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"May you be blessed as I cleanse in Sin"

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  1. Pastor


     ON TWITCH NOW!!!!

  2. Pastor


     ON TWITCH NOW!!!!

  3. Pastor




  4. Pastor


    I ain't dead(the powers that be keep denying me it the bastards) just been busy as all hell working on my twitch channel almost affiliated. If you wanna pop on by the stream sometime go for it I ain't forcin' ya but it'd be nice. either than that just life got me going nuts

  5. Pastor


    Going Live Soon! Almost to Affiliate!!! https://www.twitch.tv/ohp_play3rftw

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  7. Pastor

    Vent Corner: The place to talk about problems you have IRL

    yep average way i end my summers
  8. Pastor



  9. Pastor

    New rules and whitelist

    hmmm seems interesting i may pop in later
  10. Pastor

    Why don't you get in game?

    At first it seemed like there was always a chance of risk when dealing with people as they could charade you into violent conflict or interaction which good lead to really wonderful hostile/bandit rp now..............I'd rather learn to be a CPA than hop on there's less nonsensical rules in bureaucratic paperwork for finances then there are in DayZRP now I came here for the wonderful enjoyments of different types of RP not to play virtual zombies apocalypse DnD rules nazi simulator
  11. Pastor

    OFFICIAL What Guns would you like to see in DayZ?

    now that it comes to mind we need a nice mix of Khyber pass meme guns and this bad mama
  12. Pastor

    OFFICIAL What Guns would you like to see in DayZ?

    I concede my prior statement
  13. Pastor

    OFFICIAL What Guns would you like to see in DayZ?

    i think u be thinking of a different gun company my dude the pocket knife is correct buuut the 553 amf P226.......not so much
  14. Pastor

    What do you listen to ?

  15. Pastor

    RP Hubs added to 'Map'

    -1 wasn't an exact same idea tried like this with those "SAFE ZONES" last year which makes no sense for the sake of rp places that a bustling little hubs should be found out IC through rumors/word of mouth not through some magic divination of where the people are I don't think it's a wise let alone sensible idea thumbs down here