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    My name is Tyrone Johnson I am a hunter I came to Chernarus to hunt bears. On my way out to hunt on the third day the outbreak hit. I have basic knowledge of guns and knives from all my years hunting and have no problem living off the land. I have family in Australia that I hope to see again someday. I am well mannered educated and a bit of a social butterfly as being alone hunting in the wilderness can make you miss interaction with other people. I am well disciplined thanks to my father who was in the Australian Special Forces and I am caring thanks to my mother who is a nurse both of my parents showed me some things from their jobs so I have basic knowledge of first aid and I'm a crack shot with bolt action rifles. I don't like to fight but I can hold my own in one. I prefer to talk to people and debate a point rather than bury my fist in someones skull for disagreeing with me. I am more than happy to trade items with other people or help people by handing out supplies if they are in need.