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  1. proud to join this roster of elite rp'ers
  2. No brother I'm not, I was talking to three fellow roleplayers, not the community at large. That's why I tagged them.
  3. And you're basing that off what exactly, a couple of replies on one thread, made to three specific people? I might be lost in the sauce but Christ, you're drowning in it. Like Hofer said, these changes don't get made over night, which is why these threads contribute absolutely nothing other than to cause the Staff/Devs a headache. Trust me, nobody is acting like everything is going to be okay, everyone understands that changes need to be made. But, for a change, instead of kicking and shouting for a change that might not even happen (i.e a map change), could we instead look down other avenues? Nah, we'll just keep suggesting the same thing over and over again, and to add insult to injury we'll tell the people that we're causing stress for to "take a step back". Its almost comical.
  4. Literally isn't my approach, at all in fact. As many of the Staff will tell you, I was and still am one of the most vocal people when it comes to giving my opinion. What I don't appreciate is the same threads going up, week in, week out, repeating the same rhetoric that's been repeated time and time again. Funnily enough Jim, when it came down to it, I cared enough to get off my arse and actually do something to help out. I joined Staff and dedicated my time to trying to help out whilst listening to all the negative feedback, reporting that back to the Admins, and trying to bring about internal talks to discuss that negative feedback. But you don't give a shit about that do you, you're just here to bean farm. Its almost laughable that I'm having to reply to this, because trust me, if I wanted to "shut out everything I didn't like", I'd have banned the people I didn't like whilst I was a GM. So take your shit and peddle it somewhere else.
  5. Arguably the worst take I've seen on this forums in a long time, and there's been some absolute stinkers. How on earth do you suppose "dev work should be fun" when the work they do gets met with a wave of hate or apathy? You know what happens when the devs stop or take a break, you're left with no devs. If you don't like what the devs are producing, then do it yourself. If you can't do yourself, suck it up and be grateful that people are willing to put their freetime into something you benefit from. @SquilliumThis goes for you as well, you've not played in months and yet you've consistently been in every thread contributing to all this negativity. Lets be honest, even if the map changes you'll play for a week and leave again, so I don't understand why you bother. @KonoSimpI ain't even gunna bother dissecting your reply, I'm truly baffled. If you can't understand the difference between a few people in the community 'trash-talking' you, a community member, and the shit the Staff team has to deal with both in public and behind the scenes then its fruitless to even try. To the three of you, I suggest you take your shit-tinted glasses off and at least try to appreciate the work that goes into this server. I get that you don't like the new map and you don't want to play, that's perfectly fine, but you're obviously still here for a reason. I'm gunna assume that reason is because of the community/players here, and if that's the case, then the map shouldn't matter as much as you make it out to. Alternatively, keep doing what you're doing and we'll wind up with less Staff and no Devs, then we're all truly fucked.
  6. If you think Chernarus “never” got a lower population than Nyheim then you’re either unaware that it most certainly did or you’re suffering from a memory issue. Chernarus consistently goes through phases of popularity. One week people love it and its all they want, the next minute they want a new map because Chernarus is too big and familiar. During me and my guys first outting as SGRU we had to play on Chernarus with, literally, ourselves and a handful of other people. @Jackfisheven made a video that opens with “Please come play again”. So to say Chernarus never got close to Nyheim’s population is objectively false. In regards to my playtime, you need to stop conflating activity with opinion on the map. I stopped playing because I’ve started Uni again, not because I don’t enjoy the map. There’s a million and one reasons people might have stopped playing, it isn’t always because of the map. More over, just because people haven’t played the map recently doesn’t invalidate their opinion. I can guarantee, having tested the map before it even launched, I’ve played more Nyheim than most people. Surely that should qualify my opinion. I can and will call Chernarus & Livonia shit because in my opinion they are. Chernarus is old, too big, and stale as fuck at this point. Livonia is newer by comparison, however the whole map setup and loot distribution means that only a sliver of the map gets used anyways. Also, I just think Livonia’s map design out and out sucks. I’m sick to death of this “Nyheim doesn’t facilitate more than one type of RP” argument because its utter bullshit. The map doesn’t facilitate ANY type of RP, you THE PLAYER has to do that and if you can’t, don’t sit and blame the map for your lack of ambition/skill. The last thing I’ll say is this; changing back to Chernarus/Livonia isn’t going to “save” the community. Nor do I even think it will bring people back to play. There are deeper issues and I think people are using Nyheim as a scapegoat for such. Seems like a lot of people want the easy solution, that I guarantee won’t work, as opposed to putting the effort in to make the positive impact they want to see. Like @neomsaid, SGRU isn’t around to do it for ya’ll this time, someone else is gunna have to pick up the torch.
  7. Chernarus is old and shit. Livonia is new, small, and shit. Nyheim is new, small, and still improving. Choice seems pretty logical to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. @Hofer

    I leave Staff for five minutes and you add the Discord Channels I told you not to


    1. Hofer


      Who are you?

    2. Queerios


      rude liz lemon GIF

  9. KOTOR Remake Hype


  10. Moved to Suggestions, @Wolffeplease update your thread to follow these guidelines, thank you!
  11. So you're advocating for a larger map, so you can spend your time in the same areas because of population density? What's the point in having the larger map then?
  12. The greatest lie ever told about Chernarus. The map is simply too big for our current server population, it just isn't feasible anymore. Before the map switch, you could wander the map for hours and find nobody. At least with Nyheim, you're far more likely to run into someone and get the chance to RP.
  13. Hello @Mason, Unfortunately, a caution is a caution, and therefore cannot be appealed. Everyone gets one to remind them of the standard we hold everybody’s posts to. In future, try to add more to your replies, simply replying with “No” adds nothing to the conversation and doesn’t do anything to try and further it. Even if its something as simple as giving a brief explanation as to why your character is declining, or a question as to why they would make the offer they did, we need more from you than a one word answer to make your reply substantial. With that being said, appeal denied. The caution will stand. Signed, @Queerios & @Elmo
  14. Putting your attempt at a POV into the standard report template doesn't make it any better. What we want is a detailed description of what happened during the build up to this RP and the actual RP scenario itself. What were you doing on Alina before you switched characters? What was Kass doing before he arrived at the bunker, and in your own words, what happened at the bunker after Kass arrived? If you need an example of what a valid POV looks like then take a look at the one @Shiloprovided above. Thank you.
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