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  1. Rawen Black

    Chernogorsk Healthcare (Open Freq.)

    *Raven hesitates a bit and looks how her arm with radio starts to slightly shake, she makes deep breath to calm herself and presses PTT again* mhm...well, i m-may h-have a friend with really s-serious problems there... b-but i g-guess it's impossible to deliver h-er in Cherno in times like this.... *she makes another deep breath* me myself don't feel it's like any possible safe travel, too many people, too many problems...so if you say you are not specialist, i guess, we better look for another way.. T-Thanks for response anyway... *she releases PTT*
  2. Rawen Black

    Chernogorsk Healthcare (Open Freq.)

    *Raven raised eyebrow when heard familiar voices on another transmission then shrugs and presses PTT* Mhm..mental care...?...if i recall correct you was just a student, Rory..do you really has any knowledge about this...? I hope you not just offer random drugs to people, because if it so....it's just fuck the people minds even more... i guess that could explain so many shooting in that city these days.... *me shrugs again and released PTT*
  3. Rawen Black

    The Riptide Collective Comms [ 101.7 mhz]

    * Raven sits near the wall and looks at window from second floor with thoughtful look, she smirks then shakes her head and presses PTT* This is Raven Black, i did finally recovered from that situation someone steal all tents in Bor camp.... a bit sad...that.. i was not able to share one for you as planned..and well... i did not have a chance to find out who that was too, if someone have ideas, i would like to hear it... *she makes a pause with sigh and clears her throat focusing her mind flow* mhm...well, speaking more of tents, i heard you guys returned to old place....and me here...well, let's say..... i know where to find more of bigger tents, like military ones... but..mhm...a problem is...that place is not easy to retrieve them from alone....well, so if you interested, please contact me.... *releases PTT*
  4. * She leans to the wall of abadonned house with tired sign and moan, but still continues to monitoring outside sounds, checking and loading all her pistols, then she hear familiar howl and bark under window again, she grabs sawed-off shotgun and shots duplet and yells:" e-eat this, y-you...s-son of d-dog..." she then looks out from window carefully, smirks, placed shotgun on the floor and grabs the radio and presses PTT* * her voice sounds exhausted and low with stutters* H-hello there a-again, Beth...w-well, s-situation h-here, i c-can't call it g-great or even close to g-good...T-Thing is, i has non opiate painkillers supply left for d-day or some more... *she make a deep breath, moans from pain but seems it helps to stop stutters for time* Yesterday, by sudden attack by really big wolf pack, tent camp in Bor was destroyed, i dunno, what exactly happened, it seems someone keeped something flammable in one of tents when wolfs managed to wreck them...so in the end i am out of almost any supplies ....and...well,seems got head trauma when had to do supply run to the north.... I tried to move to Cherno, but i don't know... *she sighs again , becoming thoughtful for moment* ... i heard sounds of big firefight and explosions there...so it can be anything starting from military "regulations",ending with starting local gang wars for territory, so don't matter how to look at it, town don't even looks close to safe.... Well, i guess i will have to go in another supply runs to the north, here is literally nothing valuable left, all was picked and used before we had a chance to even came and look... I did got new radio, old died in that mess with wolfes....so what can i say here , i wish you both luck ..and i guess to myself... *she makes a pause and grins* ..... it seems right now i need it more then before.... *she releases the PTT and leans back to wall*
  5. Rawen Black

    The Riptide Collective Comms [ 101.7 mhz]

    *me shrugs at his comment then presses PTT* "You can come in Bor, its more far way i think, but place a far more calm and safe i bet...." *me released PTT*
  6. Rawen Black

    The Riptide Collective Comms [ 101.7 mhz]

    *me grabs her radio and presses PTT* Hey,i thinks that bad idea, UN has doctors to took care for you, and what is in cherno? i guess there a lot of bandits there nowadays.... if i would be on your place i would not go place like that... *me released PTT*
  7. Rawen Black

    The Riptide Collective Comms [ 101.7 mhz]

    *me pressed PTT* Mark, no worries, i can handle stituation myself at some state, but would appreciate if you would bring painkillers,any of them, the more you can find the better..... My tent still in Bor behind the house if you look from main road, near water pump, i guess you can find it... *me releases PTT*
  8. Rawen Black

    The Riptide Collective Comms [ 101.7 mhz]

    *me hears another message come and she rolls her eyes, gasping, having panic attack, then she hit floor of her tent and then squirms and screams from pain then grabs the radio, push PTT and yells* "What the fuck is going on?...one person got shot, then another one....in a short time....what is this...? War is came to our doors ...or what...?" *me releases PTT and sees her arm with radio still shaking, and she feels she starts to gasps again, having another panic attack*
  9. Rawen Black

    The Riptide Collective Comms [ 101.7 mhz]

    *me wakes up heared radio buzz few times, then turn it on to hear it, then pressed PTT* " This is Raven Black, i still have the tent in Bor, near water pump, for those who need a place to stay... ... a bad news i has no medical supplies here and actual not in a great shape to go find them myself, but if anyone need place to stay, can come join me... To the man named Winston, can you say where is current UN camp located?.." *me release PTT*
  10. *she resting in her tent and new transmission on the radio made her raise her eyebrows, she tries to remember what is blackwater then she seems to remember and her eyebrows raised a bit more up and she grabs the radio and presses PTT* How about evacuation groups of civilians though the border?....not really matter to which country actually....but preferrably to U.S.A. *she releases PTT and wonders would they ever respond to this, knowing that would be hard task to do such work*
  11. Rawen Black

    The Riptide Collective Comms [ 101.7 mhz]

    * she resting in her tent, being asleep when radio buzz wakes her up, she listens the message and frowns then grabs the radio with slight moan and presses PTT* Hmm...emm, wait a minute, who the heck is that Grimm guy and who did he took, describe situation better, please? Do you copy? *she releases PTT with sigh thinking why in the world some shit continue to happen while she in this state...*
  12. *me grabs a notebook with moan when hears familiar voice on the radio and squirming trying to find a pen in tent, then finally founds it and writes all she thought she heared right: * aspirin she knows, but not sure would work this time* *...diclo..what..*mumbles remembering her maid used something with similar name to poison insects* *other two she didnot heared too, as took pills from her psyhologist in past, so scrubs her head and hopes she write it right* *she then presses PTT* Nice to hear you Reed, this for sure would be a great help,thank you! I did not used to to remember such a things in past, was just no need for it ... *me smirks forgetting about her ribs and squrms with moan* Well and yes, i am right now beyong comfort for travelling far for sure...but still where did you guys go? I hope there is safe?Anyway good luck you too, hope to hear and see you both again... *she releases PTT*
  13. *me hears Beth voice and finally feels a bit better , even slightly smiles, this young woman is something, me sighs and makes few breathes with noticeable pretty loud moans trying to recover her voice to state of at least a bit normal then presses PTT* No worries, i guess i will be fine sooner or later.... *shakes her head with little smirk and almost squirming from pain and cough* Khem...yes, i definetely will be, just a problem i know about medications even less, only morphine i know what is and how to use, and it becoming more rare these days... So it would be good to know what else could be used, maybe something more common and less strong..not matter really.... Anyway, i am glad that you okay, so where did you moved so sudden? *releases PTT*
  14. *me slowly wake up when hears the radio buzz and raised eyebrow hearing message, voice sounds a bit familiar, so after moment she pressed PTT* *speaks with weak tired voice with some pain in it, like it's hard to actually speak for a person* "Your voice sounds a bit familiar too, well what can i say, i am runnin out of painkillers , and i really need pretty much of them lately....well..." *sighs and makes a breath with slight moan* "Doctor itself would be good, but ...." *makes a pause and smirks* "... i doubt it will go to my location with so many people around need help too nowadays and in my case, no it's not urgent....but i would appreciate some help, and some additional painkillers and that things...if you can..." *me releases PTT *
  15. *she lies in her tent and looks at green seiling then grabs the radio and pushes PTT* Hello Dr. Beth, it's Raven...one of your latest patients... *me makes a pause and sighs with soft moan * I want to thank you for taking care of me....I hope you are okay...It seems i missed the moment you leaved village, probably by matter issues... *me makes another pause, thinking what to say* mmhm...i am sorry to say this, but seems i am almost out of painkillers and got another problem with a sleep, i am waking up having panic attacks, i thought i overcomed those monthes ago, but it returns in worser way...i dunno, maybe i got too strong hit in the head... *sighs and makes another pause* I would be grateful if you could message to me which medications i should look for, it seems would be not easy with my current state, but i guess i will be fine, but still need to know which pills i can use and which not, im completely clueless in this matters.... *makes another sigh* Well i wish i could help you, but right now i think i can't do much, just to sit quiet and slowly heal myself..... *me releases PTT*