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  1. the first time you guys said "come up this ladder and we will shoot you" we tried to defuse the situation asking your names and a way we can make the situation more suitable and while we kept asking "what are your guys names and come down and we can talk like men" but it went very south real quick all we wanted to know was who was inside the compound we were looking for some that gave our where about's to a different group
  2. it was neither I or Josh Abstract but he can speak his own words when he sees this in the morning
  3. We came up to GM to find a person that told our locations to a group then one of our buddies ran into the tower about to get on the ladder and was told to "come up here and you die" and to that one screenshot of me saying "what did you do nerd" the content was me joking around i didnt think it was OOC hate which he told that he had placed a object down the ladder and went and checked granted i have no proof of the later text but i wanted to state clear that it was not OOC hate
  4. I was also quite confused about how to get unblacklisted. I thought by making another account I could figure it out. I see the rule I violated back then no longer exist. This clearly wasn't the way to go about things and I am trying to fix that now.
  5. I only have 2 steam accounts. TimboTheSlimbo and an alt account that i used for a trader base on a different server. If you look at the last time played on steam, it was March 13, 2018. This will be a year ago in 2 months.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): The Reason why i had two account were i couldnt log in to one of the account i created so i created another and then i kept testing my passwords to get into this one and it worked and i forgot that i had another steam account on there that was for a different roleplay server that i log into and give gear as a trader base but i had no idea that that would effect my chances of applying and playing on here Why the verdict is not fair: i can't say its unfair. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: at first i created this (Timm Wilson) June 25 207 and tried to get my self whitelisted and before realizing i was under the age of that time i had no experience in much roleplay then a year later i created (Timmy Wilson) because it wouldnt log me in with the password i put then one day it did and i didnt touch the second account i made and i had no idea that it would stop me from playing What would you like to achieve with this appeal: i would like to be accepted in to the community and roleplay and play with my friends and meet new people and i have heard from people that its pretty good on here so i wanted to try it out What could you have done better?: What i would like to achieve with this is not make another account and put a different profile on there and just asked for support on the discord or here
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