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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): The Reason why i had two account were i couldnt log in to one of the account i created so i created another and then i kept testing my passwords to get into this one and it worked and i forgot that i had another steam account on there that was for a different roleplay server that i log into and give gear as a trader base but i had no idea that that would effect my chances of applying and playing on here Why the verdict is not fair: i can't say its unfair. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: at first i created this (Timm Wilson) June 25 207 and tried to get my self whitelisted and before realizing i was under the age of that time i had no experience in much roleplay then a year later i created (Timmy Wilson) because it wouldnt log me in with the password i put then one day it did and i didnt touch the second account i made and i had no idea that it would stop me from playing What would you like to achieve with this appeal: i would like to be accepted in to the community and roleplay and play with my friends and meet new people and i have heard from people that its pretty good on here so i wanted to try it out What could you have done better?: What i would like to achieve with this is not make another account and put a different profile on there and just asked for support on the discord or here
  2. I was Blacklisted due to the fact of me creating a two accounts(dual Ip)because I wasn't not able to log into one of the accounts I do have a steam profile on there so I don't have to be whitelisted on my main account and when I finally got my Timm Wilson account back I had the other account running and I didn't know that would effect my chances of applying. If there is anyway I can fix this please let me know