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  1. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what the LM team and staff have cooked up
  2. Make it official then. Give us a time, a place, and have Rolle stream it. Automatic PK’s for anyone that dies. We can settle it once and for all.
  3. E328F19E-0051-4AE0-9C74-64CCF1BBBBEF.jpeg.2ea0b9cc0f32cde2660b2e6266159fd3.jpeg

    After 3/4 years of playing, we finally did, my first points ever lol

    1. Challenger



    2. Queerios


      @Challenger fuck up you roaster

    3. Harvey


      Honestly i'm surprised it wasn't sooner...

  4. Whitename Delusion Syndrome (WDS): When a whitename is under the false belief that they're actually having a major impact on roleplay, when in reality they're not and are just making themselves look foolish.

    Cases of this potentially fatal illness have reached record highs in Chernarus recently, stay safe roleplayers! 

    1. Burak


      It's really true.......

      Pow Ok GIF

    2. Harvey


      Queerios why you gotta do the whitenames dirty my man 😞

    3. Queerios


      @Harvey Bigmouth Strikes Again my man

    4. Harvey


      I was only joking when I said that my sweetness ❤️

  5. This the new Kami reskin? Nah, on a real, look forward to meeting you fellas in game, best of luck! Glory to the Motherland
  6. I think its obvious to every man and his dog you're talking about us. So, please cease this magnanimous act and actually take the time to read about our group, our lore, and the motives behind our actions. Or, at the very least, leave us feedback on our group page. Don't go into another thread and complain. That being said, I'm going to try to answer some of your "complaints." We don't have any "blessings" from the staff. The lore behind our group, which I suppose you could construe as some form of "blessings", is more than enough justification for our actions. We are a foreign invasion, we're there to enforce the will and law of the government we serve, of course we're not going to allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry to run around carrying an automatic weapon. Furthermore, as part of our group, we provide training courses to those who want to carry those types of guns. This ridiculous accusation of GearRP is so unfounded; we don't have a base, we don't hoard gear, and we try our utmost to provide civilian weapons to those who's weapons we do confiscate. This isn't out of a desire for gear, we're simply following our group goals, if you don't like losing your AK/M4 or getting held up by us, don't carry one or come get a license. Its that simple. Lastly, if you and whoever you choose to hangout with are "laughing" at "how we've fallen", go right ahead, I'm sure we'll survive. The majority of our group are veterans of this server and I'm sure as shit the Staff don't think we're "the chosen ones". Again, see point one. There's method to our madness, we're disarming a civilian populace to ensure our will is enforced. If you were going to invade a country, would you let civilians run around with fully automatic weapons? If you're going to write out numerous replies to this thread, indirectly calling us out, don't claim you have "no opinion about them" when its quite clear you do. Also, don't insult accents. Yeah, my russian accent is ass, but it isn't going to stop me playing my character. If everyone thought that way then we'd all be stuck playing character's that have accents the same as our own and I guarantee things would get boring very quickly. In conclusion, if you have a problem, come to us and so that we might fix it. Don't go into another thread making indirect complaints, especially when those complaints can be, for the most part, explained away with a cursory read of our group thread. Glory to Chernarus, death to base building
  7. Been sitting on this one a while, a few cut together clips from the mini 'event' @Roland and @Stagsview did with us. This was only supposed to be a rough cut, but with exams looming, I know have the time to polish it up, so apologies for the overlays and the ambient keyboard noises. Enjoy! Glory to the Motherland
  8. @Terra @Guigsy @Roman The Ministry of Internal Affairs will be hearing of this.
  9. S-GRU revived Chernarus. Anyone who disagrees will be deported back to Livonia.

    1. Chewy


      ?????? Hellooooo?

    2. groovy mexi

      groovy mexi

      For EU times, absolutely.

      outside of that, it's still the same.. Good shit nonetheless! 

    3. Queerios


      @Chewy Is that dissidence against the Russian regime I hear? 😡 G U L A G

    4. Fae


      Deport me please 😂

    5. Queerios


      @FaeRP Yo ass is being sent to Solovki, we'll make a sympathizer out of you yet. 



    6. Voodoo



  10. Chop chop, watching trees drop

  11. image.png.7ac9cd30f7718c3890863a5cb6df3263.png

    Join S-GRU today!

    @GMAK @Challenger @OxeN

    1. JorrdanVC



  12. We've had to ban @Jackfish from driving...
  13. S-GRU returning to Chernarus, colourised, circa 2020

  14. Old character, new profile 😎

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