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  1. Yes I am 100% sure, I joined into a DayZ server with a MW2 hack activated and it immediately kicked me out of the server and now gives me an error every time i try to join BE secure servers. I wouldn't lie about it, I have never tried to hack/cheat on DayZ and am smart enough to know that cheat engine is the most recognized injector by every anti-cheat system in the world lol. I know you treat all VAC bans the same, I have no reason to lie I just wanted to assure you that I will not be coming into the server just to hack/cheat as I have been DYING to join. Also, yes i do recall those names I just couldn't remember them as it has been a year since I have tried to whitelist on here. I apologize for the multiple account creations. This is the name I have been using for absolutely everything, even on my cell phone. So you are welcome to remove the accounts combustojusto and justinirl if you'd like to. I will continue using this one from now on. I will screenshot the error I get, but I know for a fact i am "VAC banned" on DayZ. It says it on my account info.
  2. Done and done, thanks. Sorry, I didnt realize there was a template at the bottom.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://steamcommunity.com/id/JustinDanielM/ Why the verdict is not fair: Roughly 300 days ago I was blacklisted to DayZRP for having a VAC ban that was to recent to allow me to be a part of this server. I have not hacked/cheated in any way on DayZ, however I was banned for leaving Cheat Engine open after having fun with a couple friends of mine on Modern Warfare 2. We decided to play DayZ after MW2 and immediately on joining a server I was VACed for having Cheat Engine opened in background. The VAC ban is now over 364 days old and I was told after a year, you guys offer a second chance. I now have a new Steam account which I play DayZ and many other games on. I will link both of the accounts I own below. I really hope to be a member of this awesome community very soon, as I have been waiting over a year to join the server. I have 700+ hours in just role-play on DayZ and would love to be a part of this amazing community of role-players you guys consist of. Also, I apologize for the new account as it has been to long since I used the website and I had not remembered my old username/email/password. Thanks a ton, Justin Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I understand fully why I was blacklisted, but I turely did not hack/cheat on DayZ what-so-ever. I forgot to close Cheat Engine after using it on a game that is 8 years old and dead. I wouldn't ever try to hack/cheat in a game that I actually have 2000ish hours in. There's just no point. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Being unblacklisted and put on the whitelist with the character info i gave in my whitelist application a year ago. Or atleast the ability to re-apply. What could you have done better?: I could have just not hacked at all, as I would have never been VACed and most likely would be a member of this community already, as my whitelist app would have been accepted but was denied due to VAC ban. Steam with VAC ban: http://steamcommunity.com/id/JustinDanielM/ New Steam without VAC ban: http://steamcommunity.com/id/JustinDanielMc/ Please reply in E-mail and on DayZRP if possible, thanks.