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  1. As a young boy Jimmy grew up in the english country side near sherwood forest. Jimmy and his friends would go out and play bushcraft in the forest and played games of tracking and hunting each other. It was a good childhood and he learned many skills that would help him through his life. Entering adulthood Jimmy took wook in a local lumber mill and decided that this would be a way to make an excellent living, but his true passing was making bespoke furniture in his spare time. Through his trade he heard about Chernaurus and its lucrative timber industry and its rise in mining. He decided it was time to have a new start and Chernaurus seemed to be rapidly on the industrial rise. Jimmy eventually struck it lucky and found work in a northern timber mill in Chernaurus and started settling into life there. When everything started to kick off and Hell broke out in chernaurus Jimmy took to the forests and decided to live a somewhat nomadic life out in the deepest depths of the woods... the rest happens here