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  1. *Jake presses his PTT* "What castle is that Kenneth?" *Jake releases his PTT*
  2. *Jake sakes off the call of sleep as he hears the radio come to life* "Well good to hear your still around if its the Kenneth of the Hobos i've meet before" *Jake chuckles at the thought of the hobo code shenanigans* "I'll come hangout with you guys while I catch up with whats been happaning while ive been in the bush, where might I find you after I get some sleep for a few hours?" *Jake releases the PTT*
  3. *jake presses the PTT while staring into blazing campfire* This is Jake Brady looking for any work that either involves a Gun or Plow. I have experience in farming, fire arms handling, and many other skills. Looking to have an honest form of work. *he releases the PTT and lays back in the fragrant pine straw*
  4. I was speaking with people in my group I can only remeber Empress Julia and Fil Vandren.
  5. Server and location: Server 1 and pavlovo Military Base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5/11/2018 ~23:00 Your in game name: Jake Brady Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Svoboda Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): time stamps are for stream vod 30:15-30:17 33:20-34:41 39:10-39:23 39:38-39:44 59:50-1:00:55 Detailed description of the events: I was returning from getting farming supplies for the compound to find a group with yellow arm bands holding up the entire compound. They took us into the office building were we are used for human shields, and told outrages demand for when they leave such we are not allowed to hunt, refuse service to Chernarussian, we can't help syndicate, and we have to prioritize Chernarussian patients ,need to convert religions and if we don't follow this they will kill all our doctors. They left after killing all of presumed Irish based on how they treated the one Irish character who was in the building with me.
  6. reflex_scorch

    • reflex_scorch
    • RogueSolace

    Username Reflex_Scorch

    Character page https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-245/

    OOC Age 17

    RP Experience 250-300 hours

    Does this ch fit the requirements (healthy mental status, loyal) yes 

    Why are you interested want a group and like to help people

    if security to you have rp experience with it? what? yes, military service and worked for Kovars

    if medical do you have rp experience? what? no 

    are you willing to spend some time ooc to your area of study (if applicable) to ensure your learning of rp material? 


    1. Malet


      This is literally the most Open Recruitment I've ever seen ?

    2. Jaxon


      what the fuck scorch

  7. *sitting in lopatino Church* This is Jake Brady looking for anyone who may have details where members of Kovars market maybe. I went out exploring and was gone for a few months and want to reconnect with them. Please respond with any information to their were abouts!
  8. it says team speak uuid is invalid? how do i fix it?
  9. I have started a trading post type deal in Vybor town square. I ask you to come share stories, trade, and make friends. All those coming to cause trouble or steel from me or anyone, there will be asked to leave or you will face consequences that wont end well for you. Please come by to say hi and all are welcome till proven that you are not.
  10. You have a good point, there really are too many people playing the ex-military or is military role. I think people need to expand there horizons on characters. My character spent time in the military but is more a cowboy gun ho guy then he is military.
  11. The names Jake Brady. I grew up on a four generation family farm in the black hills of South Dakota. My brother,both parents,and I. We raised livestock and grew corn or soy bean. In the summer when i was a boy i would spend hours on end in the wood near my house. I would stubble upon different animals like deer and rarely a mountain lion. I always had my BB gun and a knife for any danger that might come about and to sharpen my shooting skills. I grew up hunting the high plains of South Dakota and fished the creek by my house and other ponds. I learned to survive out there on my own without anyone. I can run a trap line and can make bush craft. My family had a good amount of money to get by but i wasn't the college type so with a long line of veterans in the family i joined the Marines. i went through basics then went to sniper school. I got a spotter which i became good friends with and miss dearly. i was deployed at age 22 to Afghanistan to fight the terrorists and any other enemies that got in are way. My Humvee struck a IED and shattered my leg and damaged the surrounding muscle and tissues. I was sent to Chernogorsk, Chernarus at the beginning of 2016 where I went through rehab and was able move around on my own with out help. I got to ok to get a car and do some exploring. I found my way to Gorka where i met a young police officer and made friends with him. I wounder if hes still kicking around i think his name was something very generatic like john or something. Something was posted on twitter about a russian choper landing inside chernarus. About a week later Russian and Cherarus where in heavy fighting. Soon a city was over run with the "infected." It had something to do with the chopper landing and the CDF. Soon I was sent to be shipped back state side because the United States wanted me home just in cased I was used for ransome or something. On the way to the airport the Humvee was rerouted to the city and all flights from then on were cancelled. Food became scarce and i fought for what i had. I began looting the bases that had been deserted for any ammo,gun,or anything of use. I'm lucky to be alive because i hear stories of people being robbed beaten till theirs no humanity left in them then executed. I survive alone in the woods. I have very little human contact. I just want thing to return to a normal. I think the best way to do that is try and fix the world the best i can. Even if that's means i have to kill every last on of those damn last one of those infected.
  12. How would i go about backing up my profile information, and will the whitelist and other items stay in place with the new website version? With the new lore will I have to reapply for whitelist or do i just need to edit my characters backstory to fit into the lore?
  13. Do you guys have a specific time i could possibly expect when i will know if my ban appeal is granted or denided?
  14. Thanks man do it when you get the chance to it ive got nothing going on so i can wait.
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