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  1. I am 100% his name is Gavin Hariss. It is at least on discord. I was the one force-feeding the guts to Toby. We talked it through on discord for like 30 minutes and I've learned my lesson
  2. I'm sorry the RP came across bad. Not our intention, that's for sure! First of all gotta give reps to this guy, such good another. Next level stuff that is for sure. The force-feeding was definitely unnecessary, apologies for that. My intention was to make you talk and that didn't come out clear. Other than that, we just wanted to look for these Russians. Since you didn't have anything more to say we decided to head on. I have personally not interacted with you before, therefore you didn't come across trustworthy. I then disarmed you and placed your gun outside and knocked you out. We left you with a fair chance of survival and you didn't die from the knockout. It is supposed to give us at least 1-2 minutes to get to safety. Sorry, it came across like bad RP and if you felt mistreated. We would all like to talk with you on Teamspeak to sort things out if my explanation is missing some stuff. Or if you have any questions. It can sometimes be understood wrong when you write stuff. Don't really remember the in-game names, can get them if necessary (They are not online atm) Squad: Ritchie Stefrecon Gavin Hariss
  3. Served 15 years as a Danish frogman. He has been traveling all over the world to fight the bad. When he served in Afghanistan people started calling him Deadshot, because of his lethality. You give this guy bare minimum and he is going to outperform. He has been training his whole life to kill and he definitely will if it gets to it. He is in Chernarus to find the good in humanity and to kill. The time with the Danish frogman squad made him a tough nail, but even though he might seem strict, he will always have your back, if you don't let him down. He doesn't know where his family is, but when this is over, he is going home.