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  1. Queerios

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: NorwayRP

    Nobody dictates who is and isn't a reputable member of the community, you do that yourself by being a reputable member of the community.
  2. Queerios

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: NorwayRP

    Big up Norway who stepped up to run the OG PAMYATI when unnamed ex-community memberno points plz got themselves permabanned. Owe you for the roleplay and for introducing me to the DISTRICT boys, cheers bud!
  3. Queerios

    What do you think?

    -1 from me, simply because its too much of a time waste. Not only are you going to have to take the time to get the evidence to prove you died to a glitch or whatever, you've then got to find an available member of staff, show them the evidence, wait for a judgement and then finally get TP'd. Not only does this waste your time it wastes staff time too. You can regear in 20 to 30 minutes, all whilst moving back to the position you died in. Also if you're roleplaying with a group and you die to a glitch, chances are they will save your stuff for you anyways.
  4. Queerios

    Flashbanging before initation

    Not necessarily but that's besides the point. Regardless, like I said, its not hard to obey the rules and use flashbangs. Just don't end up killing yourselves and don't throw them in grass textures as they block the whole blinding effect.
  5. Queerios

    Flashbanging before initation

    Isn't that the whole point of a flashbang? Solution is simple, scream your initiation and then throw the flashbang or atleast initiate as you're throwing it.
  6. Fae

    • Fae
    • Queerios



  7. Queerios

    A Thorn Covered Frontier [Open Frequency]

    *Noah lifts up his radio once more, holding down the PTT then for a short transmission.* "Lotta people want you dead Bobby. Listen to Fae, she's got more sense than she does fingers." *The radio goes silent then.*
  8. Queerios

    A Thorn Covered Frontier [Open Frequency]

    *Noah lifts his radio upon hearing the transmission, holding the PTT down then...* "The Black Roses? You guys are still kicking around? Jesus... Been a long time since I heard from any of you, Bobby and that lot still kicking around?" *There's a brief pause in the transmission before it flares to life once more.* "Just remember, any camp that denies people entry is always going to have issues. Best of luck keeping this 'Frontier' closed off." *There's an audible chuckle before the transmission ends.*
  9. The ability to stitch 100 more pockets on my hoodie would be nice, +1
  10. GMAK is right, I'd love to see more nighttime but I think it will just drive more players off the server during that time.
  11. Queerios

    DayZRP Charades

    Edit: Shepard yours is 2.3 suck it
  12. Queerios

    Conformity in Chaos - The Personal Records of Doctor Oswald Vinogradov

    v nice Harvey, now all you need is a radio to play Girlfriend in a Coma and life will be complete
  13. Queerios

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Glad to be in this shit, yup the boys
  14. Underviewed, underappreciated song. Be wise and don't sleep on Dominic Fike any longer
  15. Not as cute as you boo boo
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