying-i'm still badass so don't laugh- out of happiness, So i packed my stuff and called my contacts to gather weapons and stuff to Chernarus and not forgetting dog, i did bring my dog with me to Chernaruss, so i found the guy, i was so hyped i wanted to torture him as much as i can and as long as i can, so i got hotel room across street where his apartament was. I sat there staling guy for days, when i got opportunity i shot him with tranquilizer trough his open window, so he did fall asleep. When he woke up i started asking question why he killed my father and he was contracted to do so, so i asked him who did contract him, he didn't answer, so i started punching with my golden brass knuckle, he didn't answer again, i started cutting him , he wasn't just saying anything, so i started to cut his fingers off, He screamed, so i stuffed his mouth with blanket, and i kept cutting him and breaking his ribs, cutting fingers off, but he didn't say a word so i told him, if this doesn't make you talk, i will send my dog on you, so i said:" Rex, ready?" Rex started barking, after few seconds Rex turned at doors and started barking, i said to the guy, are you waiting for someone? He said that he doesn't so i said to my dog: " Rex, Quiet" but he didn't stop, so i opened door and lot of infected crawled in. I knew this is bad really bad, so i started shooting them, i shot few, and my dog was just, eating tearing them apart, but them one of thous infected just, killed my dog, i was so, sad, and i just shot window with last bullet of my MP-5, and i threw rope out of window, and just jumped out, and i saw horde of infected, i ran, i ran as fast as i can, when i ran into woods, i had to find a place to hide and i started crying because of Rex, he was my best friend. And i did think a lot what to do, i have no one but my uncle and contacts that i can't contact anymore. What will i do now? That i'm all alone? Is there any living person out there? Even if there is, will i roll alone? Will i find new friend? What to do? I'm clueless now, god help me.
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      I know who you are Sir! Hello! :P

  3. Server 2 change

    I mean thats a bad Idea, if it stays as Eu Servers, beacause me playng from Eu on Us Server im having bout 150-200 ping i don't mind it and so on, but if US people join's EU server, most of people would have and has 300+ ping so doesn't i mean that they are going to have hard time playing?
  4. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    When you see one you scare one.
  5. Dimitry needs help.

    He i had a laughter my self
  6. Dimitry Solokov

    When Dimitry was 12 years old he always wanted to be a buisness man, he tried to follow in his father's steps. He finished school, and he finished buisness school, he started his own trading company, he mostly traded cars but he also sold drugs to earn more money, then after few months of drug selling he decided to create his own so called Mafia, He got lot of money but then one day his father got sent to military, after his father died in war, Dimitry started to go with his uncle to shooting range and trained to shoot and to spend time with his fathers brother to know about his father more and more,but there was one problem with Dimitry, after his father died he had this little problem called two personalities. One day on a shooting range Dimitry got this message from his sources that they need more buisness, more money, more people. So Dimitry managed to Create his own Mafia. So as soon as Mafia was created Dimitry had Hard times and then, he got this offer from his old friend that Chernarus has big prices of fuel, and Dimitry realised that Fuel in Russia is more cheaper. After some thinking Dimitry knew that he has to do fuel runs to Chernarus, so he started to go more to shooting range and few military schools to get some training in shooting, Dimitry specified more on sniper rifles, After year of training Dimitry turned 28, and Finaly "Solokov's Mafia" Was ready to do Fuel runs, First fuel run was sucesfull, but they tought, why don't we go to bar and celebrate this, so they went to bar, had lot of drinks, after celebrating they went to their hotel rooms, next day they woke up, getting ready to drive out of cherno, this infection started to spread, Dimitry ran to everyones room, but no one was in their rooms, and then he realised either they have left him behind or they have died or went to safe place, to wait this infection or virus to end, but it never ended and Dimitry realised that all his Mafia buddies were Dead.