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  1. I feel the exact same way! cant wait to play with you brother
  2. Welcome! hope to see you out there man
  3. SageTheOne


    Hey, I go by Sage and i'm glad to finally be apart of the community, I've been apart of Roleplay communities for several years and look forward to playing with you all! hope to see you out there!
  4. Wade Sage, or Sage as he prefers, is a middle aged Iraq war veteran who was medically distcharged due to the state of his mental health after he was the sole survivor of regiment, after a stray suicide bomber incident. Sage suffers with survivors guilt, which enrages him and causes him to be reckless, although his intentions are good, he'll stop at nothing to set out what he's meant to do, Save people, and survive. He's incredibly easy to notice from a distance due to the scar below his eye due to a faulty IED disarming, injuring Sage for several days, but reluctently made a full recovery and was back in service soon after. While being stubborn, suffering from PTSD, depression, and several forms of anxiety, Sage has a heart of gold, and since there's no one left for him to care for, he's set out to put down any Z-Scum, and help as many defenceless survivors as possible, in hopes of a brighter future for everyone. Sage has always hated to water, being apart of the Parachute regiment, rather than the frogs (marines), he likes to spend his time in-land, setting up camp on higher peaks and generally keeping himself to himself. Sage won't engage in conflict for no aparent reason what so ever, he's incredibly territorial, with his land, friends and loved ones, its those that he stems his strength from, but also where his weakness derives.
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