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  1. Sarah Brindle was a college teacher from Barnstable in South West England. She was taking a trip to Chernarus for research on the conflicts and the effects they had on the locals when the outbreak occurred. As in most crisis situations she found herself locked in her hotel room while awaiting further instructions on what to do, her only contact with the outside world being the tv in her room. As the footage came out of the infected over taking towns and cities she knew that perhaps being penned up in a hotel with hundreds of other people was becoming a very bad idea. She'd seen Zombieland, being in built up places with bright lights and lots of sound was a really bad idea. So armed with the 33 rules she hatched a plan to sneak out. However, as sods law dictates on the day she planned to sneak away into the vast wilderness armed with her trusty tourist map... people in her hotel started turning. Dying in their rooms and coming back to life. The lift was out of order and the stairwell was filled with them. So she grabbed a fire axe and climbed down the outside of the building, running off into the treeline leaving all the other poor sods to die. First night she lost the map in some heavy rain, while fighting a zombie... the head came off her axe. She quickly learned she had the worst of luck. Deep down inside though, she was happy that she'd never have to see the stupid drooling faces of her students again.