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  1. Jonas Salami always was a heavy drug user, ever since he left his parent's home. Going from country to another after being chased down by the cops he managed to get himself stuck in Chernaurussian land. He was supposed to smuggle up cocaine into the country to some contact he made back in Russia. Things didn't turn so well when the bag blew up in him and he threw it up. He was high for a really time and the doctor, like the idiots they were injected him with morphine. Ever since, he's been lost and confused... Never was the same after that.
  2. Uh. That's weird. I'm a 100% sure I was fine but thanks for the info! Can't do much about a glitch
  3. I logged off at the Riptide camp, fully equiped and in perfect shape (I even had the healthy bar on). When I log back on a few hours later, my character is a fresh spawn, off the coast. I verified the server and I was still on S2. I don't know what happened and I'm 100% sure I logged off alive and well (And safe). Could this be a glitch of some sort? Kinda frustrating from my perspective.
  4. Kyle Smith Born in Ontario, Canada. He grew up on a farm with his family. At the age of 17 he finished high school and worked as a construction worker until he was 24. He's a family guy. A good guy deep down. He’s also a very proud Canadian, keeping up with politics and hockey of course. When Barack Obama was removed from office for Trump, he knew things would get more and more fucked up. Life was pretty good, he had a good paycheck every two weeks. Then it happened, he lost his job (not related to trump). For no good reason other than the boss had to cut the new guys. That’s how he enlisted in the Canadian army. He finished his infantry training and got shipped to France after finishing his basic medical training. He was made a crewman and operator of a supply truck convoy attached to 2nd Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment. He had to deliver supplies in and out of a city, following the orders and stopping for no reasons at all. When he got into Chernarus, he barely knew how bad it was. He knew it was a deadly infection and that people had… zombie behaviors when infected. The unit had seen some pretty heavy fights with the Taliban when supplying local towns for the UN and Canadian Army. The unit was deployed to Chernarus in 2017 to help deliver local goods for forces working under the NATO-CFOR. His first encounter with an infected happened late compared to most people. He was driving a truck back from a supply mission and he was being chased down by a civilian covered in blood. Then he reported back to base and was debriefed of the situation. At first, he was shocked… he couldn’t believe how bad it was. But it was real, very real in fact. He knew NATO was the only thing that could help this forsaken country and he knew that meant he would never leave this place alive. Better make himself useful here before his time comes. After working with NATO for a month, he quickly realise their commander had no direct orders from the outside. Slowly commanding was lacking and John was left with no choice but to assume what was right. From there, Kyle decided it was for the best that he starts making friends outside NATO for his own survival. He joined Kovar's market as a Runner then as a merchant. From there, he met a lot of people and became quite known as a wandering merchant. The more he worked by himself, the less NATO seemed to have orders. He now lives an undercover live as a Merchant until his service is needed again. He lost contact with his commanding officer ever since they moved the camp when he was scouting. No memos, no notes... nothing at all.
  5. Jethro

    Survivors of the Southern Moana

    Love the work put into this!
  6. Jethro

    New Permadeath rule

    @Oliv I totally support you on this. On my old RP server, we used to do the exact same and it worked like a charm. Perma-death was a no no due to abuse from players. So we twisted it just like you said, each death represents a healing/recovery time. Of course, we had a system that determined the cause of death and each "death" had its own time. On a side note, we also had a rule about RP-death. If someone broke the recovery time and got "killed" (Injured RP) again he fell into a "Critical state" and needed the help of a doctor or medical assistant to survive. If he couldn't find help, he was dead. Following this topic, although I never had the chance to get on yet due to the wipe and travel, I fully support this idea (OP's idea or Oliv's).
  7. Jethro

    IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Sorry if this question was already asked and that I passed right by it. I've been keeping track of this thread and I had a question concerning the new people that just recently joined. I was whitelisted just before the wipe. I never had the chance to log on since I am away from my home country. Will new players that have been accepted need to re-apply to join the post wipe? Will there be some sort of test to make sure everyone read the new lore? Gracias
  8. Jethro

    Interview With a Community Member: Major

    +1 for the pink floyd song!
  9. Have some beanz my good man! Can't wait to encounter you in game!
  10. Jethro

    IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    The wipe sounds pretty good! As I just joined this server, I'm excited to start anew with everyone here!
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