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  1. "S1: NVFL in Shakhova - 10/23/2017 23:30 (approx)"

    Ummm...ye i wasnt there I was elsewhere and got killed by a muji
  2. 1.1 We demand all of our members to be polite, behave maturely and with respect towards one another at all times. In other words, don't be a cunt. 1.2 You are not allowed to insult, bully, harass, troll or provoke other DayZRP members. This goes for all kinds of communication mediums, not just messages sent through DayZRP services. since you and your buds are un-familiarized with these main rules please do give them a good read cheers and иди нахуй сука блять have fun p.s. things happen in threes, you poked a bear twice so far..........do the math
  3. Looking members for militia group idea.

    hmmmmmm......methinks I doth smell an opportune for and alliance mayhap ye willing to contact further myself
  4. Proof i was there xd

    Where is this?
  5. So far what I've gathered is you lot is you can.......you know what I'm not giving you the satisfaction
  6. Streaming DnD NOW!

    1. Jamie



  7. Disposal of the identifying masks of a small horde of cannibals after an arduous firefight with the men of The Crows
  8. Sad to say I don't have any evidence to provide either than my testimony. After the server crashed or restarted I stepped away for a bit and had to handle some home related matters so I didn't come back till a bit later please make note of this. Before it though I as well as others in the bounty hunters that were on the teamspeak comms, heard that one of the female medical staff we had just taken on was being followed by a suspicious person of possible interest. After hearing this I rushed out front of TOMBSTONE ACTUAL(our base of operations at the time of the transpired events). After seeing the suspected individual was a fairly considerable distance headed on the Southern thorough way of Novaya Petrovka from active operations base. I gave mild pursuit noticing several of my colleagues we also pursuing the suspect. The person of interest continued to ignore requests to remain stationary as well as refused to comply with civil questioning until one of the company blocked his route with cargo truck and several of us encompassed a decent sized diameter around him in a non-hostile manner and then he complied in coming to TOMBSTONE ACTUAL. After a few minutes of the suspect being questioned of his identity and intent. I proceeded to continue in assisting in minor logistic matters around the FOB and keeping check on items that still needed to be loaded and prepped for shipping to new FOB. In this time frame I was alerted that the female med staff member gave a positive identification on the suspect as the individual in question one, DUSTIN BROOKS, and at first we simply we were going to ask him to leave the premises but upon the proper ID as the one who was indeed following the staff member and her information of his affiliation with known hostile group(s) towards our own. A consensus was reached about initiating on him and taking him captive. Mr. Brooks surrendered with no resistance and was stripped first of his firearm, one Browning M4A1 with extended STANAG magazine a compact butt stock and an ACOG 4x magnification scope, loaded with 61 rounds of 5.56x51 NATO(60 in the mag and one round chambered) and was bound by the hands and was escorted through the facility of TOMBSTONE ACTUAL while under armed escort detail including myself and 3 others as well as the female medic staffer who was stalked by Mr. Brooks. We proceeded to utilize the old teacher's lounge on the first floor of the North Sector of the facility where the suspect, Mr.Brooks, the female medical staff member, and three of my comrades and deemed it suitable enough of an interrogation room. Where as I and some civilians as well as the retainer of the company remained outside the confines of the room. Most of the other in the company returned to their logistic tasks for the move to our new FOB, I on the other hand remained just a few steps from the door standing guard ensuring no one interfered with the interrogation. Then the server crashed and as I mentioned in the beginning I stepped away to handle some irl home matters. I return some time later where I was standing when the server crashed or restarted and all I heard in the teamspeak was, "Be advised there is a hostile shooter in a building just outside of TOMBSTONE ACTUAL," so I took a defensive firing position on the third floor watching the last known locale of the hostile shooter. Within minutes a hail of automatic gunfire rings out from the courtyard. It was reported via the teamspeak that Mr.Brooks had mowed down everyone who was in the courtyard at that time. I remained on the third floors as reports poured in from others in the company stated there where multiple hostiles firing upon and encroaching upon TOMBSTONE ACTUAL. I proceeded to take a firing position then atop the stairwell the connected the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor and was advised to watch for an armed assailant wearing an orange pack. Less than a minute passes and I spot the trespasser and prepare to engage him. He turned to me, he raises his weapon and begins to fire, I return fire and the last thing I see before my screen goes to black is he has fallen as well. I then proceed to seethe in anger and quit for the night and play one match of DOTA 2 before I shutdown my pc to go to bed as I had to get up early for work.
  9. Calling All Like-Minded People [Open Frequency]

    *Pastor Hezekiah "Lazarus," Clemens would grab his radio and press the PTT whilst watching down the barrel of his rifle" "Amen, and I say onto thee the good lord shall be with ya as well as I will. For too long have I seen the wickedness and corruption of men against the innocents of this land and God's creation. A Shepard I shall be, and the wolves that stalk and prey on the flock of the almighty I shall strike down in divine fury and anger as they have chosen to follow the Devil's wickedness so shall they feel the pain from the fall to Hades as Lucifer the Betrayer did when he chose to defy his father the one true God. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost...*RAKOW*Amen." *Pastor Clemens releases his PTT after killing a wolf that was about to pounce on a baby goat*
  10. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    3/10 rarely ever white people can pull off dreads that aint one of em
  11. [GAME] Continue the Story

    ran as awkwardly as he could to his car
  12. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    2/10 =_= don't blame me, we WHITE NAMES dont get to have higher resolution profile pics as we aren't allowed to go over .9 mb for them
  13. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    7/10 8 mile was a pretty decent film
  14. Streaming DnD NOW!