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  1. Allen Coolidge

    Allen who is an avid camper saw the Chernarus back woods as a great opportunity to expand is knowledge for his hobby. He was camping outside of Gorka when he first started hearing jets flying above and the distant sounds of bombings. Thinking it was some practice runs Allen thought nothing of it. It wasn't until he tried entering back into Gorka that Allen knew something was wrong. Allen refused to enter any town or village. Gorka had black plumes of smoke rising from it and other tall smoke plumes continued to form from surrounding cities. Allen was worried but thought order would shortly come. It wasn't until Allen ran out of food and water that he needed to finally enter a city and see what was happening.
  2. Lore wipe

    Will everything be wiped like gear you currently have on your character along with tents or just?
  3. TS question

    I've only been playing on dayzrp for about a week now and was curious if I were allowed to ask occ and typed into direct if a player I made friends with can join my ts room?
  4. US server

    ahhhh I see thank you
  5. US server

    I was wondering what has been happening with the US rp server? My game runs better on it and was curious as to why it would randomly go offline?
  6. Settlement 101

    RIP okay thanks
  7. Settlement 101

    Is settlement 101 still a thing? Do people still man it?
  8. Settlement 101 (open freq.)

    *Kodiak asks on his radio* Is anyone at settlement 101 I need help
  9. Hello fellow players!

    Hello everyone I'm just curious to know how long the wait is until you get a response about the whitelist??