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  1. I don´t what good would come out of continuing the report. I got my answers and i understand the situation and now also know that there is still dynamic groups, which is very good to know. I do not wish to continue the report.
  2. I made this report with the idea of dynamic groups not being a thing. BostonRP has explained this very well and i understand the situation better now. As i said previously, it was fast pace, it happend within seconds. I dont wish anyone to be punished, cus i can see that is was a misunderstand on my part, thinking there was no dynamic groups. Now as for bait, now reading your pov i can see why i was killed, although it wasn´t necessary imo. I hope there won´t be any grudge in future rp. Now you must also understand from my perspective that i thought dynamic groups wasn´t a thing anymore. Although i still feel it was somewhat of a bait and a bad rp as i lowered my weapon as you turned and we could have continued rping. As you can see, i felt like it was a bait and knowing there wasnt dynamic groups, how can you see how i felt unrightfully killed? I don´t see why you have to be all huffy. Thanks and you have a nice day too, boy.
  3. I´m not trying to lie. The situation is was fast pace and i wrote what i thought happend. You perhaps saw otherwise in your pov. Why would i lie. I wont get my gear back and getting you guys a suspension wont change absolute nothing from me. I didnt know dynamic groups was still a thing. I just read tho the rules of rollo´s recent post and thought dynamics were not a thing anymore. Now try see it from my perspective son. You dont have to be all high on your horse and call me a lier. Thats just disrespectful. We are all here to have fun and games and even that i have had chances to get people suspended before i always said no for the suspension. So im not that guy. Now i give you right about some points, that i may shouldnt have initiated and it wasnt none of my business, but we were all in fun roleplay together in the bar, at the fight for a good hour or more. So i was very much into the rp and the situation. So in a way i feel i had the rights to chase you down, but on the chase you told me aggressively not to follow, which had me to initiate. I just feel like there was no reason to kill me. Now did you have the rights? yes, perhaps. But i just feel like i was baited into the situation. I followed the first guy to chase you and i thought it would be a fun encounter.
  4. In that case you may be right, but i don´t see how that changes the fact that it was bait. 6.5 You may not bait other players into situations where you use kill rights or self-defense. It seemed somewhat planned and you used no ingame voice to communicate and how perfect it was. He didn´t stop on my command, but as soon as i raised my rifle he stopped, when i then stopped aiming at Boston as he stopped you shot me. I also find this somewhat bad rp. I could have shot BostonRP for not stopping, but i didn´t. I was willing to stop aiming at him when he stopped and go talk to him. But noo-noo. I was just killed dead and thinking about it. Boston was very low geared and perhaps this whole scene was to get him geared up. 6.2.1 As an attacker you may NOT: - Attack other players just for the sake of gear by doing a quick robbery that involves little to no role play. BostonRP randomly ran up on the guy and stole his gear, then continued to bait me after him and somehow get me killed with a friend.
  5. Server and location: DayZ RP EU S1. Severograd. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 00:00 server time and date was 18-02 Your in game name: Samuel Drake Names of allies involved: I dont know the names. Name of suspect/s: Suspect shooter (Kai O´ Casey) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Noone. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Noone. Detailed description of the events: So this happend in Severograd, near a bar where alot of people like to hang out. So the situation happend because a guy in a red jacket got into a confrontation with a person in a black skull balaclava and they decided to squash it with a fist fight. Alot of people made a circle around them and they faught for 3 rounds and the guy in skull mask got knocked out 3 times in a row. Then appeared a guy in a pink t-shirt and ran up on the knocked out guy and took his backpack and started to run off with it. I decided to do what was right and run after him to stop him. 2 other people decided to follow me and was yelling at the thief to stop, i decided to also tell him to stop. Running for a few seconds, one or both of the 2 that was with me chasing him, told him to stop or they would shoot, so i did too. The guy stopped after a few seconds and turned his head, having his back to us, with his rifle in his hand, not aiming. I pulled up my gun aiming at him and then the both or one of the guys that was with me chasing him, shot me dead. I believe there was witnesses at the location as there was alot of people. Also i believe they were not in any form of group, they wasn´t really communicating with eachother the whole time. So the reason im reporting this event, is if i recall, you are not allowed to set people up to kill/grief them. I feel like they were using teamspeak or discord to communicate, cus it appeared they knew exactly when to shoot as they guy stopped and looked behind. This felt like i was setup and to be killed. Is this kind of playstyle even allowed? Reading this from the rules ( 6.5 You may not bait other players into situations where you use kill rights or self-defense (see rule 7.2) due to their response to your provoking actions.) I feel like i this was against the rules.
  6. Samuel Drake

    Samuel Drake, a man of many few traits, but a master of survival. His journey to Chernarus began in America, Florida Orlando. Caught for murder in revenge of his murdered brother in gang violence. Wanted across the country, he decided to flee the country to a place he could hide and nobody would find him. A few months ahead, he finds himself in Chernarus. It was a big change in his life, he became a fisherman, working out on the sea with a crew for a few years. Everything was good, he lived a simple and quiet life, untill the day of the outbreak, everything changed... everything. He stuck to his fisherman crew as they all decided to stick together and survive.. (To be continued.)
  7. All of the United Nation ppl in Kabanino. @Coreena @[email protected] doing great job of making the camp abit more serious and not letting civillians do whatever they please but remain to keep the peace!
  8. Night is pretty cool. Going around with lights makes it pretty immersive.
  9. Tim Vinterwolff

    Born 1988 3rd of July, Denmark, Aarhus. Lived on a farm with his father and mother, as the only child he got alot of attention and was taught to use a rifle for hunting and how to take care of their farm. Tim spent alot of time with his father hunting and fishing. At the age of 16 Tim got interested in military movies and started playing around with airsoft guns. This lead to a point of him looking to perhaps join the military in the future. At the age of 18 he joined the Danish Armed Forces was first deployed two years later in Afghanistan as infantryman, on return he specialized in sniper training. 1st Deployment: Tim was deployed Afghanistan. The invironment came as a shock. It was hot . He was very restricted and many of the tasks were repetitive. There would day or two without anything happening, but when it did it was utter chaos. The afghanistan invironment is really tough and can be really hard for a western person like Tim. The heat, the dust, the food and it was a process that would repeat itself over and over. He returns home to Denmark in january 2009. Tim got interested in the sniper team as he had spoken to them in Afghanistan, he came very close to one of them. Tim decided to join the sniper team, but had to go through the same training as everyone else. Sniper Training: He wen´t through a tough and harsh program that every sniper should go through. He had become an excellent marksman, taught how to observe area´s and stalking targets, he had completed the full training within two years. Scout snipers are soldiers who has been trained and specialized in gathering information for intelligence purposes and they trained to deny the enemy freedom of movement, this can be done by targeting radiomen, messengers, leaders and other key targets with precision fire, often from a distance or silenced and camoflauged. Scout Snopers will often conduct reconnaissance and terrain surveillance operations. A sniper should be able to deliver long-range precision fire on specific and selected targets. Often a sniper will most likely to have a spotter by his side. A spotter is a soldier which can detect, observe and confirm targets from a distance. They will often calculate the range and wind conditions on certain targets. One of the key points of being a sniper is taking and having responsibility. You must posses good decision making and always being a level head. A sniper must be able to work on their own and be independent. So when you are not with you´re unit, you must be able to make sound decisions on your own. 1nd Scout Sniper Deployment: 19 March 2011 in Libya, Misrata. One of Libya´s largest cities. The United Nations was working on an immediate ceasefire in Libya, including an end to the attacks against civvilians, a crime against humanity as there had been and ungoing 40 days of siege, shelling and sniper fire upon civillians by Muammar Qaddafi's forces. Even with the UN and Nato in the area, the sniper attacks didn´t stop. His job keep the civillians safe from sniper fire, this was done by scouting the cities tall buildings as there had been several reports of Qaddafi snipers to be firing upon innocent civillians. For months he hand his spotter dwelled the city of Misrata, scouting, looking for the snipers nest. The urban warfare was tough it was a busy city of 300.000 civillians. The Qaddafi regime´s troops often are too close to the civillians for snipers to spot or take shots, which makes urban warfare one of the most frustation areas for a sniper. With one confirmed one confirmed kill he is released from duty. He served 1 year in Misrata and returns home to Denmark to be honoured with the MOS by his Lance Corporal and had approved his complete scout-sniper course in order to receive this occupation. Outbreak: With the infection spreading into Denmark in 2017, as a small country it was much more simple to secure areas, unlike other larger countries with much higher population would have tremendous issues with the swarm of infected people. Tim was sent to Chernarus to serve alongside the UN. (Not complete yet)
  10. Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    You can cancel this application @Buddy i have met up with the UN and really enjoyed my time with them. I´m now planning to join the UN military instead. Perhaps you could help me with that instead
  11. Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    Hello, i´m planning on joining a CDF and create a Chernarussian character. I have no experience in this area and would love some help.
  12. Make DayZRP great again

    I agree, that rule is going to ruin the gameplay for me and my friends. You got my beanz