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  1. Tony Gambit Johnson Story. Born in the year 1999, and in the village Positano, italy. It was perfect growing up before i went on a trip with my friends to cherno to visit some relatives couple of months later i decide to move to cherno it was peaceful i had a nice job that i worked in with my friends and relatives my friends seemed like my real family. They were the only people that understood me after our shift was over we heard a alert go off on the t.v in the grocery store and one of my friends said he knows someone in the military near the north west airfield once we got there we asked his buddy what was going on then the virus broke out. Due to the panic from the large outbreak up near Severograd which caused refugees travel down the coast looking for help and was they were not treated in time before they died. My friends and i were sent with soldiers to evacuate people we came across. Gorka on our break before we start to leave we’ve seen a lot of dead bodies out in the field it goes up to moms dads and children we all started gagging and started heading back to the outpost right after we got out of the town we heard gunshots and people screaming we ran to the shots and seen a couple of people fighting and we tried to stop the shooting but instead of them shooting at each other they started shooting at us the military guys started returning fire i grabbed my two friends and we ran into the tree line and bolted back to the airfield before we got there we were stopped by 4 people they asked where we were coming from and we told them in gorka they tried to shoot at us when we left luckily none of the shots hit us once we got close to the airfield we looked around for any of the soldiers or civilians and seen no one but dead people and children and bullets and guns dropped on the floor we ran into the air control tower and tired to get contact into everyone but all the signals were down and we couldn't reach anyone on the radio’s so we started to pack up the food/water, clothing and and resources and found a safe spot to call home until we fully know what is going on
  2. I was also quite confused about how to get unblacklisted. I thought by making another account I could figure it out. I see the rule I violated back then no longer exist. This clearly wasn't the way to go about things and I am trying to fix that now.
  3. I only have 2 steam accounts. TimboTheSlimbo and an alt account that i used for a trader base on a different server. If you look at the last time played on steam, it was March 13, 2018. This will be a year ago in 2 months.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): The Reason why i had two account were i couldnt log in to one of the account i created so i created another and then i kept testing my passwords to get into this one and it worked and i forgot that i had another steam account on there that was for a different roleplay server that i log into and give gear as a trader base but i had no idea that that would effect my chances of applying and playing on here Why the verdict is not fair: i can't say its unfair. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: at first i created this (Timm Wilson) June 25 207 and tried to get my self whitelisted and before realizing i was under the age of that time i had no experience in much roleplay then a year later i created (Timmy Wilson) because it wouldnt log me in with the password i put then one day it did and i didnt touch the second account i made and i had no idea that it would stop me from playing What would you like to achieve with this appeal: i would like to be accepted in to the community and roleplay and play with my friends and meet new people and i have heard from people that its pretty good on here so i wanted to try it out What could you have done better?: What i would like to achieve with this is not make another account and put a different profile on there and just asked for support on the discord or here
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