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  1. Dennis, once a Japanese citizen grew up wanting to explore the world for what it was. At the age of 16 he started travelling the world hoping to go everywhere. Until the infection came. Dennis was on his last week in Chernarus when the infection broke out. In the first few hours Dennis ran around the city where he had occupied for 2 weeks "berezino" struggling to find food and weapons he fled into the wild hunting and camping over the weeks as he grew hungry he would run into small towns gather gear and go back to the forest. One day while cooking over a fire, everything went black. Dennis woke up with a nasty bruise on his head looking around scared he saw men in all black walk through a locked door. They walked up to him and said today's your lucky day. They untied Dennis and walked him into a room where a family of four were on there knees crying. Instructed by the strange men to kill them he picked up a 9mm pistol and pointed it at the family.... 4 gun shots rang through the building. Dennis opened his eyes to see the family was dead, blood was spattered everywhere. The men released him and threw his gear at him. He fled back into the forest. Shaken for weeks Dennis mind became weak he began to think about murdering the family over and over as if it was on replay by the end of 3 days Dennis had lost his mind.