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    Kodiak Petrov (37) was a farmer and hunter that lived inland and away from any large city and town. Kodiak's family consisted of just his wife and his son. The Petrov family is an old school family and want to keep the family farm in his bloodline. Kodiak was a loving family man and wanted to have many more children with his loving wife During the late 2000's when the civil wars broke out Kodiak refused to step foot off of his land. Since there was no way to get petrol for the farming equipment Kodiak used his ox and bare hands to support his family. During this time Kodiak would hunt and became very familiar with his rifles and a skilled hunter. After the civil wars visits to Zelenogorsk for fuel and any basic supplies needed to keep the Petrov house moving. Life moved pretty normally up until October of 2014. The Petrov family did not have any internet but did have a TV with a few state issued channels. On October 9th, 2014 Mrs. Petrov was watching the news and word of some sickness started consuming her in fear. Kodiak turned it off and the family proceeded normally. On the 10th Mrs. Petrov and Kodiak's son took their weekly trip to Zelenogorsk but it would change Kodiak forever. Kodiak's wife and son never showed back up home. Kodiak took the ox the Zelenegorsk and saw buildings in flames and smoke billowing from the city. He knew his family was lost and that something serious was happening. Now Kodiak a man once willing to do anything for his family had nothing to fight for. He started fighting for himself and became unwilling to join a large group. He is not a bandit or hero but a survivor willing to do whatever he had to do to live even if it means taking others.