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  1. Queerios

    To any and all - North Bound

    Marcus smiles to himself for a moment, holding his cigarette to the side, as he pushes down his the PTT on his Radio. " Just don't offer anyone a Nurse's Dress and you'll get the best treatment in the region." Marcus lets out a short laugh before releasing his PTT, heading out then to go about his day.
  2. Queerios

    Sanctuary (Recruiting)

    As Rose said, I'm one of those stuck in Uni Exam hell. My last exam, Pharmaceuticals, is tomorrow. After that, I'm a free man!
  3. Queerios

    Na Buachaillí Glasa - [Strict Recruitment]

    I hope you bhoys are planning to introduce water charges all across Chernarus, in true Irish fashion. On a serious note, read the group background and enjoyed it. Look forward to, possibly, meeting you guys in game sometime. Best of luck!
  4. Queerios

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    Congrats! I’ve been caffeine free for over a year now, totally worth it for the sleep benefits. One tip, most lemonades and citrus based soft drinks are caffeine free, like 7Up, Sprite and Tango, if you ever want a soft drink. As for my fact, I’ve been playing the Piano since I was 8.
  5. Queerios

    Lore Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Part 2 - Lost Thunder

    My gripe isn't with the levels of detail or effort put into the Lore detail, quite frankly I believe yourself and James have done a great job with the post and I really enjoyed reading it. My gripe is with the fact you're potentially giving a group an ICBM or whatever you choose to call it. The power balance on the server is immediately going to swing in the favour of any group that's in control of this weapon, which can and will have serious ramifications for the rest of the server, which is where my concern comes from. Moreover, what if the group that takes control of the missile decides to use it on South Zagoria? Its a chemical weapon, everyone on the server would be, for want of a better word, fucked. Those that aren't directly exposed to the weapon will certainly die from the aftermath, water supplies will be poisoned etc etc. I doubt this would be permitted in the end, however it still showcases the huge consequences that giving a group something this powerful has. Furthermore, this event puts the larger, more militant, server groups at an advantage and is almost geared towards them. I know the group I RP with has no interest in controlling a missile, and even if we did we'd be at a disadvantage at trying to get to it because we're a group of doctors with only one character, myself, that has any sort of military training. With this in mind, I don't think it would be a stretch to say that if one of the bigger server groups kept and controlled this missile they could use it as a serious detergent against any other group that tries to oppose them. Even if it played out like it did with Anarchy, with a whole bunch of people grouping up to stop them, its going to be a Pyrrhic victory no matter what. Because even if you defeat the group that's in control of the missile, they could just radio the operator to blow everyone out of the water as a defiant middle finger. The last few things I want to say are this. One, there's a bit of a difference between fudging the time it takes for a group to arrive in South Zagoria/Chernarus and giving a group a Ballistic Missile. Two, I completely understand and agree that sometimes "realism" has to be sacrificed for enjoyment, and yes this is a zombie roleplaying game, however this is a roleplaying server and the levels of realism tend to define the levels of immersion a player can subject to, sacrifice realism too much and the immersion gets broken and people stop playing, because at the end of the day Roleplaying is about immersing yourself into a character and their environment. Lastly, there are far more reasonable means of allowing groups to make a Lore Impact than giving them a missile. Give them a cache of military grade equipment, give them the chance to assassinate a HVT such as a foreign diplomat, but please don't give out lore devices that can majorly influence the RP on the server. Again, Major, James, I thought the OP was well put together and very enjoyable to read, I just think the reward of this event needs changing to something that could have far less drastic impacts.
  6. Queerios

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning." 1 John 3:8 The Bible dropping mad lyrical bombs since the start
  7. @Karma @Method @darczon69 and the guys that came to collect us, it was tense, it was stubborn and it was hella funny to watch karma finally catch up to me in the end as a glitch finally took me out! Thanks guys! To Kirby, Mathias and the other guy from Nebraska who's name I didn't get that collected me in the car in Berenzino, its currently 4:26am in the UK and my PC crashed so I'm calling it a night, however our short car trip together was fun, I enjoyed the casual nature of it as my character silently prayed you weren't going to pull over and kill him! Thanks guys
  8. I still enjoy hopping on to PvP servers to chill out and crack some skulls with an SVD or something. Servers with Loot Tents spawned everywhere so its not hard to gear up are fun, because you get into the action far quicker and you stop giving a shit about gear. For a long time I just joined the Official servers and repeated the same cycle constantly; Spawn in, quickly loot the closest town, run north, gear up, run south/to an Airfield to find players and then eventually die to do it all again. I've since realised that its far easier to cut out the "middle man" and just get to the PvP, hence playing on high loot PvP servers, as I've done the "Survival" aspect of DayZ time and time again. The problem with DayZ Standalone is that there's no "End Game" to it, its just a repeating cycle over and over again. Added to the fact that the game is buggy and the development has been slow, to say the very least, its no wonder that people don't want to play it. The Youtuber Ruskie does a great video on this topic.
  9. Queerios

    Anarchy And Their Total Domination

    You're right, you never said that, and that's 100% not what I was trying to imply! Sorry if it came out like that!
  10. Queerios

    Anarchy And Their Total Domination

    Whilst I'm in total agreement with you, I think this OOC nonsense needs to come to a stop, this quote did catch my eye. Looking at it from the opposite perspective, why do the Anarchists and Socialist care about gear? Perhaps for IC reasons, but in the same hand people want to keep their Rifles etc to defend themselves. Furthermore, from a small conversation with @Wyoming, it could be argued that this whole Gun Embargo is Powergaming, or borderline there of. "Powergaming refers to forcing an action, condition or belief upon another players character beyond what the game mechanics allow. For example, hurting them in a way that would prevent that person from using the character in the future. 11.2 You may not force any permanent status on other characters without explicit permission (for example "//permission to scar?"). This includes forcing them to eat human meat, scarring them, removing body parts or otherwise permanently harming them. " With this in mind, couldn't the Gun Embargo be considered forcing a condition/belief on another player, or forcing a permanent status on them. The Anarchists and Socialists, by enforcing this Embargo, are forcing other Roleplayers to go along with this Embargo and don't really leave them much choice. Again, to reiterate, I have no problems with the Gun Embargo, I think it opens a couple of fun avenues of RP to go down. I'm curious as to the opinions of the community and the Staff on this, but personally I look forward to the RP to come from all of this.
  11. Queerios

    Anarchy And Their Total Domination

    You're right, I don't think the USSR would/did help the Nazis in such an abhorrent act, however they did invade Poland together. Honestly, I have no dog in this fight and I couldn't care less about the Socialists and the Anarchists working together, its between those two groups and its all In Character anyways, however as someone who had to tear their hair out for years learning and writing about World War 2, I wouldn't want you using an example incorrectly I imagine it like a marriage of convenience between the two groups; the Anarchists caught the Socialists playing away from home, i.e trying to organise a coup d'etat to overthrow the them, so the Anarchists are having to put the handcuffs on the Socialists to stop them from doing it again. I think the Socialists understand that they've been caught red handed and have accepted their punishment because of this, but also out of fear that the Anarchists will take further measures to ensure their position isn't contested again, which they're perfectly within their right to do so. This, of course, is just my understanding of it. I'm neither a member of Anarchy or the Socialists so I could be completely wrong in my understanding! All in all, this is an IC matter. You might not like it out of character, but it has nothing to do with you(not you in particular @Dozydavid I mean 'you' in general) and based on that I think these two groups should be left alone to do their own RP without being hounded for it. They're not breaking any rules, as far as I'm aware, with this RP so I, personally, have no issue with this. Edit - Highlighted something I think is key to this response. I don't want anyone to be under the impression that I'm representing either of the two groups, this is all my own understanding of the situation. I'd hate to be accused of trying to defend a group I'm associated with simply because of that association(note: I'm associated with neither if that wasn't clear already), and vice versa I'd hate for the Anarchist/Socialist guys to think that I'm trying to represent their groups when I'm a member of neither!
  12. Queerios

    Anarchy And Their Total Domination

  13. Queerios

    Event team?

    Mhm, "On the Fly" Events so to speak, which is a fantastic avenue to go down. By alternate accounts, I meant characters, my apologies. That being said, I don't think anyone will have a problem with this as it adds an interesting dynamic to the ongoing story on the server. You just have to ensure that the team includes volunteers across the spectrum of timezones, which I'm sure you're already aware of. Sounds good to me so far Para, very similar to what I'm already used to!
  14. Queerios

    Event team?

    I'd be happy to volunteer in that case. Asking whether its a good idea is a very broad question, you need to outline how the team will be run in order to give people an chance to evaluate it and then determine whether they think its a good idea or not. If the team is just going to be a list of volunteers to help out in Events that will be run in the future, I think there's nothing wrong with that. However, if you were to say that this list of volunteers would be able to create alt accounts, gear up, and then start random events throughout the map, whereas I think thats a good idea, some people might take issue.