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  1. Queerios

    It's time to talk about multiple characters

    -1 from me, bad idea. This limits people for no good reason, as answers/solutions to the problems you talk about are readily available and can be handled by groups internally.
  2. Queerios

    Santino Moretti is Dead

    *Hughie awakens abruptly to the sound of Connor's radio going off, he sits up from his slumped position and stumbles over to his brother to snatch his radio for a moment, pressing down the PTT then.* "Honestly, ye' lads are making your arse's jealous with the amount of shite coming out yer mouths." *There is an audible, apathetic, yawn before Hughie releases the PTT and hands Connor his radio back. He wanders outside then, annoyed his beauty sleep had been so rudely interrupted.*
  3. Queerios

    Unsure of What to Do

    First things first, ascertain what kind of direction you want your character to head in, what kind of character they are, and what goals they are working towards. This is something I always do when I first conceptualise my characters and it certainly helps in the long run as it gives you a sense of direction when it comes to RP, and the character development comes consequentially as my characters work towards their goals and behave according to their morals/ideals. After 130 hours, with little to no character development, the best advice I can give you is to move your character on. Have them go solo for a while, travel with different people, join a different group. The best method for developing a character is to have them interact with anyone and everyone, this way you've a better chance of partaking in roleplay that develops your character, be it in a good way or a bad way. Don't be afraid of putting yourself out there, sure you'll have encounters with bad characters but you'll find good ones too and both types of encounter are equally as valuable. Lastly, bare in mind that PKing your character and starting again isn't the worst thing in the world. Its an opportunity for a fresh start and you're pretty much free to do as you please from there.
  4. Queerios

    Rutkiy's Edits

  5. Queerios

    Elddis Scrap Yard Media Thread

    One man's quest to open and close a gate goes horribly wrong
  6. Queerios

    Section: 20 - Original NATO Broadcast - (66.0)

    *Hughie listens in on the broadcast, stuffing his face with a delicious serving of beans on toast. He lifts his radio and begins to hold down the PTT.* "Nuclear bunker? Wha'? Jaysus lads, I didn't realise we were in Chernobyl! Thankfully, me and the bhoys are certified nuclear physicists, we'll drive over and fix her up for ya' no bother." *Hughie chuckles softly, taking another mouthful of food before releasing the PTT.*
  7. Queerios


    We back bitches 👌

  8. Queerios

    Rutkiy's Edits

    Top tier memes 10/10
  9. Ebenezer Saunders
  • Queerios

    Roaming Groups & Hub Towns

    us travellers are the true roaming group up joyce
  • Queerios

    (Another) discussion about Offline raiding. *collective dissapointment*

    Realistically, when you're raiding someone's base are you; a) Going to do it when there's people inside, with guns, protecting the base or b) Wait till everyone leaves or falls asleep and then raid the base. Say what you will about offline raiding being a pain, I get that, but it doesn't need to be prohibited.
  • Queerios


    Respect doesn't make history.



    1. Challenger



  • Queerios

    Constantly "Robbed"

    This. Don't openly carry shit that will make you a target, keep shit in your bag. The amount of times I've seen people get on the forums and complain about being robbed when they're either a) walking around doing nothing or b) sat around a well/fire All whilst wearing a jugg suit and triple carrying three weapons. Keep your gear to a bare minimum and you won't get robbed as often.
  • Queerios


    Steal a few tires on the server and...


  • Queerios

    meattemperature and wintermod

    -1 from me, cooked meat is crucial for the winter mod and for keeping people alive long enough that they can RP. If you don't like 'em cos it breaks immersion, don't use 'em.
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