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  2. I'd be more than happy to let people keep their bases, I'm sure a lot of folk spent a lot of time on their respective bases and such. But the L O O T and stashes needs resetting, get people scavenging again.
  3. *The radio would come alive once more, the sound of the idle cigarette smoking audible before Yuri's voice.* "It is how you say comrade, we have no home, and sooner no longer will you. If you won't stand with us, I'm giving you the chance to stand aside. This country has already been ravaged by war and the problem of the infection continues to grow exponentially. You think you're able to fight indefinitely? Are you so sure that Chernarus won't fall into the same shortcomings my own country did? If so then so be it, Chernarus is the only place available to us now, the only place we can con
  4. *There is a brief enterlude, the Russian national anthem playing quietly, seemingly played from a recording down the microphone. After allowing the anthem to continue for a moment longer, there's a short burst of static, followed by silence, then the sound of a zippo lighter being flipped open and ignited. A strong Russian accent would be heard, familiar to those who had spoken/met with Yuri.* "Zdravstvuyte, good day, to the citizens and foreign denizens of Chernarus. My name is Leytenánt Yuri Chernenko. Some of you may recognize my name from my time deployed here last year, with my pre
  5. tenor.gif

    Too many Harvey Dents running around 😢


  6. Thank you! We plan to have both Vlad and Yuri's influence decide the outcome of the group, but alongside the influence of other players/groups on the server. Both of them will be trying to amass support for their idea, each will be trying to get people to side with them. Just so that whatever happens with this group, in terms of what we can do with Vaccines or Chemical Weapons, we can say that we gave everyone on the server a chance to influence it in someway shape or form. How our Phase 4 goals finish will be determined strictly by whatever roleplay takes place on the way there. and on what c
  7. Ofcourse, if you have a group of friends or mutual acquaintances that you want to start a group with, you can co-ordinate that out of character. This way you can create new characters that fit into whatever group you decide to make, or make a group based on the character's you already play.
  8. If I pay for Platinum rank can my prefab just be a giant statue of myself?
  9. 7275439-tenor.gif

    Summoning the homies to form a new hostile group

  10. Quite...easily...actually...? I mean this is literally such a basic character writing convention that I'm baffled. But then again, someone who can't grasp that the whole point in writing an interesting villain, like Thanos, is that their beliefs are objectively good but their methods are subjectively bad. Because when you do this, you leave the choice of them being a hero/villain up to the audience, because shockingly, there might be people that believe the person you view as the villain as being in the right. Almost like how Thanos had amassed a cult following? Hence the point I made about t
  11. Curse you Pepsi, we wanted to bring SGRU back to release noxious gases in Cherno and you wrote it up before we could. I’ve just headed out but you touched on an interesting point, heroes and villains can exist exclusively without eachother. One is not co-dependant on the other. I think saying that they can’t exist without eachother pigeon holes us into a very “black vs. white” view of the server, which gives rise to boredom and repetition as people see only hero or villain as their options. What we should be doing is realising that everything isn’t so black and white and its all just a mo
  12. This type of attitude is notorious for sinking RP communities into drama-fuelled shitholes. Not every character needs to be the main character, there isn't just your story that deserves to be told, you cooperate with everyone else on this server to write a collective story. If my character's have a reasonable death, i.e a death that has a solid RP reason and isn't just some rando firefight death, then I'll kill them off there and then. Why? Because it benefits other people's RP and provides other player's with a story to work with or a conclusion to RP we'd all taken part in. Also,
  13. Break the cycle Both sides, hostile and campfire alike, need to realise that its OKAY to lose sometimes to advance your story or take it in a new direction. Campfire RPers should be more up to tough negotiations with hostile groups, whilst hostile groups need to demand more than just "weapons and ammo" all the time. All in all there's developments that both sides need to make in order for this "Hostile vs. Non-Hostile" mentality fades away, though personally I believe that a majority of the server base see hostile RP as an inconvenience, rather than an avenue for roleplay.
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