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  1. N1RU

    Droped my tools again...

  2. N1RU

    Random DayZ Bullshittery

    Some random stuff from my DayZRP experience so far...
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): -none- Why the verdict is not fair: It was fair. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So, about a year ago (24.04.2020) I've been banned and later put on final warning after being found guilty of memeing around with the use of in-game note writing/placement system. Since then, I've been trying to: keep a clean record, participate in as many as possible in-game events, help numerous groups and characters with creating of art/graphics for their forum page and so on. Since I've been put on final, I haven't been a
  4. N1RU

    DayZRP 21.4.1

    Don't ruin my love for BMW pempes
  5. "A word is silver, silence is gold..." P.S. This backstory will be updated as events in game take place. Small shrapnel scars over the left side of his torso. Status: [Permanent] Cause: Fragmentation grenade explosion (Chechnya). Small Star-shaped scar on his left arm. Status: [Permanent] Cause: Engraved by a member of Inner Circle (Chernarus). Born to a wealthy family of four, with him being the fifth, Valery was a child with what looked like a bright future at the time. Living in a big city of Leningr
  6. Nikita Vladimirovich Belov - 25.06.1981 - 13.03.2021, Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) Operative. Character profile: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-698/ Cause of Death: Executed by a firing squad. Last Words: "Слава Российской Федерации и Спецназу!" ("Glory to the Russian Federation and Spetsnaz") Videos: N/A OOC notes: It was a good ride, finally after 9 months this character perishes. I had an astronomic amount of fun playing Nikita, since the days of the VMSZ all the way til' tonight where his path has ended. Huge thanks to e
  7. GG boys, the inevitable has finally happened. Thank you for the RP, It was amazing as always Too bad Hofer wasn't there
  8. I was actually planning on suggesting something like this as well. Infected at the moment are too weak, and you don't just fix it by making them take an extra bullet since the player can still jump on literally anything and deal with them. I get that by increasing a number of infected in a small area would result in performance drop and other issues, but it could be optimized. Now, I don't know if it could be optimized with coding (I never modded for DayZ so..), but there are ways to trick this 'system' and go around whole performance drop issues. For example, what I was thinkin
  9. Tbh, I'd love to see Orsis T-5000 in game again (It was present while the MSFC mod was present, using the .308 round). It's a modern Russian Sniper rifle, mainly used by Spetsnaz FSB forces. There are plenty of mods on the workshop to cover this. In case you''d want it as an original thingy, there is plenty of Free 3D models of it on the web so it can be easily remodeled on to a in-game Winchester sniper rifle. Weapon Model:
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