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  1. Artem Boskovic

    Artem "Two Times" Boskovic was known to be a notorious gangster, a violent and ruthless criminal whom had been resposible for numerous murders and robberies, if there is one thing Artem loved to do, what he really loved to do... was stealing. He loved to steal, from nice cars to big time cash. It was one of those things he was really good at and done since childhood. Talking of childhood, if there was one gangster whose childhood was fucked up, it was Artem´s. Born Artem Boskovic on the 3rd of June, 1989, in Bosnia, Bosanska Krupa, he never had the orpotuniy to know his father. His Chernarussian mother, Sofia Boskovic, sent him to Chernarus to grow up with his uncle, due to being imprisoned for unknown reason. Much of Artem´s youth he was living nearby the so called Novak family. He wasn´t treated well. He didn´t like it, not at all. His uncle wasn´t really keeping an eye on him and lead to the freedom of not going to school for long periods of time. At the age of 14 his uncle had passed away due to cancer and the only way he could make money was to steal. He quickly discorvered a feeling inside of him, joy. He loved it. It quickly became an obsession and the more he did it, the bigger he had to go every time. A year later he was already doing robberies with other youngsters in the area. He would rob people on the street and do robbies in houses, stealing expensive items. Artem began to have issues with the Novak family as it had been rumored he had possible robbed a member on the street. He eventually confronted and was beaten up and warned. He lived in a foster home for a few months till he was eventually adopted by farmer family. His life with them was very pleasent and calm, though he would continue his criminal behaviour as he only on the other side of town of previous home and the Novak familiy didn´t control on this part of town, but the Bilek family, who was the overtaking family. Artem was never a member of the family, but he was treated with decency which led for him to establish friendship and good communcation. He would often do small time jobs for the family. Turning 17, he got work on the harbor, due the small time jobs for the mobsters wasn´t quiet enough. The work on the harbor made him strong. As time past, the jobs wen´t from being small time, to serious business. He would now work with the Bilek fmaily more often on big time robberies. He no longer had to work on the harbor. It wasn´t really like he was a master thief, he was caught from time to time in his early career as a criminal, within 4 years he had been behind bars for 72. At the age of 19 he was caught for a big time cash robbery and sentenced for 4 years. He kept his mouth shut about his partners which earned him good respect among the family. Within the prison, he had established a reputation as a tough guy. He kept contact with the family and did inside jobs for the family. He would perform murders inside the prison for people the family couldn´t get their hands on. On release, Artem made a name among for himself in crime. Known for hijacking, loan-sharking, drug-dealing, armed robberies, murder and other crimes. Nontheless, he had also a great reputation outside his criminal career. Known as a wealthy and charming man and reputation of helping people out with money. 2016 he had finally become an official member of the family. Treated with a whole different form of respect as he would and done the other way around. Artem "Two Times" Boskovic was now to be known as a member of the Bilek Family. He got that nickname because he would say everything twice in the end of his sentence. 2017, the infection was spreading across the country and the loss of a good friend took an impact on him and it was then he realised that the infection was very dangerous and could possible destroy everything he love.
  2. All of the United Nation ppl in Kabanino. @Coreena @[email protected] doing great job of making the camp abit more serious and not letting civillians do whatever they please but remain to keep the peace!
  3. Night time on the server

    Night is pretty cool. Going around with lights makes it pretty immersive.
  4. Tim Vinterwolff

    Born 1988 3rd of July, Denmark, Aarhus. Lived on a farm with his father and mother, as the only child he got alot of attention and was taught to use a rifle for hunting and how to take care of their farm. Tim spent alot of time with his father hunting and fishing. At the age of 16 Tim got interested in military movies and started playing around with airsoft guns. This lead to a point of him looking to perhaps join the military in the future. At the age of 18 he joined the Danish Armed Forces was first deployed two years later in Afghanistan as infantryman, on return he specialized in sniper training. 1st Deployment: Tim was deployed Afghanistan. The invironment came as a shock. It was hot . He was very restricted and many of the tasks were repetitive. There would day or two without anything happening, but when it did it was utter chaos. The afghanistan invironment is really tough and can be really hard for a western person like Tim. The heat, the dust, the food and it was a process that would repeat itself over and over. He returns home to Denmark in january 2009. Tim got interested in the sniper team as he had spoken to them in Afghanistan, he came very close to one of them. Tim decided to join the sniper team, but had to go through the same training as everyone else. Sniper Training: He wen´t through a tough and harsh program that every sniper should go through. He had become an excellent marksman, taught how to observe area´s and stalking targets, he had completed the full training within two years. Scout snipers are soldiers who has been trained and specialized in gathering information for intelligence purposes and they trained to deny the enemy freedom of movement, this can be done by targeting radiomen, messengers, leaders and other key targets with precision fire, often from a distance or silenced and camoflauged. Scout Snopers will often conduct reconnaissance and terrain surveillance operations. A sniper should be able to deliver long-range precision fire on specific and selected targets. Often a sniper will most likely to have a spotter by his side. A spotter is a soldier which can detect, observe and confirm targets from a distance. They will often calculate the range and wind conditions on certain targets. One of the key points of being a sniper is taking and having responsibility. You must posses good decision making and always being a level head. A sniper must be able to work on their own and be independent. So when you are not with you´re unit, you must be able to make sound decisions on your own. 1nd Scout Sniper Deployment: 19 March 2011 in Libya, Misrata. One of Libya´s largest cities. The United Nations was working on an immediate ceasefire in Libya, including an end to the attacks against civvilians, a crime against humanity as there had been and ungoing 40 days of siege, shelling and sniper fire upon civillians by Muammar Qaddafi's forces. Even with the UN and Nato in the area, the sniper attacks didn´t stop. His job keep the civillians safe from sniper fire, this was done by scouting the cities tall buildings as there had been several reports of Qaddafi snipers to be firing upon innocent civillians. For months he hand his spotter dwelled the city of Misrata, scouting, looking for the snipers nest. The urban warfare was tough it was a busy city of 300.000 civillians. The Qaddafi regime´s troops often are too close to the civillians for snipers to spot or take shots, which makes urban warfare one of the most frustation areas for a sniper. With one confirmed one confirmed kill he is released from duty. He served 1 year in Misrata and returns home to Denmark to be honoured with the MOS by his Lance Corporal and had approved his complete scout-sniper course in order to receive this occupation. Outbreak: With the infection spreading into Denmark in 2017, as a small country it was much more simple to secure areas, unlike other larger countries with much higher population would have tremendous issues with the swarm of infected people. Tim was sent to Chernarus to serve alongside the UN. (Not complete yet)
  5. Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    You can cancel this application @Buddy i have met up with the UN and really enjoyed my time with them. I´m now planning to join the UN military instead. Perhaps you could help me with that instead
  6. Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    Hello, i´m planning on joining a CDF and create a Chernarussian character. I have no experience in this area and would love some help.
  7. Khabib Yariedov

    Khabib Yariedov, born 1972 in Bosnia. Son of a Bosnian veteran and true patriot and his wife from Dagestan, Russia. In 1992 a conflict between Bosnia and Herzegovina, a former republic of Yugoslavia. From a young age, Khabib joins the fight and enlists 2 years into the civil war and follows his fathers footsteps into the army. From the summer of 1992, the military conflict was rather quiet nothing major was going on. An emmergency Bosnian army was assembled, which Khabib joined, they were sent out to hold the front lines for the rest of that year. The Bosnian army was weakened. Later in 1994, the Bosnians agreed to form a federation with the Croats. The United Nations denied and refused to interfere with the Bonsian conflict. But the UN Protection Force offered troops to deliver humanitarian aid. Khabib got to work with the UN and befriended a few of them. He spent alot of time in the safe areas with the UN. In 1995 the UN failed to protect the safe area of Srebrenica, where Khabib was located at current time. He fleed with a few civillians and a UN troop to a Bosnian Camp. It was the massacre of more than 6,000 Bosniak civillians and troops of the UN. For this reason NATO launched air strikes against Bosnian Serb soldiers of Herzegovina. Khabib joined in with the Croat troops on land and joined the fight. He was shot in combat and lost a finger on his left hand. A couple months later he join´s the sniper team as he had alot of training with his father, also former sniper, it was only logical for him to do the same thing. As the war was being fighted in Bosnia, the infection was spreading from Chernarus. Bosnia was too focused on fighting their war, that the infection had spread into their country and caused chaos in the country. The war ended and Khabib had lost his familly and friends. He was hearthbroken to see his country in ruins and his family gone. He could no longer stay in Bosnia and watch it´s misery. He had to leave, go somewhere else. Khabib has since then found him traveling , trying to make a living in the apocalypse. He remained to be friendly towards other survivers and did what good was possible at time and place. Along his journey he had passed through camps for humanitarian aid, he did as much as he could at each camp he came along.
  8. Lore Wipe PvP - Jade fails

  9. Make DayZRP great again

    I agree, that rule is going to ruin the gameplay for me and my friends. You got my beanz
  10. #S1 EU 7/13/2017 - Invalid Firefight Kill Report

  11. Failed Robberies Thread

    Thats freaking hilarious
  12. @William thanks for apologizing i appreciate that. I do not wish to proceed with the report. Everyone makes mistakes. @Spartan
  13. #S1 EU 7/13/2017 - Invalid Firefight Kill Report

    As you can hear in the end of the video. U can hear on Nathans video, i didnt know Jimmy or his dynamic when i joined their room in ts3. Just to clear out that it was never my intentions to strip jimmy´s body for him to loot it.
  14. #S1 EU 7/13/2017 - Invalid Firefight Kill Report

    I digged into my files and found some corrupted files of the guys who killed Jimmy. My shadowplay was kinda messed up at this recording. I dont know if this video is needed, but im gonna post anyway, incase it might prove something.