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  1. Thomas grew up in a perfect place for a growing man, nestled in the mountain forests, but a 20 minute drive to the hub of the province, Vancouver. Growing up he hunted frequently with his Mother and Father, working on their small ranch. Growing older Thomas quickly moved away for work, contract labor aboard Oil Rigs. It was a decent living, enough for him to settle down with his woman and raise two children of his own, well, almost. Thomas and his family were settled on the coast of Chernarus, Thomas being boated out in the mornings to a rig he worked on. After the infection, some other families along with them made a small settlement, but now, fast-forward 10 years and Thomas roams Chernarus alone, the silent giant typically not muttering a word to anyone, other than short answers, but don't let the quiet exterior fool you, a haunted man who can't outrun his ghost, can turn into a monster if pushed too far.
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