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  1. I've been over punished

    I was banned on august 15th for 3 days by @Ender and I am still banned 18 days later. Help
  2. Temp Banned For Bad RP, invalid kill and Troll Character

    @SpartanNo I do not
  3. Firstly, I'm sorry for the Troll Character. I did not understand the staff's notices entirely as there was no indication that I should not make the character again but, that it just needed to have some tweaking done to it to make it more realistic. Also with me getting on the website 2 times a week, I did not mean to make it seem that I was purposefully making the character again and again to spite the staff. I have made a realistic character as requested by @Oliv and I'm sorry for this misunderstanding and any frustrations you or your colleges have had over this re creation. Secondly, on the Bad RP and invalid kill Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: As this is the first time playing hostile characters, we were RPing that we where cannibals and that we gave him the indication that we were cannibals as he said in his report and in accordance to Rule 5.3 we were not looking for OCC gains. In accordance to rule 6.1 we had a justified reason to kill him as we Rped that we were insane cult cannibals. In accordance to rule 6.3 he know that we were canniabals as indicated in his report. In accordance to rule 7.1 we killed the player to further our RP as cannibals and insane cult people. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Kodiak and I were RPing as cannibals in Vybor when Laden Rufer aka Lid walked into Vybor Industrial. Kodiak met him and led him down to our camp which was the first couple houses into vybor. we showed him around and told him of the surrounding area. This was to build trust in him and it did. However, we started to show hostilities and that we were not right in the head after I RPed a seizure. As he continued to tell his back story we again implied that we were turning hostile but he ignored this. Then when he made fun of me for not having an oven to make pizza is when I told him to put his hands up. I told him that we do as zombies do and Kodiack said You are the bread and that is when I shot him. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: to be un banned What could you have done better?: Showing our intent on what we were going to do. This is my case and thank you to the staff for listening to my appeal
  4. Caesar Douglas

    Ceaser watched his family die in Queens when he was 3. It's a sad tale, he watched as they were chopped up and he could do nothing about it. This had messed Ceaser up and he found himself doing drugs and joining a gang later in his life. In this gang is where he killed his first person and in this gang is where he ended up in jail. While in jail he tried to do the right thing and get back on his feet and be a better man. He joined one of the prison programs to become a chef and he was really good at it. He even specialized in meat because he found it calming to chop. When he was let out he was decitizenized because the person he killed was a senators son. So he got on a plane with the cheapest ticket and went to Chinarus. There he did odd jobs for factories and bakeries until the plague hit. Ceaser was not a religious man but he saw the plague as Gods plan and he found purpose in that.
  5. New Settlement

    is anyone willing to make a new totally unofficial settlement?
  6. Faction settlements?

    Are any of the faction settlements still active because I went to the 101 settlement and it turns out none of them play anymore
  7. Tents?

    do tents save on restart?
  8. Teamspeak?

    How do I get permission to go into the public DayZRP lobby?
  9. Whitelist acceptance question

    Hi I'm new to this community and I'm wondering when I will know when I'm accepted and whether I will get an email about it or a notification. Thanks alot
  10. Hello Everyone!!

    I'm new to this community and I would like to say hello and I look forward to gaming with all of you.