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"Gone fishin', be back when I'm back."

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  1. Krullin

    What's your worst or best memory on DayZRP?

    My worst memory would have to be back in the mod any time Psi Syndicate was streaming or recording. A few times in particular when I got approached by his fanboys asking where he was. Best memories were definitely the fishing competitions we'd have at the old T.O.R outpost. Cream puffs make excellent tuna bait it turns out.
  2. Krullin

    Highschool crush

    I had a High School crush, became her friend and we dated for while. Long story short, we broke up, I moved to Canada and she's an alien now. Shit happens. Anyways, just do it man. Like, if you do nothing then nothing will happen so just talk to her if you can and try to be yourself. Maybe you'll find something you two have in common and then you can talk about that. Ask what she's been up to since High School, share some things.
  3. Krullin

    Zelenaya Bay Fishermen

    Yo, glad to be playing again. I'll try my best to bring good RP and fun experiences to those I meet in-game. I just moved to another country so I wont be able to play just yet, but as soon as I'm able I'm jumping in game for some good ol' fishing.
  4. Krullin

    A short "ambient" video I made

    2spoopy4me I agree with Se7en, driving around in the mod with the IG music on was terrifying. I read somewhere a while ago that they wanted to add 'dynamic music' to the game which would start playing depending on the situation your in. So if you're walking in the forest at night a faint tune would start playing giving you the sense of dread. Something like that.
  5. Krullin

    What do you listen to ?

  6. Krullin

    Beer thread

    I don't really drink beer, but when I do I usually just drink this
  7. Krullin

    DayZRP "Outbreak" Live Action Trailer

    Wow.... Looks awesome man, good job. You got my hype pal, you can have all of it
  8. Krullin


    So this happened today [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmjCTcDNlH0
  9. Krullin

    What do you listen to ?

    Recently heard of this guy, he's amazing [video=youtube]
  10. Krullin

    Husky Thread

    Happy birthday Husky ol' pal!
  11. Krullin

    What do you listen to ?

    Came out yesterday, already my favorite song of the summer [video=youtube]
  12. Krullin

    Graphic Progression Appreciation!

    Graphics have come a -long- way for sure, however there are graphics in some games that are just timeless. http://images3.alphacoders.com/565/5657.jpg[/img]
  13. Krullin

    What do you listen to ?

  14. Krullin

    DayZRP Thread of super awesome screenshots of games

    Here's my contribution. Enjoy. Somebody say snow effects?
  15. Krullin

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I don't like wearing jeans and haven't worn them in many years. To constricting.
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