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  1. Caesar Douglas

    Ceaser watched his family die in Queens when he was 3. It's a sad tale, he watched as they were chopped up and he could do nothing about it. This had messed Ceaser up and he found himself doing drugs and joining a gang later in his life. In this gang is where he killed his first person and in this gang is where he ended up in jail. While in jail he tried to do the right thing and get back on his feet and be a better man. He joined one of the prison programs to become a chef and he was really good at it. He even specialized in meat because he found it calming to chop. When he was let out he was decitizenized because the person he killed was a senators son. So he got on a plane with the cheapest ticket and went to Chinarus. There he did odd jobs for factories and bakeries until the plague hit. Ceaser was not a religious man but he saw the plague as Gods plan and he found purpose in that.
  2. New Settlement

    is anyone willing to make a new totally unofficial settlement?
  3. Faction settlements?

    Are any of the faction settlements still active because I went to the 101 settlement and it turns out none of them play anymore
  4. Tents?

    do tents save on restart?
  5. Teamspeak?

    How do I get permission to go into the public DayZRP lobby?
  6. Whitelist acceptance question

    Hi I'm new to this community and I'm wondering when I will know when I'm accepted and whether I will get an email about it or a notification. Thanks alot
  7. Hello Everyone!!

    I'm new to this community and I would like to say hello and I look forward to gaming with all of you.