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  1. My name is Maverick Marigold, and my life is just great. I'm torn apart from my girlfriend's death, my cousin is alive but nowhere to be seen, and my only friend is the chickens I see on the street. I don't care about other people, but I don't mean harm to the innocent. Twenty years young, and my life had to change to this fuck fest. It's ridiculous! Before all this my life was set for me, being in flying school and all I was gonna be was a commercial airline pilot flying people across the world. Too bad the infection started, and made me go home early because they didn't "allow" training when there are new diseases about. Back at the house, the news said that the last selected planes were leaving until this new germ is cured. My cousin Orish was in Chenarus, a long way away from America. I called Lucy up, and she was down to stay there until everything gets cleared up. Well, long story short people started eating fucking people, and I mean I saw crazies running with blades across the streets. Orish and I split up looking for supplies, I took Lucy to a distant store, that's when my life truly changed. Someone pulled a cheap shot on me and took me out when I was walking in. I woke up to screaming, and felt my hands bonded together. Going through memories thinking it's the last day of my life.. I remember my father, and everything he taught me. Fishing, farming, and rifle shooting. My childhood was amazing. I would do anyth- Lucy was across the room, with a pool of blood replacing her arm. She was motionless, and the smell of burning wood came to senses. Three men surrounded a fire cooking what looked like raw cow meat. The clues matched up quickly, and suddenly a man with the body of a linebacker walked into the store. The three men ran up to him, surrounded him, and they turned their necks. I thought they were together, boy was I wrong. The man with the bat swung it at his head, and screaming of a child was heard through the window, she was about 8 years old. I took this opportunity to free myself out. I crawled to a broken window and grasped a piece of glass and proceeded to cut the roping. I felt the pain, blood rushing onto my fingers and wrist. I dealt with it, it was nothing compared to Lucy’s life. The yelping of the man covered the sound of the cutting, there was nothing I could do. I rushed over to Lucy and she was gone. A trail of bright red blood led to a backroom, rushing into it there was a man. He was staring at my girlfriend’s leg, and not even noticing me started shearing off her right leg. I pounced on him, my mind filled with sadness, anger, vengeance. We landed on a stray pipe, and I heard a quick sound. The pipe went through his shoulder, stunning him. I kicked his face in so hard his nose was in his throat. I look over to my side and see death. Her beautiful blue eyes were grayed and washed away, with a trickle of blood coming from her mouth. I grabbed the machete from her leg, and cleaned the blade on my pant leg. I walked out the store with the machete covered in guts and other disturbing things. I was a changed man. There were no survivors, even the child was gone. This world is what the animals of everyday life live. We are the wild, survival of the fittest.
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