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  1. Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    You can cancel this application @Buddy i have met up with the UN and really enjoyed my time with them. I´m now planning to join the UN military instead. Perhaps you could help me with that instead
  2. Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    Hello, i´m planning on joining a CDF and create a Chernarussian character. I have no experience in this area and would love some help.
  3. Khabib Yariedov

    Khabib Yariedov, born 1972 in Bosnia. His father a veteran and true patriot. Khabib followed his fathers footsteps and joined the army in his young 18´s. In 1992 a conflict between Bosnia and Herzegovina, a former republic of Yugoslavia. From the summer of 1992, the military conflict was rather quiet nothing major was going on. An emmergency Bosnian army was assembled, which Khabib joined, they were sent out to hold the front lines for the rest of that year. The Bosnian army was weakened. Later in 1994, the Bosnians agreed to form a federation with the Croats. The United Nations denied and refused to interfere with the Bonsian conflict. But the UN Protection Force offered troops to deliver humanitarian aid. Khabib got to work with the UN and befriended a few of them. He spent alot of time in the safe areas with the UN. In 1995 the UN failed to protect the safe area of Srebrenica, where Khabib was located at current time. He fleed with a few civillians and a UN troop to a Bosnian Camp. It was the massacre of more than 6,000 Bosniak civillians and troops of the UN. For this reason NATO launched air strikes against Bosnian Serb soldiers of Herzegovina. Khabib joined in with the Croat troops on land and joined the fight. He was shot in combat and lost a finger on his left hand. As the war was being fighted in Bosnia, the infection was spreading from Chernarus. Bosnia was too focused on fighting their war, that the infection had spread into their country and caused chaos in the country. The war ended and Khabib had lost his familly and friends. He knew of few people but trusted not many. He reached out the UN soldier he had fleed the massacre with and joined him back towards USA where he volunteered to help civillians. He was well known with the UN troops at the time. His friend went to Chernarus to help there and Khabib had no idea where to go now. He was quiet alone and his only friend had left him. Khabib was a person who always socialised and didn´t like to be by himself. A few months later he decides to travel to Chernarus and see what orpuntunities would face him.
  4. Make DayZRP great again

    I agree, that rule is going to ruin the gameplay for me and my friends. You got my beanz
  5. Failed Robberies Thread

    Thats freaking hilarious
  6. Make DayZRP great again

    I totally agree with you, specially with nr. 8
  7. Make DayZRP great again

    This sounds brilliant! As a new member of the community if have come across alot of ppl 90% of them were not part of any groups, just a group of friends who also is highly likely going to be robbing me. I also think your point with making a character page for your characters, because there has been times where i had come across ppl that forgot their own name, believe it or not, they had to write something in the chat to check their name. This will fix problems with ppl just randomly going around, not actually having a purpose with their character and what they are doing. I think many of your points will fix badRP and poor interactions with randoms.
  8. Being Taken Hostage and Robbed / Bad Quality RP

    If you did read through the responses a little more, you might have noticed that the main point wasnt the gear at all. But rather being taken hostage and stripped of ur gear within seconds, not interacting with the robbers at all. There should be more than "hands up, drop all ur items or we will kill you" and then take your items and run off. A hostage situation should have more depth of quality RP. With the lore wipe i hope this changes, cus so far 9 out of 10 robbers has been a really bad RP experience, not only did you get taken off your loot, but there wasnt any form of roleplay interaction, it was just the same af if you were robbed on a normal server. If this is how most bandits are, i might have to start getting myself automatic weapons and start spraying and praying at the 3 guys who are infront of me :P. Cus sometimes i think they dont even pay attention.
  9. Being Taken Hostage and Robbed / Bad Quality RP

    This is why i made this post, i do not have a powerful pc to record, I loose alot of frames. I understand that might not help, but thats all i could think of at the moment and i had to let it out to be known.
  10. Being Taken Hostage and Robbed / Bad Quality RP

    This is what i have tried to explain through the thread. Over the last couple days this is almost the only interaction i have had, other than meeting a small group of funny russians and the Cavaliers. So far i have only had one good experience with bandits. I have tried this 1 time and i took a 7.62x32 to the head.
  11. Being Taken Hostage and Robbed / Bad Quality RP

    Yes and no. The issue i have with the large amount of robber is first of all, they will make put ur hands up take ur items within seconds and run off, no interaction what so ever. This doesnt feel any different from being robbed on a normal server. Now if this wasnt happening so frequently, i wouldnt care at all. But when 90% of the times ive been taken hostage and robbed, it has been like that. No interaction, only commanding me what to do and keep my mouth shut through the whole situation. Being left naked with such a experience just feel terrible. This could cause me in the future to take my chances and shoot robbers on approach, even though there is a high chance of me not getting out alive.
  12. Being Taken Hostage and Robbed / Bad Quality RP

    For the most part Lopatino, Vavilovo, Sosonovka, Severograd. I want to notifiy you, that my point wasnt that i have a problem with bandits taking hostages and robbing them, its the way they do it and the quality of roleplay. Being a huge victim of robberies, i find it frustating to leave with a bad roleplaying experience whilst taken 90% of my gear.
  13. Being Taken Hostage and Robbed / Bad Quality RP

    I was taken hostage by a female character which indeed sounded like a boy. But i was actually cool with that experience, i was robbed of alot of my stuff, but atleast it was a worthwhile experience, as there was alot of negotiation and talking. And sorry i didnt see ur previous post, there was tons of people replying... phew.