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  1. always love to meet you , your a great player in this community !
  2. John Bulavard

    Born in 1985 from a Greek family who immigrated in canada. John was a loner all his life, not really a social person when he was a kid, his friends where all his action heroes, Rambo, terminator , Robocop, a typical 80s kid.As a Teenager, he had only3 friends compare to the usual averageteen , that was nothing, as time pass , his friend became older, getting married, having kids, building a distance between him , he became alone again , at the age of 29 , he had enough , he decided to find love and have someone to care for, he met lystra on a dating site, a young woman from charnarus. after a year of talking online everyday , he decided in 2016 to visit her.he finally had someone and wasn't alone anymore.when everything went to hell. he stayed by her, in 2017 after the tragic bombing, he lost all he had and was once again alone.