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  1. To any doctors, I need help [Open frequency]

    *Carver slowly raises the radio, finally able to rest* I apologize for my lack luster response time, I needed to find a new battery for my radio. I'm currently holed up outside of Zelenogorsk, however, I cannot fight the infected off with only one fully working arm. I'll rest for the night and attempt to find help in the morning. As for my condition, my fever has worsened slightly and I am constantly thirsty. I have replaced the bandages three times now, and I've cleaned the wounds with alcohol tincture. However, I have slightly harder time using my left hand. I'm definitely going to need stitches. Carver out. *Carver stores his radio and falls into a feverish sleep*
  2. RP character ideas/brainstorms

    all of these are literally just concepts, no actual characters have been made. It's for people who are having writer's block or want a fresh idea. But the Invisalign idea is really cool too
  3. RP character ideas/brainstorms

    I'm confused
  4. To any doctors, I need help [Open frequency]

    *Carver presses the PTT, wolves can be heard in the background* Unfortunately, it seems as though wolves have found me again. I'm not entirely sure where I am, the last landmark I saw was a castle near the town of *he pauses and checks his map* oh god how do I pronounce this. In the name, there is a symbol that looks like a table with the left leg busted, followed by an O, followed by a table shaped symbol, followed by an A and a T, then a reversed N, followed by an H and an O. I'm currently hidden in a hunting shack in the middle of the forest, when I find a town or landmark I'll reach out again. Thank you and Carver out. *Carver releases the PTT and packs the radio into his jacket pocket, he cocks his silenced pistol, raising it in his right hand and awaiting the pack.*
  5. *Carver pulls out his radio painfully, he begins to speak, his words slurred and muffled* This is Jonathan Carver reaching out to any one with medical expenses. Last night while scouring the north I was attacked by a pack of wolves. They *long pause* they got me pretty good. My left arm has deep gashes along my forearm, and I have claw marks on the left side of my face. Before I went to sleep last night I bandaged both, while the bleeding has slowed I'll need some stitches. And to top off this entire fucking situation I have been feeling feverish. I've taken some charcoal tabs and I've doused the wounds with some alcohol tincture this morning, and in my bag is a saline IV I grabbed at a hospital but I don't know how to use it. I *he pauses* I think I won't make it if I don't get help soon. If you can help in any way, let me know. *Carver releases the PTT and changes his bandages, then leans against the wall, awaiting for salvation*
  6. Black Water [Open Frequency]

    *Carver press the PTT* I may have work for your crew in the future, when I do I'll contact you on a secure frequency. Till then lick your wounds and rearm, if you need guns I'll be in touch. *He releases the PTT*
  7. The farm [open frequency]

    *Carver presses the PTT* That shouldn't be too hard. *He checks his bag and finds a few rounds* I'll keep looking while I make my way down, you'll hear from me soon, Carver out. *He releases the PTT*
  8. The farm [open frequency]

    *Carver grabs his radio* What kind? I'll see what I can scrounge up. As for the market, there are lots of people in Cherno, Kovar's Market is lively enough, however, more trade is always welcome. Let me know when you want to move, I'll get some extra hands to help. *He releases the PTT*
  9. The farm [open frequency]

    *Carver grabs his radio* Good to see that there's no hard feeling. I'll be sure that the payment is satisfactory. Are there any specific supplies you need? And if you need supplies or need to move your product I can definitely help you out. *He releases the PTT*
  10. DayZRP Community Memes

    Me - Tries to sell an AK, everyone gets scared Dudes with VSS and SVD, Nah fam its chill side note - I'm happy that my voice doesn't sound like a 12 year old over VOIP
  11. The farm [open frequency]

    *Carver activates the PTT* I stumbled across your farm yesterday, and I helped myself to some food. I couldn't find a trace of who it belonged to. I'm short hike way, but I intend to pay you back for what little supplies I took. Sorry for any inconveniences, Carver will be visiting you soon. Over. *He releases the PTT*
  12. Things to do in Dayz when you are bored

    hide by the coast and play wolf howls through your mic, and watch the terror of new spawns
  13. The Winking Chernarussian (OPEN)

    An awesome idea, I'll be sure to drop by with supplies. Beanz for you
  14. Even though I'm fairly new to the community I thought that I could make my first meaningful addition to the forums, a list of unique role play charter bases. While they are not full characters they will include short unique traits. Feel free to use as a starting point, however for the sake of keeping it organized please quote with the character you intend to use, also feel free to leave more ideas below. I'm constantly thinking of new ideas but I don't have the time to play them all. Thanks and happy brainstorming. - a history student who is in Chenarus searching for an ancient family heirloom sword - a stage 3 lung cancer survivor searching for chemo drugs - a young teenager looking for a dentist to remove his braces - a pre infection butcher who continues his craft into the apocalypse, slow switching from animals to humans. - a degenerate gambler becomes a bandit, challenging his captives to Russian roulette - an aging farmer attempting to protect his home and crops