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  1. Dyhadration

    Praetorian Guard

    Great Faction, good leaders and people :D. Good people very good RP. I was sad when my characther died. Was fun.
  2. Harash Burman is a 23 year Indian survivor at a zombie breakout in Chernaus. His early age was not that interesting. He was born in New Delhi, India. His parents were working in bakery, and when he was 16, he moved to the UK, to learn coding for computer sience. When he came there, he met a young group of party animals and he became wild at heart. He quit his education in London and traveld to Turkey to meet with his friend Mohammed, who he met back at the time while partying. He lived at his friend’s house in Turkey for a year. They partied a lot together. He also acquired a job as a boat constructor in Istanbul and found himself an apartment where he lived. One day he grew tired of partying, and he tried to find a decent and regular life. But it was hard to depart from all of his friends in Turkey, as they were trying to get him out partying again all the time. However, relationship with his girlfriend was more important to him then his friends. Sadly enough, his relationship did not work out and he decided to move out of the country in hope for a new shot at life. Mohammed's friend, Aktuh told Harash he can earn some fair pay in Chernaus and Harash liked the idea. He sailed out of the country and settled in Novodimitrovsk. He tried to make a family but it did not work out so he moved to Karmanovka and started working in the sawmill as a woodcutter. The forest was thick and the profit was good. The Solologue: I was there. Working at the mill. It was a big, so-called lager house. We were stocking wood for the winter, and making parts for new furniture to send it out to a shop in Novodimitrovsk, when I saw three people, co-workers working together at the mill. The one in the middle was reading a newspaper holding it high in front of his face and the other two were just staring in the opened pages. I was working with my sound protectors on my head as the loud sound of the mill could damage my hearing. The headphones looked really ugly, sitting weirdly on my cut-off ear. I looked at them again, and after five minutes they were still staring at the same damn pages. Well, I kept my thoughts to myself as the end of my shift was in four minutes. After I was done for the day, I went to my locker and continued to proceed to my apartment after I changed my clothes. As I was walking down the road, I saw a lot of air traffic. “There’s certainly a lot of helicopters flying above Novodimitrovsk today. People speaking in Russian that I don't even know what are they saying. That bothers me, I'll have to get used to that soon, otherwise I'll have to leave." I thought to myself. I waved off with my hand, "I don’t know and I don't care. Must be some kind of a political issue." I came to my apartment building. I remember people in the streets were acting all kind of crazy, they kind of looked like ants when you step on their anthill, running around, talking panicky over their phones. I went inside my apartment and heard helicopters on the neighbours TV. I could sense something was not turning right. I was very confused. I turned my TV on to get a better picture. It was not a civil war. I gazed at the news as they transmitted the broadcast. They showed some I was frightened. Scared. I kept watching the TV... staring open mouth at it. Days Gone: The panic was growing larger day by day in the city of Novodimitrovsk. Harash was living in Chernaus for 3 months before it happened. The outbreak. It was said on TV that people should organize to safe zones where they’d be transported to safe areas, countries. Harash packed everything he had in a small bag. He took his lighter, some cigarettes and canned food. MAIN STORY: Harash: I was watching TV, all the helicopters flying by, all the outbreak was casting, and my first thought was: If my family survived in INDIA. I've been stuck here in Chernarus for quite a while trying to get to Delhi and to check on my grandfather, mother, and father. That's all I have left in this world. I need to reach them. I know they could still be alive. Notes: Try to go back to India. Check my family. Goals and missions: 1. GET BACK TO INDIA. Interests: CARS, HELICOPTERS, MOTORS, ENGINEERING. Dislikes: N/A Known People: N/A
  3. Dyhadration


    Greetings back Sir. But that isn't the solution of the problem if you have a poll that splits in half. Creating a half results in an vote creates two opinions, bringing in the THIRD like the PDR creates new structure and helps with the every problem caused to create such matter of separation. Deciding in one matter of this creates connectivity distortion and half of community looses interest. I'd look for a solution at this momment for splitting votes. Excuse me but FearRP? What kind of statemant is that or what are you trying to achive? And what does it even mean generally? Does that mean that you want to create enviroment when the only matter of fight is that there is Fear. That's not what RP stands for. Atleast that's what I thought the RP was about. Even real life is not about fear among people, atleast I don't find it. Maybe in a scenario when you are roleplaying a gangster in a mob game. But I don't think this is the mob scenario game. It's a zombie survival scenario game. Imagining having the zombies in real life. People would be closer to eachother than the zombies. So if we imagine we are living in these 200 kilometers. And the goverment or who tells all the survivors that if you approach certain area you are being killed with no reason. Maybe the military would create something like that but even military would build Fences and security procedures so there would not be blood shed.THEY WOULD PREVENT IT. Instead of PDR RULE: Create a military roleplayers who guard an area and doesn't even allow people entering. Build fance and modify that area. That would only make sense for a KOS Zone to be functioning and fitting with any kind of LORE. If you ask me. Robbers, thievs can RP there and try sneaking so the others chase them. Than you have a POLICE AND ROBBERS SERVER. Even matches the name, DayzRP (robbers and police). Do you want to be afraid, or to have storys?. That's what community have to decide at this discussion. @Ducky I completly understand what you mean. And agree with your opinion. Having guts that you can create a diversive characther that is willing to die as in Real Life would would make a player we should all learn from. Not that I had the guts. But If we all take this oppertunity the community could develop. We would value our lifes and characthers more and would not build bad reputations. We'd care for each other safteys. Because bad reputation leads to a death. Or bad reputation leads to a FEAR. Maybe that would create true FEAR RP @GunRunnee02 is searching for and lacking of. And I hope that you have a solution idea to this results? Otherwise we could have as much FEAR RP on any other DAYZ SERVER? Why would DAYZRP be any diffrent to other servers then? Isn't that much like than the Red Zone server? But then ask me why I don't play on The Red Zone server? Bacause KOS RULE(even if in some areas, everywhere or nowhere). Why I don't play on other communities? Bacause KOS RULE. Why I don't play on offical servers? Bacause KOS RULE. Am I alone in this? Or are there also people who disagree in this matter? To get accepted to this community we had to write 5, 6 characthers before we were accepted, if you were not the firstie. We had to memorise the LORE, the RULES and everything. Why? So we could prevent happenings like unpleasnt story crashers. And KOS could be such preventor of a story that really puts the RP off in my opinions. And thats all I am going to talk about this matter. Kind regards Dhy
  4. Dyhadration


    THIS POST CONTAINS AND OFFERS QUESTION, REMINDER, THOUGHT AND A SOLUTION. FIRST QUESTION: Isn't the KOS main rule in RP manner and standarts worldwide any kind of game of RP's? Poll that has SPLITTEN UP: People are split in two, because half of people are here to be creative to tell storys, seeing it from content creators like Moon.. etc. And the other half is here beacuse they are joining largest community in Dayz. It's largest for a couple of reasons: 1. People love pretending and acting and having fun while playing. Everyone plays our characthers at work etc. So playing here enables you to be a detective. Or a famous Bounty Hunter. Or you can be police officer. You can be hunter, you can be farmer, you can be builder. You can be all these roles and stick with your ideas and feelings through the game. 2. The community grew because there were rules that helped you to maintain a story, and should be more creative than just thinking we are a Military in zombie apocolypse. (For EXAMPLE In Dead Walking most interesting thing is not the zombies, but the PEOPLE Interacting with them. Even the Dead Walking scenaricts valued every life in the show.) And in our life and society we also live under the thought that EVERY LIFE IS IMPORTANT. Having to act and have a reminder that every one is important reduces the KOS and brings more chating talking more friendly enviroment. SECOND QUESTION: What's DayZ even about then? If there is KOS on DAYZ I really dont understand the concept of the game at all. Survive at all cost? Kill other player and take what he's got which took him alot of time to find something and to get looted? Kill it's time? And a game with a this concept sounds to me like killing eachother's time while you need to loot. It' makes A ORDINARY LOOT GAME, where there is not like 2000 many items, making it a small loot game in a vast world. And even MINECRAFT haves more LOOT in that matter and even the world is bigger. And the only diffrence between these two is the graphical looks, and design. We rather look fancy edges that atleast looks curved. I need to admit if I play this game OOCly on other servers it's such a running simulator thats so boring i'd rather close the dayz down. Occasinaly I get loot and then fight zombies, and die over a KOS from other player. And this repetative manner is so boring. Having a interesting story in it makes Dayz more creative game and more fun to play. Adding KOS zone and initating kills without rights makes it the same like other servers. And you can see the other servers dont have such a live community. When and if get KOS without the rights on DAYZRP happens I will be thinking about saying warm goodbye to the community, and try to find community with better and more ORIGINAL RP standarts. Let me try and remind you of: Fear because of 'KOS ZONES' doesnt encourage RP, it reppels. I dont have any kind of fear when i play on other servers, and if i want PVP i just go and write a deathmatch under the search. But even the pvp doesnt make this game a game i'd play. I'd play Battlefield or Call OF Duty or GO or PUBG or FORTNITE if i'd want PvP action. To my standarts, yes DAYZ haves the main issues of the PvE type of action, since the zombies are still so weak we can fight them with bare hands IG. Then the wolfs came still didn't had the feeling of PvE. Since the Dayz Ingame Characther Entity is made to shoot other Ingame Charachter's Entities doesn't provide equal thrill with the PvE. And if you ask me I wouldn't pay 40 Euros for a game that cant provide the first ideas of the game. Survivng Zombie apocolypse. And then with the KOS rule disabling, creating an non interesting enviroment for everyone makes the game loose all contact with any kind of creative playing. Then it looks like we are playing really bad war simulation of 80 people in a giant map with some so called Threats of the Zombies, which in my opinon havn't been importet yet properly. I'd go play Heros and Generals on that matter. BUT I would give 40 dollars, to scoot around of screnery of beautiful sun and night enviorment cycle, go fishing, take the explore around maps, chat with other player and without the KOS happening going to a so call "zone". + Adding it makes it even more META GAMING, which reppels the RP. Again. RP is (was) built on KOS Rule. Always was even when the community had very thought questioning at whitelistening. Speaking of which I think should be returned so we all take the EXAMS again. RP means being clever. Working hard towards a kill. Talk first, kill last. (We are not Project IGI's. Atleast not everytime. RP means be a characther of modern world. I don't see alot of military going around europe. But I see doctors, farmers...) . Do an agenda and effort to create a story. Make plans towards the kill. Feel the consequences. SOLUTION TO THE POLL SPLITING: CREATING A PERMA DEATH RULE (Would create FEAR and FORCE THE RP.) I was thinking, instead of KOS ZONE, change the RULE TO Charachter dies if someone kills him. And you as a player you'd had to create a new one. I would like to see how many reports of fail and bad rights would be then. What would happen if you only had one characther to play and would get a PERMA DEATH every time you died? That means you'd had to take the whole white list again. And whole charachter creation again. And create your story again. NEW. You can't take the story you had. Would you iniciate KOS RULES then? No, beacuse you don't have to have the KOS rule then. And you have a PERMA DEATH RULE, which encourages FEAR, pumps up the RP, and creates even more content, and storys, and all the map becomes a "zone". (I would do that if I'd had the oppertunity.) Would you go to any place knowing that you have to create another characther if you die? And go over the rules and whitelist again? Beacuse looked like you did some mistakes at playing your charachter. That would also influence on providing this community of very good RP'ers, who create very good content. How would you live and play your charachter? Would you join groups for safety? So having a more persistant charachter thats safe with a group and a leader who doesn't make his group a funreal group? How would you lead your group then?! Knowing you can loose members and cant bring them back after the PERMA Death. That's what's real life's about. And this kind of rule WOULD BRING THE COMMUNITY TO A HIGHER RANK. I wish the kind regards to everyone and fun time on the servers! Dhy
  5. Dyhadration

    Deer Isle shutdown

    Actually I made an suggestion at suggestion tabs. I think that it also is great idea. It isn't that hard to create one.
  6. @CrimHey @Crim I've read this. But I think Deer Isle was up for 2 weeks and didn't had time to expendure to a bigger life. And Chernarus for what like 4 years. People needed some time to go from Chernarus to Deer Isle and even with their stories and charachters that was hard to do. I am sure of that. Having 2 Chernarus maps it's somewhat confusing. Then I run on S2 Chernarus I go for the Green mountain camp where there should be RP traders and there's no trader because S2 doesn't have that. But on S1 the whole camp is set up. This is why S2 Chernarus would not work such as other map would. Imagine the traders group expandure on S2 where there is map extended. Okay its a waste that Deer Isle didn't get high population during its 2 weeks. But I think that it would over some time. If Livonia comes out what will it run on Server 3?
  7. Hello fellow community. Since ve'we heard about Deer Isle shutdown on S2 I got an idea for S2 server. Since Chernarus is on S1 an highly welcomed there the S2 would be interisting if continuing the overall Zagoria map. Deer Isle was perfect for that reason but also if the map owner had put it off for donation servers we can still manage to create one map suitable for S2? By ourself I mean. If some developers here gather up. I'm talking about DayzRP legitimate map for our own map and Lore expandure. We could've witnessed Deer Isle on S2 was getting more and more populated and it's hive was getting bigger by the day since a lot of players are sticking from dayz from beginning and knows Chernarus by the heart. It was interesting. I was thinking about traveling to other islands. And since the boats are also arriving (at least so I've heard) it would be one of a great travel. It makes more of a exploring challenge to expandure overall stories and map of DayzRP and Lore. Like organizasitans and factions could literally travel through S1 to S2 maps and have more of organised communities. Imagine that you can go from Chernarus to (example) Bratastzhan. (I choose Bratastzhan because of country of Khazastan it also boarders with Russia. Made sense to me to think of something like that. ) You can make stories in Chernarus and then travel and make also charachter growth in Bratastzhan. My final conclusion and suggestion: I suggest that here od DayzRP community we gather up team of developers who would be happy to develop a map for us. Who would be willingly to contribute to this kind of idea. I don't call myself a developer. But I was working on in idea of a dayz map. I developed some schetcehs for the map. I was thinking a lot of wasteland and dust so got an idea since Khasahstan is dusty that we could make (example) our map Bratastzhan like this. DayzRP community would spice up the gameplay. The map we'd like to be something new. And since this community makes it we can keep it here for those being whitelisted and so on. And final agreement: What do community think of that idea. Do you think idea is good. Could anyonoe contribute? Kind regards to community Dhy
  8. Anthony Delgado is 54 year old priest. He was borned in a small cottage near Tisy. His family way poor so he had to work hard as a child. He was very smart too. His parents saw him reading old books, carving letter in threes and so on. He wasn't so good at phsyical work and since that her father and mother sent him to a priest school in Petrovka. They belived it was the best for young Anthony since they were poor and didn't had alot to eat. But young Anthony did very good at school in Petrovka. After his graduation, he started sending job proposal to the church industry but none of them seemd to have interest of employing young Anthony. They even rospended him that hes to young to become the priest. So he started to learn how to lead a mass from a very old and good priest called Karl, who thought of him as a very wise and talented person. Karl was a primary priest of church in Chernaya Polana. He was visiting him alot and he was asking him when is he going to get a possibility to get a work as a priest. He was waiting and sending the letters the whole time and always he was denid. On summer in 1998 he finally got an invitation to join Kamensk church, as a low priest. He took that oppertunity and moved to Kamensk, and started working as a priest. In 1999 he was promoted and even had more masses, even started working as primary priest. In the year 2010 he started to drink alcohol and after that his reputation went down. Also the civil war broke the year before and made him nervous, so he asked the younger priest David if the church has some cottages in possesin. So he made him a favor that year and gave him a small cottage used for breeding cows. And anthony turned it into a loving house near the woods. When the civil war was going on alot of people in Kamensk were going more and more into church to remember the fallen realtives and family members. But due to Anthony's drinking problem that became an angry population who wanted more masses and not a drinking priest who is not showing up to mass and funreals. They started to hate him. Even the message of people were comming to Berezino primal church in hope to change the priest, as he was late for masses and funreals due to his drinking problem. That was a big shock for people in Kamensk that were used to the regularity, and wanted to bury ther fallen family mambers. After 1 month the church of Berezino granted peoples wish to get a new primary priest. So they send in a new one and out Anthony got fired. After that Anthony got in some serius drinking. The people hated him, but the new priest didnt. He was sorry for him and asked Anthony why he started drinking. Anthony didn't respond. He was becoming alot qiuetly since his drinking started, and the civil war broke. (Some people in Kamensk said he fell in love with some young girl living in the town, the daughter of a farmer... but that was never considerd as truth...) Young priest gave Anthony a room, a bed, but couldn't afford to give him food. Soon the pepole of Kamensk stopped selling him wine, and clothes... due to his drinking continiuty. The only one helping him was old nun called Soleja. She visited him every week at sunday and sometimes brought him bread and little alcohol. Anthony completly left his beard and hair grew long. He didn't speak much and and went completly skinny. It was the day like the same every day. Waking up showering at lake, eating mushrooms, when suddenly Anthony saw military helicopters above his head and another one over there and another one over there. He was thinking that civil rights or Air force could be doing something again. He came from the woods in Kamenka and saw people running and panicking. He stopped and watched people running around panicking. He was frightned. He saw this man he knew called Igor, and asked what is happening and he repetead him it cant be true Anthony, it cant be true..
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